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As Christians should we be engaged in hypnosis as a part of Cognitive Therapy?

As Adventist Christians I would like to hear the views of others, particularly those of you who may be professionals in the area of Counselling,  or comments from Pastorswith your standpoint on this matter.

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Warning to a Physician Who Favored Hypnosis.-- I am so weighed down in your case that I must continue to write to you, lest in your blindness you will not see where you need to reform. I am instructed that you are entertaining ideas with which God has forbidden you to deal. I will name these as a species of mind cure. You suppose that you can use this mind cure in your professional work as a physician. In tones of earnest warning the words were spoken: Beware, beware where your feet are placed and your mind is carried. God has not appointed you this work. The theory of mind controlling mind is originated by Satan to introduce himself as the chief worker, to put human philosophy where divine philosophy should be.  {2MCP 713.3} 
     No man or woman should exercise his or her will to control the senses or reason of another so that the mind of the person is rendered passively subject to the will of


the one who is exercising the control. This science may appear to be something beautiful, but it is a science which you are in no case to handle.... There is something better for you to engage in than the control of human nature over human nature.  {2MCP 713.4} 
     I lift the danger signal. The only safe and true mind cure covers much. The physician must educate the people to look from the human to the divine. He who has made man's mind knows precisely what the mind needs. --Lt 121, 1901. (MM 111, 112.)  {2MCP 714.1}


See also Chap. 78 - Mind Controlling Mind

Hello all, grace and peace.


Since sept 2001, all seventh Day Adventists, learning in our institutions to become Pastors, MUST undertake a course in Hypnotism (Spiritual Formation), the very study of hypnosis practiced by Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order).


APOSTASY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


In the work of God no kingly authority is to be exercised by any human being, or by two or three. The representatives of the Conference, as it has been carried with authority for the last 20 years, shall be no longer justified in saying, "The temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord are we." The men in positions of trust have not been carrying the work wisely.  {14MR 280.3}       The Lord calls for wise men to preside over His work, and to be faithful shepherds of His flock. He has a work to be done in every city. The General Conference has fallen into strange ways, and we have reason to marvel that judgment has not fallen, showing "by terrible things in righteousness" that God is not a man that He should lie.--Manuscript 26, 1903.


Church, WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Sister Shaz,

You may want to read information from an earlier thread here--->CLICK<----

Many thanks

Shaz, grace and peace.


I know that it is happening in the USA, whether it is worldwide, I do not know.



That is really freaky.. Sadly I can't say I am surprised though.. As often as the conference rejects strait testimony, and the deity of Christ.. Much less the fact that we have full on rock concerts and stages for them on a lot of our SDA schools... On may levels they had abandoned the founding beliefs of this church long before this.. It was only the next step..


Addressing the other issue with this. I know one good SDA school that would never do that and also has not been willing to compromise on things like school sports.. If I remember correctly one if the heads of the school said "the day this school gets a racket ball court is the day you should stop sending us money." I think it was elder Standish..

It is not an accredited school, but the pastors are usually placed before they even graduate.. It is Heartland Institute in VA.


Hello all, grace and peace.


Since sept 2001, all seventh Day Adventists, learning in our institutions to become Pastors, MUST undertake a course in Hypnotism (Spiritual Formation), the very study of hypnosis practiced by Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order)."


Personally I don't believe a word of  the above... Show me "Chapter and Verse" where it is spelled out that this is a requirement for Pastors.      I do not have the EGW quote handy but somewhere she says that we must NEVER allow our minds to be controlled by another person nor entity.  Nuff sed....

Nuff said,

I was not saying this to support Hypnotism, but to make aware as to how far we are in apostasy.

Whether you believe it or not since 2001 our "Powers that be" have introduced  "Spiritual Formation" into the program of learning pastors. How can I show you "chapter and verse"?


YOUR JOB is to test this and see if it is true, not to doubt and scoff. If you had read my post you would see that I am not in agreement with this at all. It is still, however a fact. A very scary fact, but nonetheless true.


Brother Scott,

you make a valid observation. I have posted an excerpt from a facebook page entitled "Spiritual formation bogus". It is an intersting read with a link to the 2010 Andrews University syllabus.


Apparently Brother Dybdhal is a Seventh day Adventist.

Many Thanks



Juan Dr. Denis Fortin can say anything. But is not true what he said that spiritual formation on Andrews University is not the New Age or Jesuit kind of spiritual formation.
For example, Dr. Jon L. Dybdahl is a professor on Andrews University. He teaches "Theological and Historical Perspectives on Spiritual Growth". Let's check that:

Jon L. Dybdahl wrote this book: "Hunger: Satisfying the Longing of Your Soul (Hagerstown, Md.: Review and Herald, 2008) 144 pages.

You can read the critique to that book in "Reflections, The BRI Newsletter, Number 35, July 2011", on page 16.
Let's check this link:

When we consider that, it's very truly that Andrews University is teaching a New Age spiritual formation.

Let's check the Denis Fortin Letter from John Witcomb. Dr. Fortin tried to justify the program claiming the program is not anti-biblical. Witcomb wrote him about Jon L. Dybdahl teachings and that he (Witcomb) wrote a critique to his teachings. Denis Fortin Never comeback to write something to Witcomb.

On the above link you can check too:

"Letters to Jon Dybdahl"

There is no doubt when you check all the material that is in the above webpage, that Andrews University is teaching New Age and Jesuit spiritual formation.


about a month ago
The link that Brother Juan was referring to was not posted but I have seen and read the letters back and forth to Dr Dybdhal it is in the public domain on Pastor John Whitcombe's wordpress website. ---CLICK--- When you click on the link please scroll down to letters to Jon Dybdhal.

I also listened to his presentation on the California Prayer Line back in March, you can listen to the presentation here--->CLICK<---Pastor Howard has also been a speaker on this prayer line and you can find his name on the left hand side of the page.

In closing, if we believe Revelation 12:17

"And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."

to be true, is it possible that this could be one of his weapons of assault?

Many Thanks

Hi Sister Shaz,

Thank you for the link. The only thing that has changed to my understaning is the name of the course. Now, no mention of Spiritual Formation.

2. Spiritual and Theological Formation: to enable participants to reflect on their personal spiritual and theological perspectives and to integrate them into their practice of ministry.


2. Spiritual and Theological Discipline: to enable participants to reflect on their personal spiritual and theological perspectives and to integrate them into their practice of ministry.

If you read the book review on p16 by Elder Mueller from the SDA Bibilical Research Institute on Brother Dybdhal's book "Hunger-Satisfying the Longing of your Soul" you may have a better understanding of why there are huge concerns about the course material based upon the theological views epoused by the author and professor.

----><---this was a review written in July of this year.

"There are a number of statements in Dybdhal's book that could be misunderstood: the author recommends lectio divina (62) the use of spiritual leaders ("spiritual guides", 136) the "Jesus prayer" according to Russian Orthodox tradition that can be used as a mantra (52) the breathed prayer (52) prayer and meditation over art objects or visual media (53) visualizating etc" Comments from Brother Mueller's review.

Does any of the above sound Biblical?

All I can say is please read the links -with much prayerful consideration. The correspondence between Pastor Whitcombe and Brother Dybdhal is very informative. I appreciate that they have tried to communicate in a Christ like fashion even where there are disagreements.

One has to test a person's beliefs/teachings by the Word of God,if anything, the book review alone raises plenty of red flags.

What is Lectio Divina?

Who is to be our "spiritual guide" is that not the role of the Holy Spirit see John 16:13


Many Thanks

Meta, grace and peace.


Thank you for all the info and links, I pray every reader will read and study and recognize our dire need to wake up.




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