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I grieve inside me, and I am wondering why these things occur in the church.

  • Why is it we have no free Schools of Evangelism or Bible Schools? One is required to pay for everything, no free online courses!
  • Pastors preach and produce sermons, presentations on CDs and DVDs, all of them are on SALE.
  • SDA Schools are expensive benefiting very few SDAs save those kids from well to do families, why is this so?
  • Books are written in high quantities and yet a lot of them are on SALE. Spirit of Prophesy is on SALE, Bible on SALE, Sermons on SALE...

NB: The matter regarding EGW Software was settled and a free online database with Bible Commentaries can be easily accessed here

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Everything seems to be on sale, material which would have been beneficial to many worldwide. Many can't afford to attend bible schools or schools of evangelism to get trained, online courses are on sale, sermons are on sale.

As far as I know the most powerful sermon ever preached by the desire of all ages, The Sermon on the Mount by Jesus Christ is freely available.

Independent gospel ministries are selling everything, pastors and lay evangelists are writing books filing for copyright! Can you imagine the Lord giving you insight and understanding and you apply for copyright for the Lord's knowledge? Ridiculous!

Is the General Conference on Sale too? Why can't GC put up free online courses which are readily available, material we can use to train bible workers, lay evangelists and even future pastors?
What is Andrews, LomaLinda and other Adventist Universities doing in making sure we have free online detailed courses from the various departments of theology.
As far as I know if I had that material readily available, in one year I am able to study the whole material for a BTh and get understanding!

Secular universities have open courseware with free material for all students worldwide, faith based universities like SDA Universities are selling everything!

Do we still have faith in the SDA Church? Yes there are still 7000 of the Lord's people who haven't bowed down to mammon or Baal.

We need to be a faith driven movement, knowing that Jehovah is our provider. There are many independent ministries like AudioVerse, Gospel Ministries International, The Final Generation media, Amazing Facts etc. are working by faith.

I dunno. Just go to my chuch's web site and all of my pastor's sermons are on there to listen to free of charge.

There are lots of good sermons free on the Hope Channel. You can watch it on Direct TV now.
Thanks 4Him,
But how about the schools? We need to train bible workers and pastors in other continents, but the material isn't available online it's for SALE!

Why can't we learn from what secular universities are doing? Personally I would be happy to take a free online course at Andrews or get access to all free bible courses needed to train pastors and evangelists.
Hey ... this is a good thought. Perhaps you should set up a fund to support this. Nothing is free. If it was free ... who would pay for the professors who put out the training? If there was money to do this ... I am sure they would be happy to.
The Silver and gold belongs to God. Why can't we move by faith and practice what the Lord commanded through the scriptures?

Sis. White would have been rich if she sold and copyrighted her messages. But she moved by faith and donations from the brethren.

I think we need to change the way, we do things, the business mind showed doesn't glorify the Lord. I am just wondering who will buy their sermons during the time of trouble.

If I am a computer graphics artist in a paying job, I will be fully available to design free motion and video graphics to be used for the Lord without charge. Why would 3ABN ask for money from Amazing Facts such that Amazing Facts series to be televised on 3ABN?
It doesn't make sense at all, freely given, freely give just like David Gates is doing.

I have a dream of starting a TV and Radio station in my country and will move by faith, no charging anyone for televising or airing any program, freely given, freely give to the generations.
May I ask you a question Joseph? Why don't you work for nothing? But, since you earn money .... hey .... you could donate that money to pay for just what you are proposing. I guess whether you make money or not ... you can always donate something.
Sisters White books were copyrighted and were not free, now they are owned by the EG White estate, none of her books are free. If you want something for free who do you expect to pay for the resources - other people ?
You going to pay the bills of the ministers, the printing presses, the distributors etc?
You are so right Denny EGW never sold her books for free, in fact she made her living by writing and selling her books. Her testimonies and visions were for sale, the spirit of prophecy were for sale.
Denny that's the mistake EG White Estate did by copyrighting the Lord's word.
Spirit of Prophesy should be readily available for all, I have a collection of EG White writings on a CD-ROM but I can tell you I am sharing it freely with my friends making copies and even sending them to those who need the word, as a matter of fact, I have ever sent a couple to some pastors in USA!

Freely I got the CD-ROM, I am freely giving, now if EG White Estate wants to put me to court because I am freely sharing a software which is on sale for $200 then I will be happy to go to prison, but when I get out I will continue to distribute their software freely.

Denny, I want you to realize that the Lord can provide for everything, he can bring people who will pay for ministers. If we don't pay ministers, the Lord will feed them! Do you realize that during the time of trouble, Sis. White said the remnant won't go hungry during famine? She saw the remnant being fed through God's providence. If we don't pay ministers the Lord will provide for their needs.

The printing presses will also be supported by God through his faithfuls, the same applies to distributors.
Let me give you an example:
Gospel Ministries International by David Gates has airplanes functioning in South America, as you well know aviation fuel is expensive, and airplane maintenance is costly, how comes the Lord provides for these things? How comes the Lord persuades His people to support this ministry?

Do you think the God who fed Elijah through ravens, the Lord who fed John the Baptist in the wilderness is asleep? Why do we think that His hand is short? Isn't because of our sinful deeds coupled with lack of faith?

Isn't the very reason that we have lost faith in Christ that we set up bible schools, printing presses, Televeision channels and charge believers heavily to attend those schools, print literature or televise those programs?.

We need to wake up and remove the love of money from amongst us. 4Him I am a student, but if duty calls for the Lord's ministry I won't ask for payment.
I heard there are some pastors who charge a fee if they are to speak in a conference or evangelistic meetings. This is utter wrong. God's word IS NOT FOR SALE!
Joseph sister white was selling the SOP before the EGW estate took over. Sister White the prophet of the remnent church made her living by selling the visions and testimonies that God gave her for the end time generartion. Does that mean that she did wrong or that she did not rely on God to provide for her like he did for Elijah and John??
Joseph you say: "If we don't pay ministers the Lord will provide for their needs."

What an attitude. You want the ministers to represent Christ ... but you don't want to. The Lord provides for the ministers needs through the use of those who are faithful to God. You apparently do not wish to be used by God . And I think that is very dangerous ground to be on.

If we all had the attitude that "oh God will take care of this ministry or that ministry or the church " ... what would God think of us? I think He would spew us out of His mouth.

WE are God's extremitites. God wants US to do His bidding.

I pray that this church will wake up and support their pastors. They sacrifice SO much for us and the church. Just saying that they should suffer more is heartless.
The point being, of course, that we are the channels that God uses to bless others. He blesses us with the means so that we can be a blessing to others by supporting His work with the means with which He entrusts us.

Several years ago, whilst on the mission field, we literally ran out of money. We prayed to the Lord and left everything in His hands. The next morning we were awoken early by a brother and his son who lived more than 100 miles away. They were both carrying bags filled to the brim with various foods which had been grown on their land. As he unpacked everything my wife ticked off the items one by one on her shopping list.

We asked the brother why he had chosen to come to us on that particular day with bags full. He told us that the night before they had finished harvesting their land and had an excess above what they needed. He said that he had prayed to the Lord to direct him what to do with the remaining portion. As he prayed, he said, my family and I had come into his mind and he determined that God was answering his prayer. Can you imagine how joyful we were as we told him that at the same time as he was praying we were praying for the Lord to provide for us.

As you said, 4Him, we are the channels - if we would only step out in faith in harmony with God's will.


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