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I visited Florida recently (April 22 - May1). On sabbath April 23 I was seated in a particular church watch a special presentation during the AY time. A young woman /sister came in sat behind me and was taking pictures. After a while she leaned forward and said, " Can you take off your hat so I can take my pictures.?" I responded, "take off my hat, you go somewhere else and take your pictures." I was frightened, shocked and disturbed. I asked myself, How would a non Christian react? What if i were a new convert still drinking milk? Supposing I were a  weak member on the brink of giving up? Other such questions crowded my mind until I lost out on what was being presented. I believe that this is a way in which members bar the church door. What do you say? Discuss.

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 Simple request that could easily have been granted.

We are not to cause another to stumble.

My brother you are so groosly misguided. The church is a place of worship and not a social club.I should take off a piece of my garment to allow for a social activity in the house and presence of the Living God? She hindered my praise and distracted my worship and caused me to stumble. Moreover don't talk to people in church during worship. Tell me what message did the angels take back?

You are talking about what kind of message the angels take back to heaven.Think in yourself how act that day ask yourself would Jesus act like that.You are saying that if you where weak what if that sister was weak you could have cause her to fall did you think about that.


I don't think HAT is really necessary we as women were born with covering already.We must be careful we are our brothers/sisters bibles

Yes Georgia, you don't think hat is necessary but I think it is so be objective in your discussion. I am not really daunted, perturbed, disappointed or chagrined at responses like these. This is Laodicea - luke warm, accept any and every old thing in Satan guise. Sis White said that toward the end the music of the church will be like that of the dance all and people's behaviour will be everything except reverent.  Let us therefore be careful and don't get spued out. Which angel you think would rejoice at such a request?
More than our own personal comfort - we should be concerned with the comfort of others.

My brother being concerned about someone's comfort in church means taking care of their physical and spiritual needs for e.g.

pulling up on the seat and allowing him/her to sit etc.

sharing hymnal or Bible with the person etc.

Not removing a piece of my dress to allow for picture taking in the house of worship during a worship service, is not a need in any category. It is a selfish desire or act. I was visiting and took a few pictures but was very discrete so as not to allow for distraction or disturbance. I tried to be as unnoticed as possible. There were a few women before me in hats and I couldn't be out of my mind to ask them to remove their hats.

If we were having a social Saturday night and my  hat was blocking her view then i would have removed it. This is a social event and picture taking is not a bother here or will not distract from.  There is a time and place for everything. Worship is worship...Amen. In a previous discussion on hat wearing I stated clearly my conviction  on this matter of hat wearing that I do not go to worship without my hat.. period.


I guess we have a question here then. Is it biblical to take a picture or video during the Worship Service.

Taking pictures during the service is very distracting and irreverent.  There needs to be minimal picture taking during the service... This was definitely rude behavior - but more than that the person was distracting someone from the service... Cell phones should also be turned off....





However, I must also comment that we must be careful that nothing takes our peace... especially during church service... it seems by your comment:  "Other such questions crowded my mind until I lost out on what was being presented." that the evil one succeeded in taking your peace in this situation.  Sadly there will always be rude and irreverent people in church- but we must not allow the devil to have his way...


There are ways of educating people concerning reverence in the house of God, which is certainly an important issue but allowing ourselves to fret will not fix anything...





Amen MsMS!  :o)
Amen MsMS
How so true these are test for us to learn from.


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