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I am fighting myself in question whether i can marry an unbeliever.What does the bible say?

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My sister its true life lies on choices we make.Just wondering the bible says go ye therfore and teach all nations.So if i break up with this guy i call my fiancee on the basis of church what good will i have done to him.Did God come to seek the lost or the found?(he is a christian but not SDA).Who is to preach to him and closely teach him about our faith?read I corinthians chapter 7.Am still confused.

Marriage is a matter of gospel campaign where you are going to preach for him my sister, and you never know since we never understand how the spirit move convicting men of sin,thru' the Gospel might be achieved but take care you might be the one to be convinced. The choice finally is yours.

Well,i need prayers to make the right choice since i want the best for my partner and i am now looking for Gods will.Hep me pray on the same.Thanks a lot and God bless.



When you have all of the evidence that has been shared with you by each person who has responded and the passages from the Bible and writtings of Ellen White that have been shared.  You do not need prayers, you need to make a choice.


On a number of occasions, when giving Bible Studies, I would study with people about the Sabbath.  Then they would say that they would pray about it to see what God would tell them.  Will God tell them something different then is in His word? 

I don't think so. 


Neither will God lead you in a different path then the inspired counsel that has been given.  Now is not a time to pray (except for strength to make the right decision) but to just "choose this day who you will serve."  Is your love for God greater then your love for him or is it the other way around?  This is a time to choose, not to pray for God to reveal His way.  That has already been revealed. 


As a child, we lived next to my aunt and uncle.  She was an SDA, while he made no profession of religion.  They never had the happiness that was in our family, even though they were much better off financially then  we were.  Oh, their marriage "worked" but it never really was a "marriage."  It was always two people living together with the benefit of a marriage license.  That is not a real marriage.

In my "three score years and ten" I have yet to see a home where both people are not equally committed to God that has really been a happy home. 

Even today, I know of a couple who are both SDA's, however, one is an SDA in name only, while the other appears to be very sincre in their devotion to God.  It is far from a happy home, it is on the verge of a divorce (his third in some 30 years).  It is not just whether both are SDAs or not, although that is essential, but if both are eqully committed SDAs, that is important.  It is for sure that the marriage of an SDA and a non-SDA have giant challenges to deal with in addition to the normal challenges of merging two lives. 


Now is not the time to pray for a revelation of God's will, but to choose who you love the most.


Maranatha :)


Amen.That is well said.Thank you so much and God bless.


Do you know how hard it is to live with a believer? much less an unbeliever. When you go to church on sabbath and he is home what do you think he will be doing. Everything you believe and stand for he will believe and stand for something else. Everything you know to be against what God says is wrong he will find nothing wrong with it. come on do you really think the love you have for this man will be able to cover these things and the difficulties this marriage will have. Girl have you really thought through the implications to your spiritual life. I do not think so, You have not really looked further than your nose, you have not caught the vision of this.


I think I read that you have been with this man for the past two years ( correct me if i am wrong) have you not been preaching to him,, how come he have not been converted as yet... have you ever wondered that the work is not yours but God. The man has heard he knows so you have done your part God did not say that you have to marry him for that reason.

Dear sister,you are right i have been with him for two years or so but in the time i met him i was low sipiritually,wasnt even attending church and at the beginning of this year i heard a very compelling move to turn back to jesus i have been dropping all my old habit like drinking and others and yet to come to a desicion to start attending church.Do you see where am coming from.At the same time i just got engaged and the voice inner me is telling me think twice.Am not in church,but i want to(that means i have to find another job as am working for people who wont allow me to rest on saturday)at the same time i want to talk to my fiancee and ask him whether he we can start attending church together.Its a difficult move all together coz am not in church so anyway i have never preached to him coz i was in the least position to do that.Plz help i have open up.



I understand what you are saying.. I too was out of church and I had a man in my life who was not a Christian let alone an SDA. I was happy at least so I thought because he treated me well but there was this war going on inside of me and believe me the worst war anyone can fight is one with themself.

I know Jesus was drawing me to him and I kept putting it off over and over again. But then, suddenly with no warning I just got up and went to church. The feeling I had at that very moment was a feeling of completion and I made my decision through God then and there that I was going all the way with God.

I broke off the relationship with the man that same very day no warning no nothing he was very shocked. You see I could have tried to minister to him, I could have tried to see if I could get him to come to church etc. but I did not want to go that way because I know if the holy spirit do not quicken him he will not.come.

Meanwhile I did not want any thing to hamper my new life in Christ and especially my old habits and lifestyle.

Sometimes we have to make the decision to go God's way no turning back and leave everything else up to him. You can take a leap of faith and just let go of all the things that are holding you back from surrendering to Jesus and see how he works in your life.

With all the advice and knowledge you have gotten from this thread you will not be without blame if you go ahead and marry this person because all this information is a witness for or against you.

Leslie Ann


thanku for really sharing and not hiding behind a wall of scriptures


your post blessed me ;)

if God blesses u with children if it happens you marry each other which church will they go?. i see this as the reasons why people are insisting of the same religious background to avoid conflicts.

Dear Sister,cant marriage be a crusade of preaching to one another ooooh what will happen to him?am sure he will have very negative attitude towards SDA.


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