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Danieri 12:4
Naye ggwe, Danyeri, bikka ku bigambo, osse akabonero ku kitabo, okutuusa ekiseera eky'enkomerero: bangi abaliddinnana embiro, n'okumanya kulyeyongera.

Kino kyakwewunyisa okusoma bayibuli mu luganda ku yintaneti!!! Mulowooza ki?

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i have been referring to this bible for a while,
it is very helpful though and i am glad that you have posted it here.
Amen to that, it's really good. scuba diving in mexico
Henry do you speak good luganda? Kale I was born in Kampala and lived there for 18years naye oluganda lwange lwa byappa, I have been trying to read bukedde to brush up my skills naye sibyangu! Otherwise ndi munyamulenge animated smileys
Its a good development since the majority dont even remember to read our bibles yet we can spend alot of valuable time on the internet that will help some to atleast read their bible on the net.
Mpozi nokuyamba abamu obutelabira lulimi lwabwe.
I carry mine in my pass just in case I need some re-fueling.
Thanks Joseph for posting it here.
That's Susan,
But I'm wondering can you preach in Luganda? You know when I was home in Oct. 2008, I had to give a message in the afternoon in Luganda but I was surprized that I could speak Luganda quite well better than before! It was God's miracle.
Mukama Yebazibwe. Can someone trace a Lunyoro or Lunyankole bible online?
Definately I can preach in Luganda I have done that a number of times and you know that Joseph. thats my native language and I feel very comfortable with it.
Now there you go again with the Lunyoro or lunyankole bible hmmm ( do you even your lunyoro/lutoro am not so sure if you do remind me of your "empawo yawe,) am not so sure about that may be you can start doing something about it. Good idea!!!!! very soon I can even start giving sermons in that language. haha (just Kidding)
Empaako, nyowe Amooti, now Amooti is for the big guys hehehehe,

Kasita I can speak some swahili towa viato, Luganda, I should hit the village such that I get to read the bible in my language. I am gonna look for a Runyakitara bible.

So send us your sermon transcripts and we will post them here. I am working on a Sabbath Commercial in Luganda and I guess you can do the audio OK? I hope to finalize tonight!
Nange eyaawe Abwooli . some one gave me that one and explained to me that its for the princess awo watya?
Where I am right now I dont preach because No one apart from Geoff understand Luganda but If I happen to find some I will be blessed to send them over to you.
Oroho ota Abwooli?

Wow that would be good, the quorum has reached, remember when 2 or 3 gather, He the great I AM is amidst. So just make those videos and encouraging messages and post them. I love this, great things are about to happen.


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