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Yesterday I went to a speech held by a man from New Zealand who claimed that he died and in 20 minutes woke up alive. While he was dead he went to hell and then to heaven. He said he saw Jesus and then he came back to tell the story and bring people to Him.Otherwise he would stay in heaven (Jesus gave him a choice to stay or come back). 

I know that people dont go to heaven straight after death and that he couldnt be in hell and hear people shouting at him there but it was so strong and emotional that many people claimed to give their lives to Jesus. I couldnt decide if I agree or disagree with this man because some things he said I know are not true but most of them are true and people believed and surrendered to Jesus.Now he goes around the world, telling his story, the miracle from God, as he says.

Then I talked to my mum and cousin and they showed me that if something has just a little lie in it, its not the truth anymore. God would never show something just a little untrue. He is the truth. Therefore it couldnt come from God. Satan is very powerfull and sometimes it seems to be right what we see, hear and feel but if we compare it with the Scripture, we find the real truth and know if its a work of satan or God.Details ARE important!

I hope God helps us to find the whole truth in his Word and we wont be decieved by satan and his devil angels. Have a nice day ;)

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Thanks! First I saw the DVD few years ago, only yesterday I went to see him live. Its true I knew thats not completely right what he said but i just couldnt understand how could it be wrong when people came to Christ through him and he was even saying Bible verses, I mean...if you dont look at the details but the whole thing, it seems so right. But then I heard him talking yesterday, it made a good impression but i realized its not true so it was actually good for me to go there. Because when I saw the DVD it left the doubts, i wasnt sure whether its right or not. But the bad thing is..many people are overwhelmed by feelings and dont really care what Bible says about all this..

Hey Veronika,

You have great and wise council!

God bless you for this post.

The devil will do greater miracles than these as the whole plan draws to a close.

God keep you and yours.

Your mom and cousin said it exactly correct. If you put a drop of poison into a glass of milk, the whole glass of milk becomes poison. Likewise, just a little lie mixed with truth, turns the whole thing into a big lie.

I'm interested to read this Veronika. Partly because I'm from New Zealand too. I appreciate that it was about 8 months ago that you heard him, but do you happen to remember the man's name?

Ian McCormack


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