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I grieve inside me, and I am wondering why these things occur in the church.

  • Why is it we have no free Schools of Evangelism or Bible Schools? One is required to pay for everything, no free online courses!
  • Pastors preach and produce sermons, presentations on CDs and DVDs, all of them are on SALE.
  • SDA Schools are expensive benefiting very few SDAs save those kids from well to do families, why is this so?
  • Books are written in high quantities and yet a lot of them are on SALE. Spirit of Prophesy is on SALE, Bible on SALE, Sermons on SALE...

NB: The matter regarding EGW Software was settled and a free online database with Bible Commentaries can be easily accessed here

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Here's the first one. If you can afford to print out 29 pages, you can give "Steps To Christ" to anyone. Or you can send them the file for free so they can read it on their computer or print it for others who don't have computers.

The next books I'll work on will be the Conflict of the Ages series.

Is this helpful Joseph? Does this meet a need for SOP books in Uganda and everywhere else in the world? I know they are in English so that is a limitation. Let me know what you think.

God bless
Nice one, Clark... much appreciated (it will also fit nicely on a mobile for 'on the move' reading).

God bless you.
Now let me add something else of relevance to this debate...

From " Ellen G. White Volume 3 The Lonely Years 1876-1891", By Arthur L. White, p.442

"The author's introduction for the new enlarged book was dated Healdsburg, California, May, 1888, and the copyright date was given as 1888, but not until September 2, 1889, did the Signs of the Times carry an advertisement for it. It was advertised as the "Revised and Enlarged Edition of The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan."

So, if it is going against God to copyright SoP why did not God inform EGW that her work should not be copyrighted? She lived for another 25 years yet no admonition not to copyright the work.

It seems to me that the entire premise to your argument is washed away by the fact that EGW's writings were copyrighted in her own lifetime, presumably with her holding the copyright. Interestingly enough she also received royalties on her books,

"Let not authors be urged either to give away or to sell their right to the books they have written. Let them receive a just share of the profits of their work; then let them regard their means as a trust from God, to be administered according to the wisdom that He shall impart" (Testimonies for the Church Vol.7, pp.176-178)

"At one time I received word that it was difficult to get means for the translation of some of my books in the European languages. I said, "I will give my royalties on these foreign books for this purpose." At another time a brother in Europe wrote to me, "I have a thousand dollars that is due you on the sale of your books. Could not you let us have a portion of this to help in the education of young men and fitting them to engage in missionary work?
In reply I wrote, "Keep it all, if you can only train young men to go out and labor as missionaries. I will continue to pay interest on money in order that I may give this to you as a donation." This is how Sister White is becoming rich. I have been laying up my treasure in heaven, and . . . I will not draw back
." ("The Publishing Ministry", p.235)

"No one can have been hurt financially more than I was hurt when "The Great Controversy" lay for nearly two years dead in the Office." (ibid., p.79)

When EGW died "the bulk of the estate... was in literary properties, book plates and copyrights" ("Ellen G. White Volume 6 The Later Elmshaven Years 1905-1915", By Arthur L. White, p.457)
Obviously Ellen White was not a true Adventist, because she had coprights. Shame, shame. :(
Amen, Joseph. My husband and I wonder the same thing. Why aren't church schools free as part of missionary work
to all?
Families here in Alpena really struggle to put their kids in church school, some working 2 jobs or more.
Going to a adventist high school is out of reach for many. Here in Michigan it costs $10,000 A YEAR to send a child
to academy.
I don't have a lot of SDA books because they are so expensive, and cannot find them in our public libraries.
Hi Kim,

My wife taught for a while at a small SDA school and this particular one ran on a shoe-string budget. There were times when she wasn't even assured that she would be paid at the end of the month. It seemed that one of the problems was that there weren't enough church members supporting the school to have a proper income.

So it's a bit like the same problem from two different angles. It may well be that if they dropped the price they would get more students but then maybe they wouldn't get enough of an income to sustain themselves?

Bottom line really is that if the church members don't financially support the church then there is no money to run all the various institutions unless the institutions themselves are generating some sort of income. The important thing is not to lose the mission of the church. Some provision should be made within all the institutions for the support of the needy. Whether it be free medical treatment, free literature or bursaries for worthy students.

Maybe I need to put a bit more in the collection plate this Sabbath... and don't forget the missionaries.
Thank God for the internet - many books (like most SOP books of EGW) authored by Seventh-day Adventists can now be read and downloaded anytime of the day for free. Audio and video materials from Adventist sources are also proliferating and can also be downloaded and shared with other people.

Ideally, our church schools (subsidized to a big extent by church members' tithes) should be free or should charge low fees just as like public schools are supported by the public's taxes but in reality, it is not easy to offer free education for our young people due to scale of economies.For instance, in church-run schools where there are few students/enrollees, you still have to pay the full salary of a school teachers that the school employs even if there are only a handful of students in a class. One way to solve this is to encourage home schooling in places where it would be very expensive (and not financially viable) to operate a church school. Another is to encourage and get more volunteer teachers to drive operating costs down thus making low-cost education possible for our young people.

It is also time now for our church to trim down and streamline the church bureaucracy - if we can do away with either the Union Conferences or local conferences and free more resources (financial, logistics and personnel) into our local churches, what a nice change it will be be. In my country (Philippines), we have many Bible school graduates but only a few are taken by the local conferences each year to serve as pastors because they claim lack of finances. It is very sad to see 4 or 5 churches sharing one pastor in cities and 8 to 12 churches having to do with one pastor in many rural areas of the country.
I don't think we should get rid of unions or conferences... the reason unions were created was because divisions had too much work to do to handle all the conferences, and if we got rid of conferences then we can say goodbye to local campmeetings, conference offices, adventist book centers, conference pathfinder camporees, conference pathfinder fairs, etc. There are better ways to free resources, such as everyone in the church giving tithe and offerings.
It is not wise nor practical to have inexpensive church school tuition. If you do everyone and their mothers would come for this free or cheap private school education. You would experience all kinds of corrupt influences in your school and it would overwhelm your resouces. You have to charge a resonable tuition.

We had an issue with this at our school. When some on the board pushed for cheap tution the local community came in and some were supported by local government subsidies. The government paid according to the amount charged. This amount did not take into account the heavy church support .... so the school really ran at a loss.

The better way is to charge a fair and representitive tuition but then for the church to provide scholarships for worthy students. IOWs .... have a worthy student fund for those who need it.

Addendum ... it was actually the Federal Government here that paid for community students to go to our church schools. But it was run by the local government. It was a program established by George Bush and then when Barack Obama came into office ... he axed the program. For those curious.
Let me quote what the author mentioned:

1. Why is it we have no free Schools of Evangelism or Bible Schools? One is required to pay for everything, no free online courses!
2. Pastors preach and produce sermons, presentations on CDs and DVDs, all of them are on SALE.
3. SDA Schools are expensive benefiting very few SDAs save those kids from well to do families, why is this so?
4. Books are written in high quantities and yet a lot of them are on SALE. Spirit of Prophesy is on SALE, Bible on SALE, Sermons on SALE...

So, what shall we do?...Shall we lobby these concerns to the General Conference and to all other concerns for them to look into?

Well, I just wonder if this would happen...", Just a thought..",
I don't think it'll ever happen, with these generic business models in the so called Adventist institutions?

The word Seventh-Day Adventist means members who believe that Jesus Christ will return to Earth soon. It's no secret that there will be a shaking to weed out some business minded individuals.

Bro. Clark, thanks for the books, God bless you. But as you can see a complaint has led you to action, that means we need to lobby General Conference and it's cluster of educational institutions to do something.


One thing that saddens me and many members in our country is the slowness by which our church organization responds to the needs of the times - we are still applying an antiquated bureaucracy more suited for the 1920s and we still have so many layers of church organization in the 21st century - an age where fast communication is the norm. While our churches in some parts of Northern Europe, Japan and South Pacific have made efforts to trim down the church bureaucracy, it is still business as usual in most areas of the world church.

Imagine the benefits if our church can put more resources into our local churches (frontline) by peeling away one or two layers of the church bureacracy. In many instances, we have parallel offices in the Union and Conference level which duplicate each other's work and thus a big waste of tithe money.


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