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I grieve inside me, and I am wondering why these things occur in the church.

  • Why is it we have no free Schools of Evangelism or Bible Schools? One is required to pay for everything, no free online courses!
  • Pastors preach and produce sermons, presentations on CDs and DVDs, all of them are on SALE.
  • SDA Schools are expensive benefiting very few SDAs save those kids from well to do families, why is this so?
  • Books are written in high quantities and yet a lot of them are on SALE. Spirit of Prophesy is on SALE, Bible on SALE, Sermons on SALE...

NB: The matter regarding EGW Software was settled and a free online database with Bible Commentaries can be easily accessed here

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Dear Joseph... lol!

Travis and Clark recommended that web site to you back on the 17th May... it took you almost 3 weeks to get there ?!


God bless you, Joseph.
Hello JohnB seriously speaking, I knew that page existed but I think no one knew the software is available online for free. No one knew that not even Travis or Clark, because if they knew they would have pointed me to that link.

Actually the Lord works in His own ways, He knows how to do His things and I am glad He led me there to that exact link!

Praise be to God


Thank you Bro. Joseph for posting the link to the EGW Writings and Bible Commentaries.
Um... I did direct you to that website... I don't think I posted the exact link, but I did say that I knew that there was a free searchable database on the White Estate site.
I knew that was available online, told you that, and directed you to that site. I praise God that we could be His hands and help accomplish His work by leading you to that information. :-)

TOO MUCH FREENESS AINT NO GOOD. ,Things in our church could get so much freer,school,literature, you name it, but why is it taking so long,you will ask, ,well its because of people like most of us, we do not return a FAITHFUL TITHE OR GIVE A GENEROUS OFFERING, Paper, ink printers ,these things must be purchased ,or are you forgetting this,, Thousands of pages,FREE literature is handed out yearly ,,,,,, The world is not OURS, we dont make the machines,printing presses, ,so lets take an introspective look at the whole issue and see if it is not ourselves that is stopping the "FREE" things we talk about.

Salvation is free,to all BUT it in itself had a price.......The blood of our lord and savior Jesus Christ;

May he impress upon our hearts to do what we know that we should here's sabbath school lessons, for free. there are so many materials online for free that one might not be able to read/watch them all. professors from one of sda colleges have done much for pastors from the baltic states and albania by giving courses several summers. at my church in the offerings it's possible to point out that this and that much money goes for literature, charity etc. sure, maybe not always money is used in the best way, but at times it works. some of the older books are brought to church for exchange or for giving away, couple of newest books printed - given for free (those who have more - offer more, who have less - less). concerning a pastoral course - one could make such. not always the degree is what really matters, but open heart, curious and learning mind, and experience - all of that blessed by God

Check the website listed below and everything there is free. Just click on Resources and while the selection is not limited, I'll be adding more in due time.

May God bless the study of His word.

Maranatha :)


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