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Ark of the Covenant Discovery, 10 Commandments to be Shown Near End of Time

Here is Ron Wyatt's testimony about discovering the Ark of the Covenant.  He seems to share a beautiful testimony with desire that souls will be saved - very sincere, humble and not sensationalist, sharing with calm reason.  He relates that angels directed him that the 10 commandments should be shown to the world in the time of the Mark of the Beast, and that it is currently still under Calvary.

It makes sense to me that this would be true, and seems to match Ellen White's description of the matter.  Of course those who hid the Ark wouldn't have had any way of knowing that they were hiding it under the hill that would become Calvary later, but God could direct them (;

"Before the temple was destroyed, God made known to a few of His faithful servants the fate of the temple, which was the pride of Israel, and which they regarded with idolatry, while they were sinning against God. He also revealed to them the captivity of Israel. These righteous men, just before the destruction of the temple, removed the sacred ark containing the tables of stone, and with mourning and sadness, secreted it in a cave where it was to be hid from the people of Israel, because of their sins, and was to be no more restored to them. That sacred ark is yet hid. It has never been disturbed since it was secreted."--4SG 114, 115 (1864);1SP 414 (1870); SR 195.

"With His own finger God wrote His commandments on two tables of stone. These tables were not left in the keeping of men, but were placed in the ark; and in the great day when every case is decided, these tables, inscribed with the commandments, will be placed so that all the world will see and understand. The witness against them will be unanswerable."--Letter 30, 1900 (19MR 265).

"The precious record of the law was placed in the ark of the testament and is still there, safely hidden from the human family. But in God's appointed time He will bring forth these tables of stone to be a testimony to all the world against the disregard of His commandments and against the idolatrous worship of a counterfeit Sabbath."--Ms 122, 1901 (1BC 1109).

"When God's temple in heaven is opened, what a triumphant time that will be for all who have been faithful and true! In the temple will be seen the ark of the testament in which were placed the two tables of stone, on which are written God's law. These tables of stone will be brought forth from their hiding place, and on them will be seen the ten commandments engraved by the finger of God. These tables of stone now lying in the ark of the testament will be a convincing testimony to the truth and binding claims of God's law."--Letter 47, 1902 (7BC 972).

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In studying more about the works of Ron Wyatt, I have come to understand that what he has to say is likely NOT credible.  His efforts with the "discovery" of "Noah's Ark" seem bogus - it's a dirt pile with one tiny piece of wood that he "found" with sonar and brought up - and his "findings" of metal pieces in the form of a grid have never been able to be verified by anyone else.

This is sad - but we have to watch out because there are so many scammers and those teachings falsehoods.  Many who seem to be the most sincere I am discovering have hidden agendas and are not always trustworthy.  Nevertheless, we must trust in God not man - keep our focus on Jesus instead of people.

thanks Vicki

blessed week for everyone.

First we most know who is Ron Wyatt. All wise we have to look to people background.

His nickname is the "Indiana Jones" of the SDA church.

Ron Wyatt religious affiliation was with the SDA  church.  

thanks Dr. but this just say much about the man 

                                              The Ark of the Covenant

                                              Will It Be Found?

In examining the teaching of the SOP to answer queries concerning the hidden ark of covenant and the tables of the law of God, it is essential that we keep in mind the fact that there have existed two arks of covenant, one in the earthly sanctuary, and one in the heavenly sanctuary--and that in each of them there has been kept a set of tables of stone on which the Decalogue has been inscribed. Both of these arks and both of these sets of the divine law have been hidden from the gaze of men. Therefore, it is necessary to find out which of the two sets of the tables of the Ten Commandments will be brought forth to view of the inhabitant of the earth in the future.



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