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I am wondering if we are not suppose to put on wedding rings since it is part of Jewelry? 

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True, I have seen the "Wedding Rolex" which means nothing as far as outward sign of commitment to anyone, other than a watch that costs as much as an SUV.

 That has nothing to do with the subject. One wrong does not make another wrong, right. It is just another diversion for excuse. I wonder how much the ring as sometimes worn in the SDA church ( In the US) is simply a show of rebellion saying " I will do as I please and no one is going to tell ME what I ought to wear."

Yes, we know, you are very inconsistent, and would rather ride your bike proclaiming Ellen White to one and all with the perception that you are co-habitating rather than in a married relationship.  [Struck by admin as breaking our Site Rules & Guidelines.]

That comment made no seance what so ever.

Also, sister White made it clear on several occasion that a ring was not a necessity to show that one was married.. and that was in a time when our culture was far less accepting of couples with no ring than anyone is now. So what logic is your point based on?

I my self have been married for several years no with no ring and only 2 people have ever thought there was any possibility I was not married. That being said, I think the real problem for those who see the symbol as a necessity, is that they act like they did before they were married. This leaves people confused.. 

So we are to wear a wedding ring so everyone will know we are married ??, I know this couple who have lived together for 34 years, raised 3 children and both wear wedding rings... thing is both will tell you they have never been married . so a wedding ring doesn't really mean much , either way now does it ?

I certainly hope it made no "seance". The point is, to take the law letter of the law and apply it literally to others, and not yet not applying it to one self.  The letter says owning a bicycle is sin according to Ellen White.  The Spirit is, expensive toys like Escalades and Lotus vehicles.

The letter says in North America Ellen White say no need for a ring.  The spirit says it was because living together as non-legal husband and wife was unthinkable and ostracized from society.  In Europe to be without one meant you were living in sin.  Now, in North American it does and is common place.  The spirit of the law now says wedding rings demonstrate morality, rather than the opposite.

So, to grasp the spirit in one place and be literal in another to absurdity is either hypocritical or the mark of a fool.

"The spirit says it was because living together as non-legal husband and wife was unthinkable and ostracized from society."

Aaaaah. wrong.. Not one single person, but you has ever said anything negative or even had a negative thought about my not having the state recognize my marriage...

And in fact that never has been the case with anyone.

When someone says they are married, no one asks them if it was officiated by the state. They just take them on their word, as people have for centuries..

You think your self a representative of Christ while spitting upon the holy marriage vows of others.. This is truly sad...

Also, I never said anything about it being a broad rule for everyone.. I simply disagree with the necessity of it and think necessity is a lame excuse..

BTW, you said...

"So, to grasp the spirit in one place and be literal in another to absurdity is either hypocritical or the mark of a fool."

While you are calling people fools may I remind you of this...

Matthew 5:22

"But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire."

That being said I would counsel you to spend some time in prayer.. between this and many other statements and viscous attacks you have made bearing false witness against your brothers and sisters in Christ, I am genuinely concerned for your spiritual condition..

I would also like to add that neither scripture nor any writings of sister White even make a remote insinuation about the necessity of a state marriage licence.

While in contrast scripture does speak negatively of jewelry and sister White did directly address rings..

So where exactly is your so called hypocrisy on my part?

 Do you think based off of the Scripture you quoted we ought to have bracelets and nose rings ? Let's be consistent. You open the door wide open.

Another question, Are you in favor of keeping the spirit of the law by worshiping on Sunday ? That is the direction of your theology.

Mrs. White did not say that there was no need for a ring in NA. She said that not a penny should be spent on such. You add a diamond to the ring and call it good.  [Struck by admin as breaking our Site Rules & Guidelines.]

Are you in favor of keeping the spirit of the law by worshiping on Sunday ? That is the direction of your theology.


You add a diamond to the ring and call it good.

At least be honest in your debate Kevin.  Don't characterize others positions differently than they ever have said themselves.  That is dishonest.

I would say that if people feel convicted that they don't want to want to wear them according to the Spirit of Prophecy writings that's fine- there should be nothing to urge. 

But for those who feel the need to wear them in this day and age when marriage is on the chopping block -to affirm that you are married and more importantly, to say to the world that you believe in marriage, I believe the Spirit of Prophecy would not condemn that.  "In countries where the custom is imperative, we have no burden to condemn those who have their marriage ring; let them wear it if they can do so conscientiously..." {1TT 601.1}

There was exception made for those in countries with this custom, and she also was not writing in context of the very prevalent problem of people living together without getting married.  That would be something unheard of in that generation- it probably wouldn't have entered the minds of anyone in that age- but now it's fairly common for people to live their whole lives together, have kids and not be married. 

There is also the story of her daughter-in-law, as I posted below, who benefited from having a wedding ring because her husband was twice her age and they were afraid they would lose their influence with people because other travelers might imagine all kinds of things about why they were traveling together, she said.

As far as dressing modestly- I don't find that to be a turn off at all.   In fact just the opposite- more guys seem interested in me than ever.  I believe that men are inherently much more attracted too modest, self-possessed women than to the raunchy/ loose type.  There have been times in the grocery store and other places when I wish I could have had a ring on my finger so that guys would not bother to think about ways to try to meet me, etc.  That's even when I had done everything I could to dress modestly and simply, was wearing a skirt, almost no make-up, etc. 

In truth- I am not particularly good looking-  the point here is that the characteristics of modesty and purity are extremely attractive and beautifying, I believe.  And a simple wedding ring could help solve a lot of problems and embarrassment for men who might honestly be attracted to someone who is already married.

(SIDE NOTE- I mean this in the general sense of the argument because I'm not planning to get married.  I follow 1 Cor 7:35 because I want to be a missionary and prepare for Jesus soon return.  I've already spent years in the mission field and it was so much easier being free to dedicate all my time to learning Chinese and working for the people than to be tied down to a household).

Interesting post Vicki again, I've always thought I will wear a wedding ring when I get married - but its interesting to see more perspective.  I've worn modest jewelry before but am starting to do it less often as I study it.


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