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A friend of mine got a boyfriend. After a month of being together, the guy confessed that he had dated the ex boyfriend of his girl friend. He admitted also that he was attracted to men not just only women. But the girl had fallen in love already with her boyfriend. What is she going to do? Does she need to break her heart?

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it's sad but nearly 30% men in church are.bissexual nowdays! 

she must fly away from such man!

That is astonishing Christian Striver is this figure for SDA only or is it including all Christian denominations and have you the place where you are quoting from? 

It's comes from my own research and the fed back as lice coach practitioner! It's comes also from my life experience having majority my Co works as male ! It's worsen to add that over 99% all men that aren't attending any church in a regular base, are unfaithful to their partners! And profess Christians ar only 50% faithful!

Ian not here for gossip but every single Sda in Brazil known from last week events that our main speak of Voice of Profecy,  Hope channel, ( whatever name make easy to you to identify what is the extension of the damage caused to church image and to evangelical community in Brazil and to unbelievers also! ), was found in a 2 years adultery engangent to his colleague, ex Secretary and main Hope channel host ! In the last 2 years, he had preached his best sermons,  devotional recording,  etc! It's was all soul breaking ones!  Can be called direct from Holy Ghost! So,.......

30 % is a long, you must have done some serious research 

Is the boyfriend in church or out of church? This is indeed a difficult issue. Does he love his girlfriend? Was he admitting a temptation or something he wants to act on? I believe Jesus can change anyone but we have to be willing to change and turn to Jesus. If he is not willing she should leave, better heartache now than heartache for years.  But first, she should pray to God as should he for answers and help. God will reveal exactly what to do.


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