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Really hard question. The law says 'do not kill', but really I don't know how to answer this question. Maybe others can have some idea into your question. But all I know is only the Righteous Judge Knows whether one who commits suicide can still go to heaven.

Yes only God knows the heart or the motive.

@ Timbertwo

agreed my friend! only God knows why they did it!~we cannot really answer ourselves! 

@Bird of Paradise

I agree - hard to answer! really only God knows! we cannot really answer this. also says in bible we are not to ask who will go to heaven or hell! but i can understand why people wonder about it. as i have also done this!

yes true Bird - we cannot kill. though I think God would be okay for those who have no choice lets say - if have to kill if someone is about to kill them or their loved ones! self defence!! but not just for any reason! no!

A very sensitive area. But I feel that it is best to speak what I believe to be the truth.


We are not our own. For we are bought with a price "therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's" (1Cor 6:19-20)


Our bodies are not our own. They "are God's" property.. 


"What right has any person to abuse a body that belongs not to himself, but to the Lord Jesus Christ?" (1Selected Messages p.100)

  Stewart, when people are contemplating suicide they are not coming from an angle of hurting oneself like drinking coffee or eating a second piece of pie that can harm your body. It's the emotional pain of not being able to see beyond tomorrow, not being able to live with oneself in the present condition. By the way it is a very sensitive topic as you stated, but your feeling   "it's best to speak the truth"  it's not that  "truth" that prevents someone from harming themselves. God bless you!

Timbertwo, I accept that what I wrote could never prevent someone harming themselves. But preventing self-harm is a much broader "field". But there are Scriptures that have a bearing on your original question.

"If any man defile [the margin reads, "destroy"], him shall God destroy..." (1Cor 3:17).


The tragic reality is that self-harm can only add to the weight of guilt when that person finally stands before God. Showing somebody that there is an alternative way of escape is infinitely better than showing them this stark reality.


Great text and i think that it definitely answers the question anyone going against this is simply going against God.


You say you are tempted to cut the brittle thread of life; but if you do, then your case is hopeless, for you add the sin of murder to all your other sins. But if you come just as you are, helpless and sin-polluted, and cast yourself at the foot of the cross, poor, miserable, blind, and naked, there is a Saviour to lift you up. I know that you have not for many, many years been in harmony with God. You have for a long stretch of years been following another leader, which is the prince of darkness; but if you will cast off the works of darkness, if you will now look unto Jesus, you will live. {TSB 143.4}

For you to pursue a course similar to this, Daniel, is poor policy. God in mercy has forgiven you great sins, and your brethren, whom you grieve and afflict with your wrong, who have studied and planned how to help you—if their decisions and plans injured your dignity, you have held them to strict account. You will relate your grievances while you have no just sense of your own wrongs which led to the necessity of the action of your brethren in your case. Unless you are a thoroughly converted man before you leave this house, I believe the Spirit of God will never make another appeal to you. It is life or death with you. You will surely be stricken down with paralysis, or the devil will drive you to suicide. I have, in the message hitherto borne to you, tried to establish you in the confidence of your brethren. [I have tried] to strengthen and settle you; but if you leave this house with the devil as your counselor, you are a lost man. {15MR 368.1}


Interesting statements, however, note the first one and how it is written.

"You say you are tempted to cut the brittle thread of life; but if you do, then your case is hopeless, for you add the sin of murder to all your other sins."

This sounds to me very much like a personal situation and not a general statement.  This person she is talking about appears to be lost already becasue of his other sins.  But how about the situation of a person who does not having any unconfessed sins and who is being wrongly accused and persecuted by the church until they can only see suicide as an escape from the endless false stories being told about them?  That is one we best leave to God to deal with.

Just like the second one.  It is very much personal counsel and not intended to be universal in nature. 

This is one reason that there is a fine in the White Estate that is not open to the public to read.  I have seen that file and was even allowed to see a few of its manuscripts, as they were dealing with the subject I was researching.  The information in those documents, I fully concure should not be open to just everyone reading them.  They could easily be twisted to mean things that were never intended.

Another reason files are placed in that section is because they contain personal information that would not be right to share with the world.  Again, I know from personal experience.  I researched a document that was not written by Ellen White so it was not in that file.  It was the personal diary of a relativly well known pioneer.  In studying it, I noticed that this person had admitted to having an affair with a woman, who was named in the diary.  A number of others had read that diary and apparently had not even noticed that admission, as plain as it was.

Well, I included that in the paper I was writting for a class assigment, and my paper was placed in a vault that was not open to the public.  WHY?  Because there were family members of that person, who lived in the area.  If they stumbled on what I had found, there would have been a lawsuit.  Since it was a long dead matter, it was not wise to make it public.  Also, I believe that the diary was also placed off limits after that discovery, but of that I am not sure.

Yes, if a person has been warned that for them to commit suicide is fatal for their eternal life, that is one situation.  However, there are many who have not been given that warning and who have become so discouraged that they took their life.  Just becasue others piled so much guilt on someone, especially if the stories were totally wrong, if there is guilt for committing suicide, I suspect it will rest on the ones who drove that person to that place. 

However, if someone has taken an interest in that person and knows that they are suicidal and are doing all they can to help that person, and that person then goes ahead with his plan, then the guilt for his choice is probably his.  But, I'll leave that one to God to determine.  And I believe we all should.

Maranatha :)


well said, MsMS

@ Stewart. totally believe in the what you wrote here

but as mentioned already few times! God only knows answer to this. I think it depends on the person - I mean.... what if the person did not get to know God while alive! know His word! we cannot say they will not make it to heaven! it is not our right to even say that! as already said - must find scripture later. it also says we are not to ask who is going to heaven or hell!!


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