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We all know that science contributed a  lot of good things around us, in fact we are benefiting most of science's contribution right now as we speak. On the other-hand, can science and the Bible  harmonize together in explaining everything that exist and happens around us?

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True Akram, but I would love to see your comments on spiritual science.

Here are mine, 14 topics of them...

The most important science, is the Science of Salvation

Starting Spiritually in Jesus menu

Where in Scripture found in chronological order, are all the salvational steps to Jesus?

A famous book called "Steps to Christ" lists such steps in order as"-

  • (1) God's love for man
  • (2) The sinners need of Christ
  • (3) Repentance
  • (4) Confession
  • (5) Consecration
  • (6) Faith and Acceptance
  • (7) Test of Discipleship
  • (8) Growing up into Christ

    When I read this book at age 17 or so, I asked God to show me a single Scripture passage where these same steps are listed in the same chronological order as in the Book "Steps to Christ". Wouldn't that be a wonderful discovery, yet when I ask people or show them, they seem disinterested in this most wonderful golden gem in Scripture. Such a passage is found in the Scroll of Jesus. Most people do not know there are two books in the OT that are named Jesus or Yashua.

    Joshua is the book of Jesus showing us how a Church for God is saved.

    Hosea is the book of Jesus showing us how an Individual for God is saved.

    One the left is the Steps to Christ written by the hand of Ellen White as Jesus told her for the langauge of English. On the right is the Steps to Jesus written by Hosea as Yeshua told him to write in the language of Hebrew.

    For the stiff necks, who find it hard to find "child like faith" here is a website journey of all the things one needs to do to be saved by Jesus, following Yeshua 14:1-2.

    See Getting started in Jesus

    For those of child like faith, it is easy to experience Salvation from Jesus.

  • (1) Know you're a sinner

  • (2) You want to turn to Jesus

  • (3) Your guilt has broken relationship

  • (4) Take some Bible words

  • (5) Speak to Jesus in prayer, saying

  • (6) "Lift away my guilt

  • (7) Give me your beauty

  • (8) With your fruits on my lips."

    This website is about my personal search of finding Jesus in relationship. To do this properly one has to read the words of our Bible in Hebrew sola scriptoria.

    One has to experience Jesus with "child like faith", not with more knowledge, but keep it simple, so a child can understand.

    But the "common man" says this is too deep, too much knowledge. Sure we "stiff necks" have been going to Church for years without a deeper relationship.

    We want a deeper power flow from Jesus, not lukewarm flows. How does Scripture teach this? The former teachings and the latter teachings, like the former rain of Jesus and the latter rain of Jesus, is all about our training, for us to experience Jesus in relationship. Shalom

  • Please enjoy reading through the link...the Science of being saved.



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