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is it wrong to invite a non-SDA preacher to preach in our church?

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 By reaching people I'm thinking you mean sharing the truth with them.

 I did not start out religious. Neither did a human bring me to God although God did use some people as instruments after I was converted. You grew up in the truth. I grew up in a system where the perimeters were a mile wide. I did not fall away and rebel I just lived the life of the average person and did what most young people do. You see Catholicism requires very little of you, almost nothing. you can be a Catholic and have both feet in the world and no one thinks much about it. I was converted in the Catholic church and in spite of the RCC though they had nothing to do with it. It all came from the Lord. 

I cherish the high standards of the SDA church and her message. It comes from Jesus Christ. I do not want out and I do not wish to lower standards of sanctified living to match the world. The difference is that you see that standards as too confining and I see them as pleasantly liberating from sin. I have done enough evil and wish to do no more. I love this church and coming from the RCC to the SDA church was like coming from a life in a pitch black tunnel to a bright light that shines ever brighter as the day of Jesus approaches. The SDA message is the Bible message and it is beautiful to behold !  It is glorious because it reflects the character of Jesus in all His glory. I cannot get enough of it !  If this is trauma give me more ! 

What brought me to Jesus was Jesus. Man cannot do that how beit God does use people in ministry. 

Believe me there is nothing out in the world that will bring you peace or fulfillment.

We mush undo what Constantine did; that's the only way to begin to have a pure church 

 And that means to cease to be imitators of the world.

This is a good one my bro.


If you think that sin cannot be separated from sinners then you have no Savior. This is what you have expressed. As long as you see the sin problem as such you will placate sin.

 Let me share an analogy that you may or may not be  able to relate to. Let's say you join a construction crew and sign a contract to do a job. It has been clearly laid out with signatures who will be the foremen, and what the polices and beliefs are.  When you joined the crew and signed on there were some things agreed upon up front by you and all who joined. By word and signature you agreed to the stipulations. Then you went on the internet and clearly worked at cross purposes against the crew and  directly contradicted the tenants of the group. What do you think the crew would say ?

In  most instances they would say," you joined knowing full well and if you did not it was your responsibility to know. No one twisted your arm." " So why are you now directly opposing the groups beliefs ? 


I know what you are saying about people with no love in their hearts and being judgmental, but this is no excuse for allowing error in. 

I see no problem here 

 The problem is that so often, subtle or not so subtle comments are made by non SDA preachers that are like leaven. They cast doubt or plant seeds that are not good.  Many do not realize a problem because they do not understand what may be going on in the minds of some of our people. Of course we are supposed to just chalk it up to "well, that is to be expected they are not SDA." We do not realize how subtly Satan works especially in the minds of our people who are not well grounded. Even the implications are not good. "Well, if we listened to him speak in our church what's wrong with going to listen to him in his church? After all, we know the truth". These are slippery slopes. We have very good SDA preachers on creation. We have Bibles, SOP and more DVDs and CDs to use at home than any another denomination. Satan makes it as difficult as possible to draw a line. He moves in with stealth and just keeps creeping. Why must the remnant people go to babylon for education in spiritual matters ? 

Some are experts in their field; we learn non doctrinal stuff from them while they  learn doctrinal stuff from us. Preach may not be the right word.  Some of our members are no good either; they don't believe the things we do and may do more damage, like someone who would preach meat eating is sin. 

Thank you !

You hijacked another thread again with your gouge.

 You do not understand this issue at all. You say that one may not at all need flesh for food. That he may have all the organic veggies options in the world. That he may know and be convicted that God wants him to return to the original diet. And that he may refuse to do so as a life long SDA and frequent Hardees for burgers and it is not a sin. You essentially say that to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is ok.

Then you bring up the extremely rare case of someone who may have no choice but to eat flesh as a catch all for anyone in any circumstance to eat dead flesh and expect to be translated while they lust after flesh. Are you still eating dead flesh Jason when you know better ?

Back to the preaching. Do you know that Anglican preachers who are "experts in their field" tend to slip in religious bias ?  They do not believe as we do  in a host of areas and you wish that they instruct God's people. 

If the elders in the church stink with their preaching then perhaps they need more practice and if they do not believe as we do they ought not be leaders. 

By the way. I do not preach that eating dead carcasses is sin. I don't need to. With all the strait counsel we have on the effects and dangers, mentally, spiritually, and physically of eating dead flesh when most have a other options, it is obvious that to reject God's counsel is to make the stomach an idol.

You are acting like David now, asking the same questions over and over when we are discussing the other issue..... We do not teach that eating clean meats is sin-no SDA in their right mind would say such; The bible nor Ellen White said such. 


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