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I have just realized that black women are the only people on the planet who are not happy with their natural hair... Is that norman? We are the only people who burn their hair, so we can look like tv models. I mean.... Fake hair, fake nails, make up, etc.
What do you think? Is God happy with that?

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Just had to laugh at this one, sorry.  There is not woman on this planet that is happy with her hair.

Me too mary. Lol lol. Some colour it blue, red yellow and pink... Just like flowers.

Hello everyone. Oh my am I the only one happy with my natural black hair? I like it this way just low-maint plus my husband likes it black. hehe But I agree with Gracelyn and Simon that changing hair colour, style or texture is dictated by men and the media. Women want to look good. Here in my country, tv ads say that if you have light skin and hair then you are beautiful so I see lots of women change their hair colour to blonde but some turns out orange hehe. They also put on lots of whitening products. Most men here also think that light hair light skin mentality is beautiful thats why women do it. So I guess this also goes to women with black skin and hair. Men and media have a great influence on this.

Lol. Teresa... You could have just skipped. No one would have worried you. Not me..:)
Lol, Simon, so you are saying is my fault? Lovely.

Simon I beg to disagree firstly a woman do not have to do all that; she can be simple and natural because that is the real beauty. But women are too much vain that is why they into all the hair,nails etc. And to back it up they feel that they look good but there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with her natural hair. 

Yes men might be attracted to women doing this but I bet they can be attracted to the ones natural as well. Men are indeed vain as well.


Is your hair naturally straight?

Kristina yes I am east Indian I have long straight hair and when I get grays I am not even going to dye I not going through that hassle of dying my hair every two weeks.

Nice :0)

No woman is happy with her natural hair, including us white women... That is why hair color, perm solution, hair straightener..etc.. are so popular in our culture..

The closer you get to Jesus the less these things will bother you. When you are wrapped up in God self is out of the equation and love fills your heart and you will love yourself just how God made you.

If you do not love yourself how God made you then something wrong you need to take a reality check.

When I was out in the world doing my own thing I used to do all sorts of things with my hair not for the men or because I did not like myself but because of fashion. 

But when God brought me back to him those things was no longer important in fact it is just vanity and vextation of spirit. 


Can you help me with something.. I baby sit for a few kids whose mother uses so much hair grease on them I can't hug them without staining my shirt.. Which is particularly hard with the 2 year old.. Any ideas as to how I can work around that? I don't want to offend her by asking about it...


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