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Tommy Robinson, English journalist and activist revealing child pedophile Muslim rings and merely reported the fact that there was a trial of 29 accused Muslims including 2 women for allegedly raping, grooming etc. children.

Robinson was arrested on public property and sent to prison after a kangaroo court without his own attorney present and the proceedings were minutes, not hours. 

Just on June 12, Robinson was transferred from a relatively safe prison to the notorious Leeds Prison where there is 72% Muslim inmates. That first-night Muslim inmates pounded all night saying he will be killed because there is a fatwah death decree on him from a Mullah. 

Guards allegedly told Robinson he is hated and will be killed. Elite globalists/Luciferians from the upper crust including the Royal family have been associated with Pedophilia rings including Jimmy Savile now deceased thank God. The Muslims supply children for both sex and child sacrifices. Luciferianism is rampant in Hollywood, the Music industry and among world leaders including the Clintons associated with the Podesta Brothers and Haiti child trafficking and Clinton Foundation abuses and corruption, as well as the infamous Epstein Lolita Express wherein Bill Clinton flew to the private Island 26 times where sex slaves were kept in cages. Release of Wikileaks Podesta and Clinton emails opened up a whole can or worms on this including PizzaGate.

The rape of justice and freedom of press and speech is rampant in England, the home of Common Law to a great extent. Censorship of the press including Robinson's arrest and Kangaroo court appearance was censored, now lifted. Censorship and press blackout is occurring in US also. Youtube, Google, Facebook and Twitter routinely censor or close accounts of non-violent Christian, Conservative, Activist postings.

My Father fought in World War II who was born and lived in London. He served in the dangerous submarine service against Nazis and Japanese. He would turn over in his grave to see that his country and Europe is being turned into Muslim countries as they breed like rats and spread their wicked demonic way of life everywhere they go. They practice Jihad by immigration and they form "no-go" areas all over Europe and attack non-muslims who come into those areas.

Countless woman from Sweeden to Britain are being raped and the statistics have skyrocketed!

The Luciferian Satanists rape and kill children routinely to obtain Satanic power and longevity by blood drinking and eating human flesh. Horrible to even write about. Children are being taken for sex and human sacrifice. Politicians are videotaped and blackmailed to follow the agenda of the New Word Order/One World Government leaders.

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So what do you want to achieve with this thread? I am sure everyone here knows how bad things are in this world. And how depraved humanity has become. Civilisation is only veneer deep below that is bestiality, look at the death camps in Hitlers time during WW II 

I lived in Europe for a few years and it was apparent to the untrained and uneducated like myself that people of the Muslim faith that were living in Europe at that time were having more children than the average native European.  You will see large families of Muslims with multiple wives and a brood of children to the lone ex party girl European who waits until around thirty to have one child. Also there has been a large influx of people from the Middle East.  It is what it is, Islam believes in having children secular Europe does not, and I am not saying it for any political reason.  

James you will not get any SDA to speculate on this or Tommy Robinson or the fact that the Saudi's own London. The only Adventist that I have heard talk about it is Steve Wohlberg of White Horse Media.  I have met him and he is an incredible person with Bible knowledge about current events,

If any SDA spoke about the rise of Islam in Europe I would be extremely surprised.  Personally I think it is a judgement against the former Protestant nations for becoming so Secular, but that is just a guess on my part and I have no idea if there is any Biblical proof for that notion. 

James said, "Tommy Robinson, English journalist and activist revealing child pedophile Muslim rings and merely reported the fact that..."

Seriously? Journalist? Just because someone live streams on Facebook does not mean that they are a journalist. 

Otherwise, this post goes rapidly downhill from this point onward. 

He did not "merely" report that fact that the trial was underway, he tried to film the defendants and identify them. Robinson (not his real name but a pseudonym taken from a notorious firm of football hooligans and betraying his past) did not face a kangaroo court. He did have an "attorney" present who presented mitigation on his behalf as he admitted the offence and entered a guilty plea. Robinson stated that he deeply regretted his actions as he realised that they could have had serious repercussions. He was in breach of a suspended sentence and pleaded guilty to the offence. The judge noted that there was a real danger of him derailing the ongoing paedophile ring trial which would have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and potentially made any verdict unsafe and open for appeal.

It has not been reported whether he is in HMP Leeds or not, but to claim that 72% of that prison's population is Muslim is, frankly, stupid. HMP Leeds has 15% Muslim prisoners and that is not far from the prison average of 12%. He was previously in HMP Hull which has 7.4% Muslim prisoners.

Most of the rest of this post is... well, trash. Describing Jimmy Saville as an elite globalist/Luciferian is rather absurd and as for "no-go areas" formed by "immigration-jihad" practising Muslims... er, no.

There is a story about freedom of speech here but it is just as much about the responsibilities that come with such freedoms. Just because you can say something does not necessarily mean that you should. There should be no need for reporting restrictions but the media proved a long time ago that they cannot be trusted to self-censor and so restrictions on reporting serious cases is quite common in the British legal system - as it should be. The UK does not believe in trial by the press, the legal system is taken seriously as is contempt of court. If Robinson was a real journalist he would know about the code of ethics and would not have been trying to film defendants in an on-going trial of serious criminal activity

Robinson was the leader of an extreme right-wing group in the UK, which he has now stepped away from, but still maintains links with extremists across Europe and founded the UK branch of Pegida. He went to prison because he repeated an offence for which he was already under a suspended sentence and additional time was added for the most recent offence.

Despite all the above I do have some sympathy for Robinson but I'm afraid that most of this post is right-wing extremist propaganda rather than factual and the way it is presented I question what value it has on an SDA site.

Apparently you don't know what is a journalist is. 

Apparently I do.


The truth is the term extreme right wing is over used. Any one who cares to ask a question about Muslims grooming teen girls for sex is labeled right wing and the point  that is missed is the sexual violence that happens because non-muslim girls have  less than human value for sex by certain members of a religion. Is it propaganda or is it true that women have less value and even more so non-Muslim women.

In the early 90's I was a target for violence from Muslims, unfortunately a friend of mine was stabbed and not me. Up until that point I had very limited knowledge about Islam. The reason for me being a target was simply being kafir and American. I don't hate Muslims many are wonderful neighbors but there are problems that people like to ignore because they want to virtue signal tolerance and moral superiority rather than realizing they are just a stupid kafir in the eyes of some who are intolerant on the other side. 

Is the rise of Islam in Europe something SDA should consider in context of Bible Prophecy? Why not? It seems elites and the Vatican are pushing immigration. Why? Does religious violence help an agenda? 

I never fully followed the story beyond the news articles about Tommy getting arrested.  But, I believe the truth is more cultural semantics than pure political fiction. 

Had these suspects been normal citizens fully integrated in western society/culture; I think think the facts surrounding the case would be more forthcoming and front page news.   However most (if not all) of these suspects are Muslim immigrants who just as likely still hold firm beliefs in their  "traditions".   And it is a fact that in some majority Muslim countries they marry off girls as young as 5.

Given what normally happens between married couple; this would be clear cut pedophilia by western standards.  However, it's likely the courts are caving to identity politics instead of holding them to the same standards and scrutiny normal citizens in the UK would get.

From what I know; I would classify Tommy as being an extremist on the level I don't fully agree with.  However, I also don't agree with the reasoning behind his arrest.

Rabbittroup said, "Had these suspects been normal citizens fully integrated in western society/culture; I think think the facts surrounding the case would be more forthcoming and front page news."

No, it would have made no difference. Reporting restrictions would remain in place until all trials have concluded. This is standard practice in the UK and Robinson knew it. It is the second time that he has done this kind of thing and his actions could potentially have given the defendants the opportunity to escape justice. The case(s) will be front page news once they have all concluded. The courts cannot "cave in to identity politics" and you have no way of knowing if this case is "clear cut" paedophilia or not as you have not heard the details of the case. You are travelling down the same road as Robinson and declaring the outcome of the case before the jury has come to a decision. This is why there are reporting restrictions, to stop people declaring guilt before the defendants have been tried according to the law.

The accused are, afaik, "normal" citizens and the law is applied equally to all.

JohnB said "The courts cannot "cave in to identity politics" and you have no way of knowing if this case is "clear cut" paedophilia or not as you have not heard the details of the case"

If you're tried for raping someone underage you are a pedophile if guilty, that's clear and standard in western society.   We know the they are being accused of rape because that's one of the few "standards" for media blackouts in the UK.   

Here are a few examples from the first page of a simple google search I just did "man accused of raping underage UK".   All have names of the accused before the trial had ended.  I don't recall any big avalanche of justice about their information being released.  Someone, like Tommy R (who I am not a fan of) hardly has the clout to be considered a news source like the links below.  Hard to find any reason other than identity politics for them coming down on him so hard, but you're free to believe as you wish.

In cases where there are a large number of defendants they can be divided into more than one trial that can be consecutive. It may also be because someone underage is a defendant. Reporting restrictions, if imposed, are lifted once a verdict has come in. Attempting to breach reporting restrictions is contempt of court which is considered a serious matter and is dealt with appropriately.

Robinson was jailed for two offences, both times attempting to film defendants and declare them guilty before the trial was over. The first time he was warned that if he tried to do it again he would be jailed. He did it again and was jailed.

I agree that he could hardly be considered a credible news source but that is not the point. Journalist or not, filming and identifying defendants whilst declaring them guilty breaks the law. Robinson knew that but still proceeded to do what he did.

Robinson is a credible news source. He has lived it and seen with his own eyes. He exposed Muslim pedophiles who the police let rape, kidnap  and groom. The British and American press establishment under Project Mockingbird conceal, censor, news black out stories and facts, as they are the "Fake News."


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