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Shoulds skits or drama pieces  be used during AY sessions and if yes what limits or guidelines should be followed so as to not let become entertainmet rather than something spiritually uplifting and edifying.?

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It can't be both?

I'm a former youth director from the Philippines, now retired and residing here in Loma Linda area at present.  Why the EMPHASIS on SKITS and DRAMAS?  I remember in the 1950's when still a high school student, there were dramas which the Missionary Volunteer department (that's the name which has been transposed to ADVENTIST YOUTH today) used to regularly received program ideas from the mission MV secretary, and they have been portrayed during Sabbath afternoon programs.  And those dramas has helped me become more firmly established as a youthful Seventh-day Adventist during those years, and up to now.  My next birthday in 2014 will be my 80th, and I fondly remember those dramas I had watched as a youth among my fond memories.  

      Right now, there seems to be a dearth of A Y PROGRAM IDEAS in use by the A Y societies of our local SDA churches.  Dramas and skits, if REVIVED and REPLAYED, will certainly bear fruit in greater commitment to follow Christ as loyal Soldiers of the Cross.  MARANATHA, and God bless the A Y society programs

I hold the same sentiments with you my friend and have no disagreements to the educative power skits can have, however some times instead of glorifying God and being of some spiritual uplift they tend to be seen as entertainment and so the people start not to look forward to AY as a source of spiritual upliftment and edification but rather as entertainment and so the AY time and the society is degraded. I am familiar with the history of the AY society from its beginning as MV society and i think it's Divine plan from God to help reach our youths and and new converts as well as older members , but today it just seems to me that church memebers and leaders have pushed AY to the back burner having no respect for the time during Sabbath and the society itself all of which i think is highly due to fact that the true pupose of the AY society has been undermined. May God bless you as you continue to work in the Lord

What do you mean by there being no limit?

the limit I am talking about refers to line where the skits move from being spiritually edifying to become entertainment ON THE SABBATH. and I stress that because we have to remeber that sabbth hours are holy and we do not want to be desecrating the HOLY SABBATH time all for the sake of letting creative juices flow( no offence by that statement).

Absolutely, especially in the Glee and High School Musical era.  Skits and musicals should be encouraged.  It will keep kids involved, teach them a skill they will enjoy, and provide entertainment for the rest of us.  I know some of you think that this would catapult the church into Babylon, so you should probably not have your kids participate.


As for what content is appropriate, leave that to the local church with guidance from the Bible.  The last thing we need is another high level "blue ribbon" panel taking years to create a meaningless position paper.

True. I agree.  I am glad there is actually an AY program.  When I was a teenager, (when dinosaurs roamed the land-just kidding) our little church offered a program for us.  What it ended up being was an ambush led by more of the "historical" types in our church.  They essentially told us the Christian music we listened to was wrong, the girls needed to stop wearing any makeup, and they needed to dress more modestly.  In those days, as far as I could tell they did.

This ambush youth program did great harm.  Many of the people of my age group who attended left the church.  From what I hear, from my folks, who still attend in that area some have come back.  They have been through the wringer out there, and now some of them about 40 years old are back.  The instigators that discouraged them to the point of rebellion and leaving are thankfully either gone or dead.

I remember the incident well, most of the teens my age recoiled in horror over the ambush.  However, I told them off.  

I said, what is wrong with Christian music that praises God?

One of the smarmy ones whose idea of singing and leading out song service at church was assaulting the ears with as much volume and warbling as possible said, "By your fruits, you will know them."

I flat out told her I knew her fruits and left.

THIS is why the youth need to feel included not excluded.  They are forming their ties to the church to stay or go.  The youth are out future.

If they want to praise their Savior with skits and drama that relate to them and touch them, then I say God bless them.

Encourage them the love and kindness, not "thou shalt nots".

I am sure many adults would not like a group of sanctimonious folks from the conference descending on them to lecture them about how every aspect of themselves and their way of worship is unacceptable.  I suspect the congregation would invite them to leave.

The youth are our little brothers and sisters in Christ.  Let's threat them how we would like to be treated.

My friend I truly understand what your are saying and the point of view you are coming from but we just want to be careful not to desecrate the holy sabbatyh hours with our entertainment . I am not against skitasand drama pieces and sometimes i think yes we just need to show our creative side that the Lord bestowed upon us but let us do it according to his will and to the Glory of His name.

The same evil has existed for years as now exists in our churches. Formality, pride, and love of display have taken the place of true piety and humble godliness. We might see a different order of things should a number consecrate themselves wholly to God, and then devote their talents to the Sabbath-school work, ever advancing in knowledge, and educating themselves so that they would be able to instruct others as to the best methods to employ in the work; but it is not for the workers to seek for methods by which they can make a show, consuming time in theatrical performances and musical display, for this benefits no one. It does no good to train the children to make speeches for special occasions. They should be won to Christ, and instead of expending time, money, and effort to make a display, let the whole effort be made to gather sheaves for the harvest.  {CE 134.1}

You need to handle the youth delicately.  They are at a vulnerable time in their lives.  Being heavy handed does nothing but drive them from the faith.

Matthew 19:13-15, "

 Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them.

14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 15 When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there."

Mark 9:42, "If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea."

I see your White and raise you Yashua. 

Talk to EGW.  She's the one who said it.

Talk to Yashua, He is the one that said to include them, that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these, and anyone causing them to stumble should wished be drowned in the sea with a millstone around their neck.   I say it would be paramount to handle them with an abundance of care given their importance to our Savior, rather than searching for a method of discouraging them.  Take it up with Yashua, He said it. 


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