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Upon searching the net for biblical archaeology just yesterday I came across this person named Ron Wyatt. His findings include;
1. Noah's Ark, rivets and metal casings to hold the woods together, anchors, Noah and Mrs. Noah's graves, their stone house, inscriptions on a stone featuring 8 people leaving a boat with a rainbow above them, fences that prove Noah raised livestock.
2. The 'actual' Red Sea where the Israelites crossed, 8 spoked chariot wheels found underwater.
3. Sodom and Gommorah - Ron Wyatt saw near the dead sea a ruined place covered with white ashes and by taking a closer look he found the brimstones.
4. The real location of Mt. Sinai which is now called Jebel al Lawz in Saudi Arabia, the Golden Calf altar, the Rock of Horeb where the water flowed when Moses striked it with his staff, large wells etc.
5. Ark of the Covenant as described in Bible with the 2 tablets of the 10 Commendments inside adjoined by golden rings on the side, a very large sword (presumably from Goliath), 7- branched candlestick holder, ephod, miter, oil lamps, brass shekel weight etc.
6. Calvary - Ron Wyatt found the very hole that held the cross of Jesus (for it was elevated above other holes that held crosses). There's blood that ran down from the hole through a crack which goes down directly to where the Ark of the Covenant is and the blood dripped directly to the mercy seat.

These are all astounding discoveries and would convert a lot of people into Christianity. I checked the profile of Ron Wyatt and what other people say about him and they all say good things about him, he was an ardent believer of God, good church standing, and knows the Bible all too well.
Thing is, in my opinion his discoveries are somewhat questionable... all of them. But why would a man of good faith do all these things? he doesn't claim to be anything other than follower of Christ and his fieldworks are mostly self-funded.
It got me thinking,
what difference in your faith would it make if these were all true? Do we really need all these as a way to be closer to God? Would it change the course of our future? Surely we can convert a lot of people into christianity esp. us since Ron Wyatt is an adventist.

Any inputs would be welcome.

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I wish these were all true for then there will be mass conversion all over the world especially to those who doesn't even believe of His mere existence and as for me I would be more faithful to him as there were times that I don't feel Him close to me. But you are right sister Margaret our faith and conviction should come from our heart no matter what's in front of us.

Thanks for the input.

Yes, I too believe  that Ron Wyatt's findings are questionable, at best.  When the mass conversion happens, you will be amazed at the simple means that brought it about. Also, keep in mind that in times of catastrophe people turn to God, and many seek the truth. It's a shame that it's got to be that way but... 


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