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@ Rose :  " We are never to rest in a satisfied condition, and cease to make advancement, saying, “I am saved.” When this idea is entertained, the motives for watchfulness, for prayers, for earnest endeavor to press onward to higher attainments, cease to exist. No sanctified tongue will be found uttering these words till Christ shall come, and we enter in through the gates into the city of God. Then, with the utmost propriety, we may give glory to God and to the Lamb for eternal deliverance. As long as man is full of weakness—for of himself he cannot save his soul—he should never dare to say, “I am saved.” {1SM 314.2}

Leslie Ann

what is inside u that seems to cling to the negative and hopelessness so much that a testimony from a SDA CHAPLAIN shared on 3ABN is deemed a lie regarding a GOD that brings comfort to a hopeless situation.


i ask u dear heart to read or reread THE DESIRE OF AGES

and turn your heart toward HOME 



It is a beautiful story.


We must be very careful with such stories, though. Just as we cannot say for sure that God will destroy, we also cannot say that He will save in such instances. It remains His judgement, which remains to us unknown.


In the end, we must warn that while God *may* pardon, suicide is like playing Russian roulette with eternity life and eternal death as the stakes.


Amen my sister haleluahhhhh so to speak 

Cherish B,

God bless you.

We don't have any rights to take our own lives bottomline!!

This is just the point - God's mercy erases bottom lines! Suicide is so very wrong, but only God can weigh up all the circumstances and hidden issues to make the final judgement.

@ Eddie, my point is based on two things.

If someone is born with a mental problem that leads to suicide, I agree that the decision is left up to God.

But if someone knows what the bible says about taking ones life, then that person does not have an excuse.

I still don't agree with someone taking their life knowing what the bible requires and still we want to apply grace....sometimes I wonder if I'm going mad when I read some of these responses.Then again everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and that I respect.

Do you think that someone broken by intense emotional distress recognizes, in that pivotal moment, what God says?


I mean no disrespect, but your statement is contradictory.


Being born with a mental problem or acquiring a mental problem, still leaves the victim with a mental problem - extreme emotional distress causes mental problems.


No one even considering suicide is in their right mind.


I can see clearly now that you do not understand a lot then it makes no sense I saying anything more I rest my case.

God bless you, sister.


Being born with a mental problem and aquiring a mental problem is different.

The one born with the mental problem cannot seek help on their own, help is provided for them almost immediately.

Someone who isn't born with a mental problem but aquires it along the paths of life can seek help.

And the reason I say this it's because, a mental problem doesn't happen overnight.

It happens gradually.

You see the signs and you experience the emotions over and over and over again until there is a choice made.Some choose to seek help while others may be ashamed or fearful how others would look at them  or talk about them or sometimes refuses to acknowledge they need help until they are plunged into a situation of dispear.

We are responsible for our own actions.

I have friends/patients who suffers greatly in these areas that life has thrown at them.

They were born with mental issues but never knew and later on in life when under stress it pops up and it's recognized.

I take their names and add them to my prayerlist.

Some let me to know that should it come to the end of their life, they will or some already have signed documents so that "the euthensia procedure" can be applied.I let them know that God wouldn't want this for them and that He is love.But they remain firm in their minds that this is what they want, many carry it out as well.

This is a silent way of opinion of course

All I can do is pray for them....

I'm not contradicting myself I speak from experience, I live it I said before  instead of debating who is lost and who is saved remember these people in our prayers, now that would make a great difference...blessings.

Yes only God makes the decision...period!


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