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I visited Florida recently (April 22 - May1). On sabbath April 23 I was seated in a particular church watch a special presentation during the AY time. A young woman /sister came in sat behind me and was taking pictures. After a while she leaned forward and said, " Can you take off your hat so I can take my pictures.?" I responded, "take off my hat, you go somewhere else and take your pictures." I was frightened, shocked and disturbed. I asked myself, How would a non Christian react? What if i were a new convert still drinking milk? Supposing I were a  weak member on the brink of giving up? Other such questions crowded my mind until I lost out on what was being presented. I believe that this is a way in which members bar the church door. What do you say? Discuss.

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I'm not sure I understand what is being asked.  While I do agree that some ppl go overboard with their cameras, I don't really think of recording as bad. Just as you have said that you never go to church without your hat, some don't go without some sort of recording device.  Often times to analyze and further study the message being spoken. 


That being said, your story reminded of something that happened at our church last year.  We were going to participate in the emblems when a lady stormed into the pastors office. I was deacon that day so I went to check what was wrong. The lady was upset, like REALLY upset.  Why? Because someone took her usual spot on the bench.  She considered the act disrespectful and said that she could not even concentrate on the pastor's words afterwards. 


See something we let little things get in the way of the message. I'm sure that neither the person who took her spot, nor your camera woman meant to cause anyone a distraction.

I don't carry a hat to church I wear a hat as part of my dress every time I enter the house of God for worship. This is far different from taking something to use during the service. The case you mentioned is far fetched and crazy. This is madness. No one has a seat in church. It is always my pleasure to offer the seat I sit in to someone else. In cases like these we need consider the comfort of others more than ourselves. This case cannot e compared with the one posted for discussion. I think persons have misunderstood an reading what s not there. Let me clear up this. I was at no point upset, neither did I react, I merely responded, " Sis, no, find a more convenient seat." not even the person next to me heard my response. It was a whisper, no body language or so. I did not talk about it until the following day when I shared it with my host. It was a big joke then. I just thought that posting this experience would be an interesting one for discussion and it certainly is. I notice though that some of us (not you in this case) get really personal and unkind in the statements we make and WE must try to desist from verbally abusive language.
what are we solving here. nothing but back and forth over a hat and taking pictures. you should have removed your hat and let the person take pictures and then put your hat back on. i am not being mean, just saying that that its no big deal. there are far more problems then this in the sda church. to me it would not have mattered. there are things going on in the sda church that do bother me. but what can i do, but either not go or go and just be nice

Daniel you agree with John that I was naughty not to have taken my hat off in church to allow somene to take pictures. Quite interesting indeed.

You are still on the point of compromising principle for pleasure which most of us as "christians" do today. It is not surprisng. Pride ingrined in this senearo at all. My spiritual conviction has nothing to do with pride, John. You are gone off tangent.
John it is obvious that your intention is to hurt and to be unkind. Your statement above is unchristlike, callous and insensitive. I will not repond to anymore of your replies if they are the same rude tone. It is becoming a verbal battle on this site and I do not want to be in this. I have better things to do with my time.
John I don't mind opposition- it is a discussion, but we must mince our word taste them before we dish them. Them them be with grace seasoned. I will post a poen on 'Words' before the end of the week.
John is correct....why would you want to bring such a thread into discussion!?
As easy as that - to you but not to me , sorry.

True true Daniel!!!


the easiest solution would be also to move to the side for a few seconds for the picture to be taken!

If only we could all be considerate of one another.

Blocking peoples view of the pastor and the proceedings of church to me seem or appear to be inconsiderate.

Wearing a hat is not required. But it is required to allow people to see in church.

This is the heart of the matter. Yes, photos may be considered optional. But if one can't take a photo ... then most likely one can't see the proceedings.

Thanks you.


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