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I grieve inside me, and I am wondering why these things occur in the church.

  • Why is it we have no free Schools of Evangelism or Bible Schools? One is required to pay for everything, no free online courses!
  • Pastors preach and produce sermons, presentations on CDs and DVDs, all of them are on SALE.
  • SDA Schools are expensive benefiting very few SDAs save those kids from well to do families, why is this so?
  • Books are written in high quantities and yet a lot of them are on SALE. Spirit of Prophesy is on SALE, Bible on SALE, Sermons on SALE...

NB: The matter regarding EGW Software was settled and a free online database with Bible Commentaries can be easily accessed here

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Joseph if you have a job I look forward to you telling your boss not to pay you cos God gonna feed you.....BTW even bibles are not free so God's word been for sale for eons...
scuba diving in Navy Pier
Didn't the Bible say "the workman is worthy of his hire" and didn't it say not to muzzle the ox that treads out the grain?
I glanced around a bit.. and yeah read the original question. I thought to respond to this one cuz you mentioned amazing facts here, and somewhere else about no Bible schools for free. Well, in amazing facts, they do have a Bible school, free, consisting of 27 lessons. Not sure if you may or may not have come across it. The link for it is:

I see what you mean though, about SDA stuff being expensive sometimes. Last year, and I go back to it from time to time, I was catching the broadcasts of Mark Finley's Discoveries 08 series of sermons. Very, very interesting. I noticed after some time that there would e DVDs for sale. I think the entire thing may be a bit pricey, I gotta double check now BUT, he also has given the ability to watch online for free, and even download to your computer for free, in either low or high quality. <--- click for whoever is interested.

I've seen the comments, "selling visions" etc for EGW... that just does not sound good lol. Like salvation is for sale or something.. come on ppl...really... & other comments that arent exactly positive like "I'd tell your boss to not pay you cuz God will provide" etc. Not the point of this thread but I felt I to bring those up cuz including myself.. I think we're getting too worked up sometimes and not approaching each other with an open mind anymore. That can't be good.

Well, those are my 2 cents. Good question Joseph. I see your concern. I also saw the very good point you brought up that God WILL provide :)
Thanks for your reply Jose C,
I mentioned Amazing Facts as one of the good guys who offer some free stuff. Thanks for your comments.
Hi, this site is free and will even pay to ship you the dvds from Aust for free. is free also.
Yes Josh, that's true they are for free. Other ministries should take examples from David Gates, Audio Verse, cbhimedia ministries etc.

If I am not mistaken, cbhi have a tuition free school of evangelism. I am wondering what is Andrews University and company doing?

David Gates has a tuition free school in Guyana which is functioning and the Lord persuades people to support it.
We just need to wake up, we need a generation of believers who are going to stand up and tell GC that look guys we need a change the way things are going.
We need a generation of zealous men and women who are to rise and be counted as Seventh-Day Adventists and start up independent lay evangelistic movements, hospitals, schools for free because the more we continue to look at the pastors and wait for GC, nothing will happen.

Now is the time for SDAs to stand up and be counted, but I don't think we should wait for Andrews, Loma Linda, or GC.
No we should move by faith and accelerate the coming of Jehovah, for it's lay men and women who are to finish the work and NOT pastors or GC.

If Generation of Youth for Christ, GYC waited for General Conference's Youth department, there would be a fire which has ignited Adventist Youths in North America, the fire has spread to Australia with it's own Australian Youth Conference, UK too has joined, Germany has it's Youth in Mission...Now is the time.
Did Jesus charge for the distribution of the sermon on the mount?. We fail to understand something here, If I am working for a public company, I will get the money and return the tithe and offerings, the reminder isn't mine it also belongs to the Lord, so I have to be a faithful steward such that each and every penny is used in the right way.

Now regarding the sale of Spirit of prophesy, can someone show me how Sis. White sold her testimonies and how the printing press printed these powerful messages for the church and sold them? I thought she depended on God's providence and may be a small charge if it existed.

The point I am driving to is, there shouldn't be any form of greed amongst us, if a pastor produces a DVD, let it be for free, let him canvass for donors such that the ministry and the word of God can move at a fast rate.

Sis. White in Testimonies Vol. 4 called upon believers to invest in the publishing house, Is it hard for believers to support ministries which can produce CDs, DVDs for free production?
Ok let's look at it this way, assuming we charge an administration fee, how comes these ministers or ministries charge double from the normal costs of secular media? Something is wrong...

The bible says, he who doesn't work shouldn't even eat, the Lord's model functions in such a way that Levites were not supposed to work. We who are working, it's our duty to make sure our ministers are fed, but these ministers are not supposed to sell the word of God.

There are many ministries recording and not selling material, and then other ministries record and sell. Something is wrong!

That said, can someone explain why our Adventist Universities have no free online courses?
Faculty members are well paid, why is it Andrews, Loma Linda, Southern Adventist, Oakwood, Newbold, Wala Wala Universities have no free open course ware especially the departments or faculties of theology?

This business of writing books and sell is from the world, evangelicals are doing it and it's sad SDAs have followed too.

Freely given, freely give should be the motto in the SDA Church. I desire to see the following:

  • Free online theology courses.
  • Bible Schools or Schools of Evangelism offering free online programs. There's a ministry in Australia which is offering free evangelism courses. The course lasts for a year or so, no tuition, you just show up and you begin training for ministry. If that school in Australia is doing it, how much more can Andrews, LomaLinda and company do it?
  • There are ministries such as Audio Verse, The Last Generation Media involved in recording sermons for free and make them readily available through their volunteers, why can't some ministers learn to sacrifice and allow these sermons and the DVDs they produce to be for free? If this isn't checked very soon we are gonna charge believers for prayer sessions, we'll start charging believers to attend church especially if a renowned preacher is to preach.
  • I want free CDs, free DVDs, free books, which I can get and take to my lovely Uganda in East Africa on mission trips, distribute the material and accelerate the coming of Jehovah. The people who need this material are those in Oceania, Asia, Africa etc. Come on now this material should be free. Amen
i agree with you joseph! this may true to our Institution... somehow the bible simply and clearly stated that at this end, "people" are becoming lovers of money and this is not excuse our church! for church are people's composed of!.. During my active involvement in the literature ministry in the field, i was asked with one of my client, Is Jesus for SALE??? though i'm selling it a little bit cheaper with no commission for myself still i was not different like those of "traditional businessman"!... and i was starting to think of, why this is so? i didnt noticed it? I'm ashame of why not giving it free instead, why others can give it freely??? even sda health magazine are all for SALE!... God HImself give a ransom for all men for free, but man are becoming robbers of God's treasure! sad fact!.. people might disagree me but mind you, we're getting far away from what God told us to be faithful and rely on His grace and trust Him He will provide all our needs but we're making the reasons to justify the means.................................... ."there's no such as free! who else provide,etc!..... history repeats itself, old renewed... we almost not different like of those pharisees... FOR SALE! FOR SALE! ok! ok! you have the point.. give reason so you ought what you want to say, well anyway, we work our own salvation, but my JESUS is not for SALE! NOT FOR SALE!... but FREE!
Thank you, I totally Agree. NOT FOR SALE!
I agree,
Members not returning tithe shows their level of spirituality. So if in NAD less than 50% return faithful tithes and offerings, It shows something is wrong, either the pastors are not giving the right message or there should be a revival in that people understand what the word of God says.

But I still don't understand why Andrews, Loma Linda, Walla Walla, Southern Adventist Universities have no free online certificate, associate degree and bachelors degree course material for theology, pastoral ministry programs. I mean members of faculty are paid, is it because they are holding on to what they have and don't want to share it because of copyright?

God willing I hope to be an academician, but if at all an SDA institution asks me to prepare free and detailed material for an online course in Mechanical Engineering, I will be more than willing to do it.
Many ministries pointed out before have used the means available and made sure a lot of information is readily available, so why can't we remove this business model right from general conference and other SDA institutions in these last days to make all this information they produce for free such that everyone can get access to it?

Wherever you go, they say that not many SDA are educated, as a matter of fact we have very few pastors with PhDs, very few members with advanced degrees or even just a degree.
Why is this so? Because the schools which SDAs would have attended cost a fortune.

Another paradox is why is it SDAs don't have a heart of giving, they have to just be persuaded. Sometimes we say ADRA is doing a good job, but the biggest percentage of funding ADRA gets comes from Non-Adventists, so what do we fund?
Well let's see, I think we have a couple of cars, mansions, businesses etc. these things are not bad, but with all that wealth it would mean the tithes and offerings would be high!
Are we storing the treasures here on earth by holding onto what belongs to the Lord and that which is of the world?
It’s really depressing that almost everything is for sale and expensive—from lesson quarterly, hymnals, books, SDA schools and SDA hospitals! It’s sad to say that not all Seventh-day Adventists are faithful in returning tithes and offering – which pay denomination workers and run our institutions. Yes, you are right that member’s not returning tithe shows their level of spirituality… and it’s heartbreaking to say that we are a big church but most members are lukewarm which is another reason why evangelism is so slow. And it’s more sad to note that not all Pastors now are not truthful in their ministry. They are “delegating” most of their responsibilities to the church members, although we are all commissioned to spread the gospel the Pastors should be there to be an example, to lead. (As I said, Not all Pastors… and this is my observation in my district).

We want our schools to be free like other schools; we want free materials (we have some though in the internet), etc… When will these happen? We don’t have enough time to wait for that change. Anybody of us who are enlightened, have the capability to share or give freely, give. It should start within us.

Anyway, you have a good heart Joseph. God bless you.


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