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***  Note from Adventist Online:  Please report any scammers or spam you see using the "Report An Issue" link that is at the bottom of every page.  Go to the profile you wish to report and click the "Report An Issue" from that page.  That will let us know with certainty who you are reporting.  Thank you so much for keeping Adventist Online scam free!  God bless.  ***

We seem to be getting hit with comment spam again.............. 

Each time it seems to be the same person.... posting to different profiles showing interest and some the the people "they" have posted too are MARRIED OR ENGAGED PEOPLE!!!!!
My name is Monica I was impress when i saw your profile and i will
like you to email me back to my inbox so that i can send you my picture for you to know who i am.I believe we can establish a long lasting relationship with you.
In addition,i will like you to reply me through my
private e mail box (
This is because i dont know the possibilities of
remaining in forum for a long time.
Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest.

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Cherry, I have received many similar messages knowing that they were

fake immediately just the way the message is written.


Thanks for sharing.



Your welcome Sky!
It's a real shame that people come on here and do this, but I find Many Members are not aware and will answer back!!! Which result in their computer getting a Virus!!!!
But what I find Sky is that these people post the same thing every few weeks With the same information!

I didn't know you could get a virus from these!

I thought they were only trying to get personal info.

I guess they lack a bit of imagination.  :)

God bless!

Yes Sky 


because once members emailed them and they emailed back that's when they would send the virus through! 

a few months ago a member was in the main chat room telling what had happened to them and they had been offline for a few weeks trying to get there computer fixed!!!!!!

*** Note from Adventist Online:  You cannot get a virus from them unless you send them a direct email to the address they posted and then you open an email that they send back to you directly.  You can communicate with anyone using the Adventist Online messaging system without fear of a virus.  If the person's profile is no longer available, it is probably because they were a scammer.  DO NOT COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY BY EMAIL WITH ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW OR TRUST.  Use the Adventist Online messaging system for all people you don't know.  You will be safe from viruses that way.  God bless!  ***

ha okay,,, am I ever glad I didn't reply!  :)

These people are Romance scammers, they will entice and atempt to get the victim to send money, most likely they originate and Nigeria or Ghana, they will steal pictures of attractive people and pose as them. Do not respond to any such email.



Correct Fred!!!!!!!
Hi Fred,Am nt trying 2 defend Nigeria or Africa..I think it happen in all part of our world.In waplog,Some1 commandment me to send all my cash.others,i need school fees nd etc.Few of then ar Nigerians..The point is that,should we leave this people?.I think NO.If u can help,then fine.if nt,let it be.After all the money we have is nt ours.God gave us to reach others.And i think,through that way we can preach the gospel to then....

The issue Ogbemure  is not to do with MONEY!

As I know that is one of the things Fred has mentioned!

I was referring to the fact that people keep joining this site and then posting on members page with regards to them email back with an interest in them...........


why I question is why they can't post their pictures on here!? and from information from members on here they have then followed through and picked up viruses that have really messed up their computers!

so please do not get on the defensive band wagon as I have reported this issue continuously to Clarkp so please chill..........


take care GBU

If we want to help people with funds it would be much better to send to Adra or some other recognized church or relief agency.

Jesus told us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. This includes who we send funds to.

Anyway it appears that these msgs are spreading some malicious virus. So it would be the better part of wisdom to ignorer their  msgs. as Cherry stated in her original post.

Take care,



Thanks Fred


Very Wise COUNSEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

And each time I noticed this I have made members aware and also reported to Clark too!


@ Ogbemure I really don't see why I should be giving away my Hard earned Money to Scammers!!!!!!!!!!

They Never Woke me up to go to work each Morning!!!!!!!!! and Never put food on my table or provided a roof over my head! and the list goes on............. so if you feel You have to Go ahead!!!!!!!

My Money = God= Tithes and Offerings........... the Rest is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like Fred said ADRA is there to ASSIST or your local church....... we had this same discussion last night in the main room with a member who I then learnt this morning is a SCAMMER!!!!!!!!

be careful,,,especially in accepting friend's requests of members who don't pose pictures,,,and with the virus thing, you are lucky if you could only get the simple one that could be removed by your anti-virus. there are viruses also that could eat your info and shut your computer down and all you can do is to reformat it and say bye bye to your data.


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