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Today is the observance of Ash Wednesday throughout most of Christiandom.   It is the act of mourning, fasting and repenting of ones sin against God.  This observance is supported by scripture (Job 42:3-6, Numbers 19:9 & 17 , Matthew 11:21 and Luke 10:13)   

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Gee, maybe that's why I wanted to stay at home and have a quiet time to think about what Jesus has done for us and what God wants us to remember as we are all of His children that He loves endlessly.


Yes, there is support in the Bible for the act of fasting, but there is no support for it being on Wednesday.



Yet it doesn't state it can't be on Wednesday either :-)


Your response is a very dangerous one.  When they place a "STOP" sign at an intersection, they do not have any tag lines under it.  It does not read: "Stop, do not go."  Or "Cars and Trucks Stop." This is an argument that Satan is using quite effectivly in these end time days.  With this argument, many are being led astray.

Oh, I do not believe that it is wrong to fast on Wednesday.  In fact, fasting migh tbe a good idea for me on any day.  The only thing I am addressing here is the kind of argument, not the isse of fasting on Wednesday.


Maranatha :)

Ray is it?  If this saying there is no scripture preventing fasting on Wednesday is considered a "very" dangerous response; its a great wonder responses on other topics are not as dangerous.  Guess it all depends what side  you find yourself. Some are very keen on finding the "wink" of God on specific subjects dear to them..ey.

Ray you can show it to me in the Bible?



Is Ash Wednesday supposed to be only on a certain Wednesday?  I've never heard of any adventists keeping it.  I thought it was a catholic belief.  What is the history behind it?  While fasting can be a part of a christian's experience and repentance definately is, I think we have to be careful with what beliefs we incorporate into the church to keep ourselves pure.

Hi Dorothy No most Protestants do not keep Ash Wednesday only a select few and of course the Catholic church.

I heard something about it last night on TV.  Supposed to be the beginning of Lent and that Catholics were supposed to "give up" something they enjoy for God for the next 30 days.  That to me sounded more like a tradtional belief than biblical.


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