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I am wondering if we are not suppose to put on wedding rings since it is part of Jewelry? 

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Thanks, Jill.  May the Lord bless your studies on this.  For me I feel that jewelry seems to detract from beauty more than add to it- as it sort of distracts the eye from the beauty of who you are.  You are the jewel, after all, right?  

I also feel it's important to make the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy the guide in all things, and read it with a prayerful spirit, understanding Christ and His love for us as the central focus.  In doing that, it's amazing that I find the Savior Himself seems to walk off the pages of the book and into my life!

May God bless you.

Thanks Vicki, I'll talk with you more about it if that's okay, you seem to have studied it a lot. In some ways I don't think we should have a policy in something so unimportant, but on the otherhand if I want to be part of an organization I should follow its beliefs.

I'd be happy to talk with you more about it sometime when I have time.

It does make a difference Vicki, I get chatted up in grocery stores too now that I am separated I took off my wedding ring.  Men seem to think of girls without rings as free agents.  I'm thinking of wearing it again until the divorce is final.

 How we carry ourselves is far more telling than a ring. Many get hit on because they invite it by a look, their clothing, or something else.

Well let's see.  Two months ago when I wore a wedding ring I was never chatted up by men.  Now I take it off and I am constantly chatted up.  I don't think I have bought any new outfits in the last 2 months.  Seems like it is a properly controlled laboratory experiment.

 I am certain you can easily chat down and send the right message. Women are very good at sending messages.

Just asking but could it be that sometimes we desire a certain result and help that along a bit either knowingly or unknowingly ?

Why should anyone have to go through the process (a tempting process I might add) of turning down suitors when you are married and unavailable?  

Wearing a wedding band will let others know you believe in the sanctity of marriage and wish to remain faithful.  It doesn't make you sin free or unable to fall.  It just makes your intentions known.  That will make a difference to the vast majority of potential suitors.

Just because there are immoral people who will still approach a person with a wedding band does not the wearers declaration useless.

As Shannon has said, it makes a difference in the behavior of others.  I don't doubt her in the least.

 It it no way makes your intentions known. It makes your finger shiny. The prophet realized this. Why can't you ?

All the same temptations exist ring or no ring. Those who have not the strength and fortitude to resist temptation without a ring will not have the strength and fortitude to resist the same with a shiny finger.

A wedding band DOES send a message. It does change the way potential suitors interact with us.  Just because you refuse to acknowledge that does not make it inaccurate.

A wedding band is a symbol of fidelity.  Just because there are infidels does not make the symbol moot.

Cherry picking one uninspired SOP quote directed at ministers and disregarding the totality of what is presented to us in Scripture and SOP is not a great way to know what God's will is.  We need to study everything to see the big picture.  Not just cling to the one quote that appears to say what you already believe.


Many men look for wedding bands as they can have sex with these women and go home.  Some when they see a ring they will keep walking and others will stop and see how far they can get.   That is a fact.

That should not be why one wears a wedding ring.  It is of pagan origin and should not be introduced into a covenant relationship with God and your spouse.

All these reasons given to wear a ring is nothing more than to defend something that God has not ordained but speaks against.

I truly dislike it for men to act attracted to me in a public places, so I try to be very careful and prayerful and avoid sending any kind of messages.  Still, it's a problem at times.   It's not accurate to assume that this is caused by girls sending messages, I don't think. 

I was reading something recently about statistics of those who live together unmarried these days.  The percentages are staggering.  Nearly half of all first births now occur outside of marriage, and 75% of women ages 30 or younger have lived with a partner outside of marriage.  It's coming to the point where being with a partner and having children isn't synonymous with marriage any more.  Sister White was not writing in the context of these kinds of statistics.  And, as I mentioned before, she did approve of them in some situations in which the witness of marriage would have been in question, and for those living in certain countries at the time. 

So I believe that reasoning from cause to effect with sanctified reasoning, as she encourages, we would be able to conclude that in the context of our society today using a simple wedding band as a form of communication can be valuable and would not be outside of God's will or inspired counsel. 


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