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I grieve inside me, and I am wondering why these things occur in the church.

  • Why is it we have no free Schools of Evangelism or Bible Schools? One is required to pay for everything, no free online courses!
  • Pastors preach and produce sermons, presentations on CDs and DVDs, all of them are on SALE.
  • SDA Schools are expensive benefiting very few SDAs save those kids from well to do families, why is this so?
  • Books are written in high quantities and yet a lot of them are on SALE. Spirit of Prophesy is on SALE, Bible on SALE, Sermons on SALE...

NB: The matter regarding EGW Software was settled and a free online database with Bible Commentaries can be easily accessed here

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It costs to produce those books and CDs, so we should expect to pay something. Some books ,however, as far as I know, can be had for free or at a discount if they are for the purpose of evangelism.

Another thought is that those who preach the gospel have to sustain themselves by some means - by the gospel.
The Sermon on the Mount was not put on CD. Yes MElinda ... you are right. IT does cost to produce all these things and we should not be so greedy to expect them without cost to ourselves. WE expect the pastors to go unpaid ... but we are unwilling to pay for a CD. Just sick.
Amen! Nothing is free, what one person gets for free somebody somewhere paid for it so you can have that free privilege. Take for example state eduction in the UK, its free but is it really free ? No the taxpayers give the state money to run the system so its only really free for people who don't work and don't pay tax. As for the church publishing industry you want free church books so how do you plan to help the writers, the distributor, the printer, the marketing department, the shop that you expect to give the books away how you going to help them pay their bills. Even the Levites were given a stipend via the agricultural tithe system. Church members demanding free things are really saying let someone else but me pay for it- thats selfishness. If you want free church schools? Then donate enough money so the teachers and other support staff can still have a living wage. Its interesting that Joseph expects to be paid for his work, why not give your labour for free?
Sis. Denny,
You still don't get my point, but I have tried to expound it in the most simplest terms possible, I am gonna do so here again.

Why can't I work for free? Okay I am gonna work for a government institution lecturing undergrad students in Mechanical Engineering, now that's a public institution.
When I get my paycheck, I will have to make sure I am a faithful steward that there's food in the Lord's house. Church members are supposed to do that, and it's supposed to be a sacrifice.

Let me give you an example:
Assuming I am paid a monthly wage of £3000 before tax, and say after tax I remain with £1800, I should return a tithe as the spirit will persuade me either 10% of £3000 or even more than 10%, then an offering.

Now Let me assume I have £1200 remaining after tithe and offerings, then £200 after expenses If duty calls and say there's a pastor in the mission fields, he is in urgent need, has no food etc. If I donate the last £200, now that will be sacrifice, realize that I had returned a faithful tithe and offerings, but the extra £200 I sacrificed and left with nothing, trusting in the Lord to provide even if an emergency occurs, the Lord is pleased by that heart.

  • We have Review and Herald, Pacific Publishing companies and others in different countries, let's say books, CDs, DVDs are printed and they are distributed for free, do you want to tell me that in the whole of spiritual Israel of today, the SDA church inclusive they are no people who can sacrifice and support publishing and media industries?
  • Do you want to say, there are no people who can step down from their jobs as editors, film makers, computers graphics artists, web designers who can give their talents to advance the work of God? Let me quote some examples, David Gates left his lucrative job, Pr. Randy Skeete left his job at University of Michigan where he worked as a University counselor in the school of Medicine, he is now in full-time ministry, he travels worldwide harvesting young men and women. The list is endless...We have different callings, not all of us are to reign, but we are to use all the means we have to make sure the work of God is advancing at a fast rate. The world population is somewhat around 6billion, SDA membership is at 15million and the GC forecasts that may be in 30yrs we will be more, can you imagine in 30yrs! It shows we have a wrong strategy, a model which isn't functional and we should another dynamic model which lay evangelists are employing.
    Let me give you an example of a church model:
    Produce sermons, write books which are meant to advance the gospel, free lessons, bibles, pastors not to engage in business let everything be free, let's move by faith and tell it all to our commander in chief, and see if the Lord won't intervene.
    He will send his all powerful angels to guard that movement against the snares of the devil because they move by faith, he'll persuade people from all walks of life to volunteer their professions for the Lord's cause, isn't it the kind of thing which is going to happen during the latter rain?

  • If a pastor has no car, don't you think if the pastor catches a bus everyday many will have compassion over him and his work such that they will be compelled to purchase him a car even if it's second hand? We have to wake up, we are sleeping inside the church there shouldn't be any business but only strategy to win perishing souls. We have to win those who are perishing, but how are we going to win them, if an SDA wants to be paid for his skills? Hospitals are supposed to be for free, there will be many volunteers, We need to get rid of this business model.
    Pr. Gates went to Guyana with his wife and a small pocket money and lived in jungles of South America, he treated Indians for free, the Lord provided money for his airplane, poor Indians used to bring food for him everyday.
    Come on now brethren who profess to have faith, where is faith without deeds? Can't we be challenged by the acts of faith in the bible? The widow of Zarephath and many others.

    God's word isn't for sale, Hospitals, Schools, and our God given talents are not for sale inside spiritual realms. The Lord gave me some skills of web designing, but I am designing websites for my colleagues who are involved in ministry for free. How can I think of charging someone who is involved in spreading the word of God?
    How can 3ABN charge Amazing Facts money to televise Amazing Facts series? We need to work by faith, we need faith a practical type of religion not that of going to church listen to the sermon put money in an envelope and go home.

    God's word should be for free. Let me give you another example of the Lord's providence. You remember the miracle Jesus told Peter to go and get a fish and in there will find money? Ask yourself why Jesus didn't tell Judas the treasurer to get some money meant for ministry to pay tribute, but the Lord who owns silver and gold Hag. 2:8 put money into the fish and there it was...We have to know that if we make these things freely available, the Lord will NOT allow His institutions to fail.

    If Andrews University, Faculty of Theology was for free to all SDAs who want to study theology and go into ministry how many pastors would we have trained for ministry either in NAD or overseas?. Okay they can charge for other programs but ministry programs if at all they were for free at Andrews, Loma Linda, Walla Walla don't you think the Lord would support these faculties? Are we trying to ridicule God, that He can't function?
    This is sad, how members who profess faith, can't put their trust in God to provide.

    Lord Increase our Faith.


If anyone is meant to go to Andrews LLU or WWU ... the Lord will provide the means.

"This is sad, how members who profess faith, can't put their trust in God to provide."

I agree.

Lord Increase our Faith.


I put my trust in God to provide its called getting a job...... as the bible says he who don't work don't eat plus it says a man should be paid a fair wage for his labour. Nothing about getting free labour in the bible . Actually there is its called slavery. Even if all Adventists paid money to the system it still would not be enough to run the present set up cos there is too much bureaucracy for a start.
Yes let's get rid of bureaucracy and move by faith...Its much possible for the Lord to sustain the work he started...

John the Revelator didn't sell the message given to him at the Island of Patmos, as a matter of fact the school for prophets were for free.

Denny, Praise the Lord I trust in God to provide and look for a job too...and support the Lord's system.
Pr. David Gates quotes.
Uncle David is a[Registered Nurse, Software Engineer, Airplane pilot, Airplane maintanance mechanic]

  • Adventist mentality is flawed. If we have something we can gain from it, we like it.
  • Stop being a coward, stand out in faith and save lives.
  • The only way we are gonna advance is through sacrifice.
  • The Lord invented technology to finish the work.
  • Adventists are not warning the world anymore.
  • The devil has no copyrights, God's people are in copyrighting laws.
  • Gehezi in Adventists - Sin of charging people what God gave you for free.
  • Adventists are good Jews, we love money.
  • You can't give what you don't own. Give what belongs to Him.
  • When you give radically, you receive radically, Jesus received and he gave.
  • It's time for God's people to start giving by sacrifice.
  • If you can't trust him here, I'm afraid you can't go to heaven.
  • Give and you will receive, but I have worked so hard for this; okay keep it!
  • To unlock the treasury of heaven is through giving. The only debt that counts in heaven is sacrifice.
  • No matter how expensive the project is, it's impossible to lose.
  • Each of us has no exception, we are called towards mission.
  • Only those who are willing to give are the only ones, the Lord will endow with heaven's resources to finish the work.
  • The whole cycle of the universe is all about giving.

    Compiled by Joseph
I do agree with you Joseph. Thanks for enlightening us more on this topic.
What do you have to say about pastors who are paid monthly with benefits inclusive , when it comes to preaching in evangelistic meetings they ask for large amounts of money as a bonus.
For instance in my Country, a pastor will give you the list of things he would like you do before he agrees to preach in an Evangelist meeting (examples are they may ask; which choir is going to sing? where will I sleep? how many people have you invited to the meetings? do you have nice public systems? etc. Why would they complicate things like that?
That form of greed is what we don't want. Now I heard of that sort of thing asking for bonus, wretched man like me, those pastors should be fired.

Preaching isn't a business it's sacrifice, okay we can meet the demands for choir and lodgings but asking for a bonus! Are they mad?
Even a choir shouldn't ask for a bonus, if they don't want to volunteer for the Lord let them go with their voices, there are still 7000 of God's people who haven't bowed down to Baal or kissed Asherah.

Now is the time for these pastors asking for bonuses to be ashamed of themselves. Personally I will speak against all pastors asking for bonuses, what kind of pastor is he asking for money to preach and save the lost?

If you are on a titanic, people are perishing, you have a life jacket, and you can see them in water drowning shouting at you please give me the life jacket would you ask them for money for your life jacket? Ofcourse no, let's give another scenario if someone is being attacked and killed and you hear them cry for help won't you get out and rescue them? or you will just sit there and say well It's my life, now what if your loved one is involved? Won't you rush out in lightening speed to save them? Ofcourse you will do that, so we need that spirit, serving God is volunteering and the Lord will repay us in heaven.

Lord Have Mercy on Us
This "knock on the pastor" theme is getting old. It seems that we want the pastors to sacrifice while we life in luxury with all of our bonuses. Time to take care of the pastor folks. And join them in the cause of God. Live by example.
Sound like you have a good prepared evangelist. I would not want to have a series started without knowing and addressing those concerns. Praise God for men of God who are organized.


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