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We didn't know the wildfires were so huge and devastating, they are being called 'apocalyptic' by the news. The signs of the times are being recognized it seems, even by them.

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Richard, I had a look at the CHIP program, how is this any different to the SDA whole plant based diet EGW told us to eat all along? Are SDA people no longer vegetarian's?

Some even vegans? And some of us follow even Dr Sebi diet of plant foods?

I am a gardener, and I realized you can't put chemical fertilizer onto plants and expect them to grow well. They grow, but plants are not designed to grow fast on fast foods. Plants grow best on community based foods slowly given to them, ie manures.

Why? It's regulated more, diluted down more, with other 3D chemicals.

So all you have to do is not eat manufactured food. You can't eat 1 apple or 1 mango because of its bulk, the 3D shape fills the stomach, and regulates the food inside.

But people think a concentrated juice of 10 apples and 5 mangoes in a blender is better from them. It's worse. It's a sugar diabetes cocktail.

You shouldn't eat manufactured flour for the same reason. Making your own stone ground flour may be OK, but I find modern wheat bad for you anyway.

The Dr Sebi diet is more advanced , he goes into genetics, GMO and selection problems of foods. He also got results in the USA. And his diet is radical.

Being SDA people, I assume we are already eating whole plant foods?

Manufactured sugar is another example of concentrated chemical. People in PNG chew sugar cane whole. Make your sugar from blended dates, or pears. That way you get the fibres and others 3D chemicals with it. Avoid anything that gives you chemical food. Eat natural 3D food, plant based with its 3D shape, not overly cooked either, as cooking destroys the 3D shape of the enzyme in the food.

And try the Pat Scragg advice on not eating mineral chemicals such as salt. Eat complex minerals instead, such as organic minerals.


NO. The idea that God controls everything is first Turtullian doctrine which became Calvinism.

There is a spiritual war going on.

And here is another quote:

God is a vigilant observer of the actions of the children of men. Nothing occurs in earth or heaven without the knowledge of the Creator. Nothing can happen without His permission. He on whom the fate of an empire may depend is watched over with a vigilance which knows no relaxation by Him who “giveth salvation unto kings,” to whom belong “the shields of the earth.” And the poor man is as tenderly watched over as the monarch upon his throne. – {ML 291.2}

DEW creates the 4th state of matter; plasma. This creates fires and its own winds of heated air. All of which can be pinpointed by computerized weapons system in a pin point area or create an areaburned precisely. Trees standing next and above to melted cars, people and houses are green and unaffected, with no discernible path of the fire because it came from above by manned or unmanned aircraft or chopper or drone.

Yes, Rob, deliberately set. Just like in California using laser/microwave technology. House and forest fires don’t burn at 3000 degrees F., but at 1100 degrees F. Paradise, California had no path of the fire but from above, just like the devastating Santa Rosa, CA. Fire. In Santa Rosa brick walls burned and disintegrated by microwave combusting the iron in the clay bricks. A baseball field on google maps satellite shows straight line burn on field, normally impossible. At the moment U can’tlocate the photo in my library? 

In 2015 I stayed and prayed and saw 7 miracles that God energized. Twice 600 foot flames retreated, I wanted them to dissolve, they retreated within 1 second after prayer because Satan could not get through the hedge of protection. But I did see 3 times immediately after praying smaller flames dissolved also.

There is an oassis around my house, not one burned leaf in view when I look out my windows. But a large part of Cobb, Lake County (where I live) was burned completely. I stayed and did not evacuate because I thought my prayers would be more effective putting myself in harm’s way. God energized it, despite what Elijah says that I am Satanic and that “Satan started the fires and stopped the fires. Woe to him that calls evil good and good evil. But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal. I have warned Elijah on multiple times not to blaspheme God in that way. I have told the local firemen and they believe me. I heard of two other people who saw miracles here of flames dissolving.

In fact a retired fire inspector friend of mine stayed also in Cobb up the hill from me and he fought the fire with a garden hose and saved his house and two neighbor’s homes. He agrees as well as a local fire inspector says online the 2015 fires were Directed Energy Weapons. 

Unfortunately 4 people where killed, homes, businesses and forests destroyed in Cobb, Alexander Springs, Middletown and Hodden Valley Lake. But, it could have been way worse? 

There were other fires here and elsewhere in California as the New World Agenda is proceeding. Documentation of Government corruption, go to Tons of government documents there about this and many other topics.

Just last year there was another devastating fire very nest me just on the other side of Cobb Mountain. Fortunately our prayers were answered and no one was killed. But huge areas were burned including homes etc.



The photo above is of the area my house I rented from 2013 to 2014 used to be when I purchased a home and moved. Thank God the timing worked out for me. God has saved me multiple times from attacks by demonized people and many brushes with death. If more Christians understood and believed God as far as the nine manifestations of holy spirit is concerned, more things like the above could counter the ministry of steal, kill and destroy of the Devil. But instead I mostly get flak from certain people who will not and want not to help and can only accuse. Those should get out of the way, or believe God?

Yes Rob. On my mantle piece I have a melted piece of a car. I have researched as apparently you have also DEW weapons and the fire down from heaven I made the connection also. The technology is a reality. Lasers are being installed on air craft, ships and ground vehicles in U.S. military. Nano aluminum is being sprayed all over the world which cuts out 30% of the sunlight as the globalists are reducing production of food for creation of famine.

The nano aluminum is already in our systems and it breaks the blood brain barrier and conducts electricity and can cause dementia. The globalist plan on the hive brain wherein those that take the chip in hand or forehead will worship Lucifer as one brain connection as the chip will communicate with the internet as a node to the New World Order. There is already tattoo like circuitry on human skin experiments. Thinking that the mark will be Sunday laws only is a limitation of how sinister Satan and his gangs are. The hate of the Devil is extreme of the extreme.As loving as God is, the other side is the opposite in evil as far as level or degree is concerned. Some of you need to wake up and smell the burned flesh instead of coffee if you drink it, as countless people have been burned from above by DEW.

I wonder if the documented spontaneous combustion of humans sitting in their rocking chairs at home were early tests of DEWs? Most likely. The party line was they were alcoholics whose body chemistry was ripe for this. When was the last time you saw a drunk spontaneously combust?

Maybe I am wasting my time here as this is not the first time you talk about the chip implanted on the forehead or the hand. You claim to be a super bible student and you still come up with such unbiblical interpretation. 

To me, the mark of the beast must be a counterfeit of the Mark of God. Do you believe God will mark us with a Chip?  

How will all buying and selling going to be controlled? In no time in history was it possible until now due to computer technology. 

You obviously do not understand the New World Order and their plans for the Hive brain, the computer digital technology and what the trends and plans are, as well as what has already transpired. The NSA tracks everything you do on the internet, as well as there is capability for retrieving audio/video depending on the device. You obviously don't understand the geoengineering in deploying nano aluminum and other dangerous chemicals world-wide.

All computer industry standards have been compromised and planned for the New World Order to track us and spy on us. As early as 1995 TV cable boxes had microphones built in which were shown on the Alex Jones Show by actually looking at the schematics and actually opening up the box and finding the microphone. 

You are biased about Sunday laws. Well, the New World Order will go well beyond that, as every person will be required to take the chip which connects by nano aluminum already in your system which conducts electricity (thus bi-directional simultaneous communication at very fast speeds due to chip advances) that connects the brain and the internet thus making humans connected directly as a node on the world wide web. You also obviously have not learned about the HIVE BRAIN PLAN BY THE NWO. Ignorance is bliss. I have been studying the NWO since 1984.

The above website is the new stopthecrime, not all data has been moved. The original is:

James said: "How will all buying and selling going to be controlled? In no time in history was it possible until now due to computer technology." 

You are the one who knows the capacity of control there is with computers. First, you stop all that do not accept the man's command of Sunday worship to be able to get money. Easily achieved with the network of computers we have these days. Second, if some have a hidden stash of money you just change the note design. 

Nano aluminum will only poison you that is the only use for it because there will be no chip period. 

Yes, I may well be biased but if you use your super-duper brain you would see that Satan can only make a counterfeit of what God has. God has a mark did you know Superman?

Rev 7:1  And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. 2  And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, 3  Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. 

Where is God's mark on the forehead! Satans mark will be in the same place. That would not be hard to understand would it not? when Jhon wrote the revelation computers were unknown. As Pr cox says would you be held down and have a chip implanted would that change your belief, that the Sabbath is God's day and make you change to Sunday Hardy? 

Maybe you have seen that God does not give a mark in the hand? I wonder if you have ever thought about why God does not give a mark in the hand? What would be the reason for that Superman? 

James seems to me you do not have the courage of your conviction? You make a post and then remove it why? 


No matter what I do you find fault or evil. I have not lost my courage or conviction. You always make assumptions and judgments of evil against me. I made a strong and accurate posting and referred to your issues and how much you revile and hate me and others, with criticisms, facts and scriptures.

But I decided to remove it as there is no point in addressing you and I would rather not engage in bitter waters, but keep peace and leave you to your devices. There is no profit in back and forth. Better for me to pray and be at peace and enter God’s rest which is spiritual and available when one seeks to enter therein. I sincerely hope that you come to a better mind set that reflects the Messiah and is centered on love, peace and esteeming other believers better then yourself despite doctrinal differences. If I was not a believer, I would not have been following Christ and studying the Word and walking by the spirit for 45 years as best I can. There is no profit in sparring with you. You have the freedom of will to think and act as you decide what to concentrate on and to make judgments and behave as you wish. I never accused you of not being saved. That ultimately is God’s final judgment which I leave to Him.


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