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Are there Jesuits in the General Conference.

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I have to agree with you Stewart. The biggest threat is from within. We must be ready and fully in a relationship with Christ so that we are prepared for our union with Him (in death or in translation.) Mark's quote of Christ couldn't state this issue any better. We must be of the character of the Spirit. If we spend time looking for Ghost, and fail to place our energy on growing in Christ, we will miss out.



My friend the answer to your question is what do you think? But let's pray for them It might be their conviction of their heart to God is late. Everyone is welcome in our church,right? So lets pray even in our Gen. Con. Leaders. Have a strong faith ,It's part of the soon return of God. Be watchful as what our sis Deborah has said. God bless.
We are to watch the signs. They are NOT from within. Although I do appreciate the aspect of looking within, I also believe we are to watch and UNDERSTAND the prophecies of Revelation being fulfilled.

Thank you Deborah.

I wonder if this blends the two things a little more.

We are to "keep the heart with all diligence" (Prov 4:23), in the same sense that a shepherd "keeps" a flock.

I suggest that this 'keeping' includes our being watchful, and tending to the needs of the heart. Being careful how we allow ourselves to think, and setting a watch over [i.e. guarding] the 'avenues' to the soul -- the eyes, the ears, the mouth, etc.

Keeping the heart with all diligence (vigilance).

But yes, I must agree with you -- we are to, we do need to, watch the prophetic signs of the times, and be on guard.


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