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I have just realized that black women are the only people on the planet who are not happy with their natural hair... Is that norman? We are the only people who burn their hair, so we can look like tv models. I mean.... Fake hair, fake nails, make up, etc.
What do you think? Is God happy with that?

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Ty. Ty.
@Diana... If this is not important to you, you should not have waisted your time typing... You could have gone to feed the hungry. So since you typed, it means you are involved.
Amazing how you find it a waste of time, yet here you are time and again. Lol.
You ask what ministry i do? I am not in a competition... But I will answer.

We take 2 yrs in an un entered area going House to House sharing the word of God. And helping the poor and giving them clothing... We are planning to build three houses for some families.

I have held more than 6 crusades. Where more than 80 people have accepted the Lord.
We are currently planning on doing a crusade in august, where we are currently doing house to house bible study. We have just come from a baptism last week, where 18 people have accepted the Lord.
We pray for the sick and the Lord heals the people, families get reconciled. The list goes on...
I don't know why you ask me what i'm doing? How is it related to the topic.

Those who are proud of what they are doing, Christ says they have recieved their reward. So i don't like talking of what i do as if its me doing them. Not i but Christ.

Back to the topic...



That is one of the best comments I've seen. On any topic, really.


Who should set the standard?  The mature Christian will know how to dress modestly.  As we walk with Christ day by day, the Holy Spirit speaks to our heart and guides us.

Women and Men know why they do with they do and God reads the heart.  Mature Christians will accept you for the way you are. (light skinned, dark skinned, brown...all races of color)  God expects His people to "LOVE".  I don't believe finite sinners can set the standard .  There is so much hurt, pain, suffering, in this world.  People are going to their graves not knowing the love of God.  Oh, if we would just reach out to those suffering ones...we could be a blessing.

I like the points made here. Thanks for pointing out that the Holy Spirit is WORKING on these people and on US as well.. God sends us people who are seeking and they are SEEKING love.. Love takes a form of teacher quite often, though, and it can be misread so easily. Love ALONE, as in Christ living out His life in us, is all that can heal another, spiritually speaking.

@Deborah. Very well said, I agree completly. Love is a principle... Not a feeling. Were it a feeling Christ would not have died for us. He died for a principle, and that is the pattern for us to follow.

Paul, i hope you are not planning to run for any mayoral /// will not get the vote...

Notice, how early these kids get introduced to these 'decos'? Question what God has made you to be!!! ...and improve on it No good chief.

Scobs, I am not planning to... My friend Teresa won't vote for me. I might make things a bit difficult.
I'm joking Teresa, don't take it serious.
Happy Sabbath. God bless.


We all have a great deal of curiosity about our hair. What gives hair its colour? Why does hair turn grey?  Why is some hair curly? Science still doesn’t have all the answers to all the questions about our hair, but let’s discuss a few things that we do know about it.

The root of the hair there lives certain cells that contain pigment. These cells have the ability to multiply, and the young cells wander upward with the growing shafts of hair and die. The pigment granules they contain are left in the hair.  These pigment granules contain all shades of brown, from a reddish colour to a deep black-brown.

The horny substance of the hair, in which this pigment is buried, is yellow. The horny material and the pigment granules mingles takes place.

The hair of different peoples varies, too, in its structure. If we cut across a hair and study  it under a microscope, we can see that it has a definite shape: round,flat, oval, elliptical, we can see that it has a definite shape: round flat, oval, or even kidney-shaped.  This shape has a great deal to do with whether the hair, the curlier it is, and the rounder it is, the stiffer and lankier.


Elliptical or kidney-shaped hair is usually short and curly, sometimes called “woolly”, and is characteristic of the black races. Round-shaped hair, which is the opposite extreme, produces straight, lank, and coarse hair; hair that is oval in shape produces wavy and curly, or smooth and silky hair.     


Believe me, I'm not happy with my hair either and I'm white! My hair would be white too if I didn't dye it...Premature graying runs in my family. I'm in my early 50s and my hair is now totally gray (which since I forget to dye it often enough is apparent to my friends -LOL!) I have a black friend who can't wait to get grey hair yet I hate it. Mostly because of my husband who is 11 years younger but he's getting a few grey hairs too thanks to me and the kids!!!

I haven't worn makeup in years or styled my hair really but that is mostly because of lack of energy and because my husband doesn't care whether or not I do. And he would probably get used to me having grey hair. But my 12 year old and I were talking about it a couple of weeks ago. She hates change and still hates that my hair is slightly shorter than it was a few years ago. She said she couldn't handle me not dying my hair. So is that ok in God's eyes or is it just pride that makes me want to look my age!

Dorothy, I honestly do not know the answer to your question. I wish i did. But what does the bible say about gray hair?
I love your responses most of the time. You sound like a mature Christian. I am just concerned that many people live insecure lives because somebody told them that they don't look sexy unless they are skinny, tall, and the list goes on... I'm glad your husband loves you the way you are. I love my fiance too. God bless.

HI Dorothy J Harman


danny shelton of 3abn

cant decide on his colour!


i have the oldest dearest christian couple who run CHIPS PROGRAM

AND HOBNOB WITH WEIMAR  people   ... link

as i have too

both in their 70's and going strong

he hardly has any gray

her hair is full on white/gray

she goes to the beauty saloon  for constant upkeep [black babay]

she tells me if she didnt do that

they would think she was his mom lol



its ruff to walk around thinking everything we do is a sin

cause its true!

as sinners everything we do is a sin


upkeep and pride [ FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM ] in appearance

however that is manifested in each individual

is not wrong or evil

only if we get our value from it does it become a problem

or hold it above JESUS


i like this thread


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