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As Christians should we be engaged in hypnosis as a part of Cognitive Therapy?

As Adventist Christians I would like to hear the views of others, particularly those of you who may be professionals in the area of Counselling,  or comments from Pastorswith your standpoint on this matter.

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Yes you can be hypnotized without even knowing it happened.. I found a few hypnotists that teach you how to do it to people walking by on the street.. For that matter Benny Hinn uses a popular technique as well..
I am not cognizant of anything cognitive about being under hypnosis. Nor do I know of any credible source that promotes this under a proven technique such as Cognitive Therapy. I've studied and used Cognitive Therapy as a modality and I find nothing wrong with it. But no hypnosis is not a part of this method.
is it possible that tv and music and other stuff that is not the wil of God can put you to hipnosis?

Depends on the kind of stuff you are exposing your self to with those mediums..

I enjoy watching Dwight Nelson on the TV and it has not put me in hypnosis yet.

I'm more in to stuff like Walter Vieth, elder Collin Standish, veggie tales with my kids and I will watch a regular movie once in a while but I am picky about what I will let in to my home...


Some things are designed to have that effect though.. Like commercials, many Play Station and X Box games, and music videos...

I don't know if you have ever watched anything put out by The Forerunner, but he gives a lot of inside evidence in that fact.. I guess before he was a Christian he and his friend worked in that business... (helping to make the videos) he points out the intentionally placed symbolism, and the hypnotic trance like music that is used, lighting.. everything...


He also got some testimony, by an anonymous X general (I think he was a general, cant remember for sure. It's been a while since I watched it.) on the original intent in designing not only the X Box, but the cable boxes that our government decided to pay for with tax dollars here a few years ago to make sure we all had them.. It's pretty sick what these people will try and do to our subconscious if we let them...

I LOVE my lips! (Did I ever tell you how I feel about my nose?) LOL


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