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I am wondering if we are not suppose to put on wedding rings since it is part of Jewelry? 

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Are you saying that sister White was wrong?

"The fact that a disregard of the custom occasions remark, is no good reason for adopting it. Americans can make their position understood by plainly stating that the custom is not regarded as obligatory in our country. We need not wear the sign, for we are not untrue to our marriage vow, and the wearing of the ring would be no evidence that we were true. I feel deeply over this leavening process which seems to be going on among us, in the conformity to custom and fashion. Not one penny should be spent for a circlet of gold to testify that we are married."

Are you saying, you are incapable to reviewing the link with the totality of the evidence presented, not just the cherry picking of a sound byte there and there?  [Struck by admin as breaking our Site Rules & Guidelines.]

I'm saying that no one is viewed as a fornicator, just because they don't wear a ring.. Your assertion is completely false..


Your quote comes from "Special Testimonies To Ministers And Workers".

So perhaps there is a specific audience for that statement.  This was not a position shown to her in vision.  It was her advice to 'ministers and workers'.

Look at the whole picture rather than finding a "proof" statement written to a very specific group of people.  The whole picture is not as you wish it were.

Christians are labeled "close minded" for simply believing whats in the Bible is authoritative, by the world, other religions, and even other christians. How is it any different with the not wearing of wedding rings? To say that it is putting on the perception of a fornicator in fact means that, we could use the same reasoning about things that are crystal clear in Gods word, for example: observing the Sabbath, believing that the ten commandments are not done away with, the state of the dead..........

This type of reasoning should not be even considered as valid. Since when do we follow the standards of men, above those of God? In fact when the two clash we are instructed to put aside our worries about the worlds perception and do whats biblical.

It may not specifically state "wedding ring" in the Bible, but there is much more prohibiting the wearing of jewelry, and since 1: the predominant place we find wedding rings is in a Jewelry store, it is in fact just that. 2: the practise of exchanging wedding rings is not found in the biblical example of where marriage was instituted, or in the marriage vows, so it clearly  was not as crucial as made out to be in some of the comments made here in favour of them. 

Well said Rowan.  Many are placing culture above the word of God.  

Hi Jason,

Would you mind providing examples (not assumptions) of those that have placed culture above the word of God as related to this subject?  To this point there's been a lot of judgmental assumptions on why some feel others are wearing wedding rings and I haven't seen anything posted from Gods word to back their view up, just what I view as a lack of understanding.  If you don't know  or understand someones motives, judge not.

So, you feel you should create a stumbling block, by presenting yourself a a member of the unmoral majority, while all the while saying come to my church?  A wedding band is not about self-adornment, but about presenting an image of moral rectitude. There is no commandment in scripture against a wedding band, if there were, Ellen White would have given a counsel for people to commit sin, when she said some people SHOULD wear wedding bands.

Not all Christians are close minded just like not all non-Christians aren't closed minded.  Just the ones that tend to judge others on worldly things that matter not to God without knowing the motive of the heart first.  And since we are not God unless we ask those we accuse (often falsely) we never truly know. Someone only risk judging falsely which God looks down on as much as the sin they are trying to find in others (Matthew 7:1-3) by stretching scripture to support their own personal view on what others should/should not do.

To this point I haven't seen anything posted that says wearing a wedding ring is a sin or  a requirement from God.  Just people stretching scripture. If you see a couple wearing or not wearing a wedding ring and it bothers you so badly simply ask them about it.  If they give you sinful reason like "they love gold because it makes them look pretty but they wish it had a bigger diamond" or "I'm not wearing a ring because it makes me feel guilty since our marriage was just of convenience not love" feel free to give council out of love on those motives.   I sincerely ask if you are a Christian and if you don't know/understand something or are to "Politically Correct" to ask, do not assume and please learn to not Judge others.  It affects more than just yourself when you do that while trying to lead others to Christ.

Who said all christians are close minded? @ John.


no one here did that I know of.  Just was opening up to clarify for the lines that followed. 

Thanks for clearing that up for me


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