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"Brethren, I feel hurt when I see that so many decided thrusts are made against the Catholics. Preach the truth, but restrain the words which show a harsh spirit; for such words cannot help or enlighten anyone." Ellen G. White in Counsels to Writers and Editors, p. 64.

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Good quote 4him. I have been guilty of showing a harsh spirit. Thankyou for this quote. I have forgotten all about Ellen talking about this topic. I need a book mark that has this quote so it will remind me everyday :-)
What can we do...all our baptism bible studies, prophecy bible study, bible/prophecy seminar, camp etc in one way or another expose the horn in Daniel or Revelation. The final persecution on God's people, Sunday Law, Jacob's trouble all built us a sense of hatred if not a sense of fear to this organization. Even in the forum discusion on exposing the board members of there any Jesuits here?
May the real Jesuits please stand up ...
By their fruits you shall know them. If they dont speak according to the word or speak 95% of the word but the other 5% is different from the word you will know your answer.
I remember speaking at a Camp Meeting some years ago. Following one of my presentations I was sitting talking to a church sister who told me that she was glad that she had disregarded her blood-sister's advice and come to hear me. Curious, I enquired what she meant by that. She told me that this other sister had warned her not to listen to me as I was a Jesuit!

I asked whether her sister had heard me speak before? No. Has she listened to tapes or watched videos of mine? No. Has she read any articles that I have written? No. I asked whether her sister has any first-hand knowledge of me at all? No. So... how does she know that I am a Jesuit? Oh, she just knows these things. (I asked her to thank her sister on my behalf for exposing me as I was such a good Jesuit that even *I* didn't know that I was one!)

BTW: for those who are humour-challenged and to be quite clear about this... I am not, as far as I know, a Jesuit. Of course, if anyone has any information to the contrary, please let me know.

I have always been very clear, especially in any public presentations, that it is the system which we condemn, not the members of that church. Sometimes we are guilty of blurring that very important distinction. If we present the truth plainly but without condemnation for the members of the church God will touch people's hearts.

On another occasion I was speaking publically on The Religion of 666 when I was told that there were two Catholic women sitting in the front row. At the end of the presentation the two ladies were still there but they were sitting in their seats weeping. A translator was despatched to speak to them and to see whether they had been offended by what had been presented. They stated that they had been overwhelmed by what they had seen presented but also that every word spoken was true. Now they were weeping because they were convicted and were unsure what to do. Some six or more months later I returned to that town and enquired as to these two ladies. Very quickly I was introduced to them, not as Catholic visitors but now as SDA sisters. By God's grace their hearts had been touched and they were like brands plucked from the burning. If we co-operate with God and present the plain truth without condemnation of those who may not even know what they are involved with souls can be brought into the truth. A hard heart and a spirit of condemnation and rebuke will only serve to ensure that they are lost.

I live in fear of the hard-hearted Adventist who would just as quickly condemn someone to hell fire as they would reach out in love with the truth.

p.s. My personal feeling about Jesuits in the church is... no. I suspect that they came, did their work and left again quite some years ago. If they were here then they would be amongst the most Adventist of Adventists subtling drawing people away from the truth.
Its true. Alomst everytime you read an article or hear something spoken about SDA beliefs the Catholic church comes inton play. True, we are protestants in form, however, it is not our place to judge nor ridicule others on there teachings and practices. My sister went from SDA to Catholism when she married. I was not pleased, but I do not judge nor condem her for it. I hear from lots of people that the catholics did this and they changed that and they are the antichrist and so forth. I agree they are a bit extreme with their practices, especially the one where man has the power to forgive sin.
I have said numerous things about them and others including baptists that I regret now. Thank you 4 HIM for my awakening
It is grave mistake that many of us make, we talk about what "the Catholics" did instead of ensuring that we are clear that it is actually "the Roman Catholic Church" we are referring to. We also ignore the fact that it is just as likely that a Catholic will be saved as an Adventist, all of us being judged according to the light that we have received.
Yes its the government of the Roman Catholic church that will have alot to answer for in the Judgement day. The same with any leadership of any church/organization. I am sure Jesus has a few people from all groups he would like to ask some very uncomfortable questions that need answers to.
Absolutely. This is so important for our members to understand.
Hello to all who have posted to, or read this thread.

I would like to thank 4 Him for starting this thread and a special thanks to JohnB for his excellent responses.

I would like to point out something that I doubt very seriously any of you, or most other SDA's, have ever thought of. It is something that goes to the very heart of how to wittness for Jesus Christ and how to present biblical truth to others, whether they be Christian or not, whether they are Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, or anyother belife. Please let me explain.

Have any of you ever considered, or even thought about, what it was about Jesus Christ that caused the people of His time to even listen to Him, let alone belive and accept what He had to say? I'm quite certian that many of you will say that people believed Him because He was the Son of God. Or possibly that He had great charisma. Or maybe it was all the work of the Holy Spirit.

While each of the foregoing played a role in Christ ministery here on earth it would have been impossible to reach the people He did unless He was truly a student of human nature. He understood that no one would ever listen to Him, or His teachings, if He were to be unlikeable or unfriendly to them. The same is true today.

Now I will share something with you that I have never heard from the pulpit of any church, or from any SDA, yet it is an absolute truth.

Jesus Christ was the greatest salesman who ever lived! He sold an unwanted product to an unwilling, disinterested, group of buyers at a very bad time. Sounds a lot like our world today doesn't it? Jesus practiced the rules of good salesmanship. He was and is our example!

Just as surly as He told the Disciples, ". . . I am with you always," He also left us with the greatest sales handbook ever written! The Bible. The Bible contains every single principal of good salesmanship and even explains why they work. The Bible when combined with the power of the Holy Spirit can make every one of us a supersalesman for Christ? What more could we as followers of Christ ask for to help us wittness for Christ and be effective in spreading the 3 Angel's Message to the world?

I could easily write a lengthy book on this subject but for now I'm out of time. If any of you have questions, or would like to pursue this topic further, please feel free to let me know.

Your friend and brother in Christ,
Excellent post Doc. Thanks.
With you on this Country Doc.

If only by God's grace I could truly reflect the Master then my little work would show results far in excess of what I would even hope for. This is our high calling. One of the best analogies for what Christ is offering to do for us is the one of "The Heavenly Door-to-Door Salesman" of Rev.3:18.


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