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The sixth commandments says:  THOU SHALL NOT kill

I find this very difficult to  respond especially if you are the one killing 

someone,  you do not even know.   it would be nice to have an open discussion 

on this issue, and to see how  adventist  will respond to this  delicate issue about killing.

sir james

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It does not say do not kill, what it does say is do not commit murder, a big difference. Yes many bibles say kill just one of many translation errors that can be found, if you read the wrong bible translation dont even try to keep track of the errors! There are a number of scriptures that discuss the why and hows accident or not of someone killing another person.

Moses killed an Egyptian taskmaster because he was beating to jewish slaves? Was that killing considered legal?

No.. but he was forgiven, as he was repentant for what he had done.

Moses was also resurrected and translated.  How many can make that claim? 

If someone  is married to non-Adventist husband or he is beating the wife. Is it lawful for her to kill him in self defense. or What if your home is broken into and armed men take your wife and have their way with her. Is it is lawful for you to kill them?

Could you live with yourself if you did not try to stop it from happening.  Why does it always have to end up with killing.   A good beating ( of man attempting to rape) and jail time may be what a person needs in order to find God.  Would your wife want you after you just sat there and watched?  

Some people are more obsessed with a personal sense of piety than the well being of others.  Usually, there is no talking sense to them.  They are typically liberal until they they become the victim of a crime.  That makes a lot of liberals conservative.

I find the idea of not defending the weak disgusting.  

I whole heartedly agree.



God makes it very clear, thou shall not kill, and or "thou shall not murder"

but in this case, would i have right to murder or KILL  in protecting my wife or children.

wow,  this can be difficult to respond,  but as  a sinner, and knowing i am in a very sinful

world, i would be justified, in murdering and or killing these kind of people roy.

  sir james


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