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years ago i knew a lady who worked at the northern ca conference
she was divorced recently with a few young children
her ex hubby was going thru the steps to become a woman and she

had no one at church to talk with
no one at work to talk with
and no Christians in her family to unburden herself with

she had such turmoil about his salvation
she was afraid after the operations -GOD couldn't save him anymore
she confided in me cause she knew i was a gay christian and would not judge her or her family

Listening to her over the phone i realized she was almost manic about it and had no peace.and tied up in such anxiety!

I reasoned with her that no matter what is done to our bodies (by our doing or someone else) it is not the unpardonable sin

even the eunuchs have a place in Gods kingdom! (if it must be termed that way)
Acts 8:26-39 is shared to give hope to men that don't have all their parts

 Matthew 19:12

For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.”

Paul affirms they can be saved whatever reason they became they way they are

I understand that transgender men and women dont quite follow in this old cultural/biological pattern but its to emphasize
GOD is mighty to save WHATEVER you may have done to your body

.. or what was done to you by someone else

That dear sweet Lady had peace fill her soul regarding her exhubby
she is free to pray for his salvation without worrying about body parts taken or added and subsequent hormone treatment and gender paraphernalia

The Sweet Holy Spirit Can do a mighty work on his heart still!

its been ages since ive lost contact with her and still fondly think about our  no fear based transparent fellowship even for those brief moments

I praise GOD that has never been a real issue with me

and cannot address the very personal decision after becoming saved to go forward as are.... or the complex (and not always feasable to actually surgically reverse the operation)

 i say this very kindly in small letters

i have personally found that the more ignorant of this have more declarations regarding their  surgical lives and choices  than not :)

in my humble opinion

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Sounds like a lot of confusion to me. 

 Why would you ask the question you asked about salvation ? You want people to say the person is saved ? You do not want people to say the person is not saved.

 I think we should just call it very sad confusion and leave it at that.

i think u are confused about the purpose of the message board forum

finally u admitted it

'yet u still blather confusion yourself

ignoring the facts

#too much time on your hands


Sounds like a lot of confusion to me. 

 Why would you ask the question you asked about salvation ? You want people to say the person is saved ? You do not want people to say the person is not saved.

 I think we should just call it very sad confusion and leave it at that.

 Why another thread on the salvation of those who are sexually confused. If you have repented, let God handle it.

As for blathering, even your pin name is such.

and u dont like my name either


u dont get it

so dont sit there with your foolish thinking

and if u dont like another "sexual confused" thread

why are u here BLANCHE!

#talk about confusion

 If your name is not " blather" there is no blather. You brought up  "blather" I just rightly applied the term.

i love that word 'blather'

its ok if u dont like my name

never thought to go to a stranger like you for approval of my AO Name

(had this name long before i found AO or you)

u dont understand what it means to me

 No, I do not know what it means to you. Maybe you could explain it. I notice it  keeps wandering and changing.

well its always Man Flower Glow

so there wont be any confusion if its me or not and the changing words in the last part reflects a moment in my life that i enjoyed or  reminded of

a few days  ago it was  Man Flower Glow & Patchouli Oil

cause me and my gay christian buddy went to a big city to a giant health food expensive store and got a few things in bulk

and wondered in the  perfumed oil section and smelled the different scents

and i was reminded of how much i love patchouli  and found an old bottle in my bedroom and started wearing it to church and everyone loves it who get that close to me in church ( i hug old ladies and they hug me back- only touching i get)

well for one thing Homosexuals are by and large happy with their birth gender

the men like to be men

the ladies like to be ladies

( for the most part)

identifying so much with a gender thats not your own to get an operation and to live life that way for the rest of your life is not homosexuality

so that question (at least the way u phrase it) doesnt apply to transgender people

its not like transgender people get the operation shaking their fist at GOD and His commands

its going by the core of your identity thats doesnt compute with the body you loathe

and want to body to match the core of their being

# and Hello Pastor T WECOME!

 almost always !

transgender is homosexuality

maybe that would e a good thread

Pastor T u can start it

im not transgender and dont know the things that go with it

but as a gay man i can see simillarities

both in testimonies of gay men i have known and read about  and myself as a teen when sexuality is confusing

and the fluidity of sexuality is always up for scrutiny   anyways for too many in this world with 6 thousand years of sin under the belt

and Kevin

 u dont know how funneeeee u seem! :P

thanks for the laugh

'almost always !  - 'Kevin

Can he be saved?  Without a doubt!

Is he saved?  I have no idea.


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