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i take great comfort in GOD knowing the shoes we walk in


thanku MsMS


You can give false hope if you wish but I prefer to stick to the Word that is where you and I differ and I do not join the multitude my brother neither do i say smooth things whether you agree with me or not does not really matter because I am about my father's business and I lifting up my voice like a trumpet I am crying aloud and I am showing the house of Jacob their sins. I am sighing and crying for the abominations of the church. We are in the last days and I am being very careful and I making sure I cross my T's and dot my I's and I know for a fact my brother that God is directing my steps..



Sorry my intent was not to scare you or anyone else and I am in earth whether you believe that or not. 

If you are scared now I could imagine when the judgement day reach and God start to rain down fire from heaven.


That did not sound Christlike but then again 

Ps 119:165
Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.


Ok plenty prayers plenty power much wanted blessed

Permalink Reply by Leslie Ann 5 hours ago


Sorry my intent was not to scare you or anyone else and I am in earth whether you believe that or not. 

If you are scared now I could imagine when the judgement day reach and God start to rain down fire from heaven.


do u realize you are full of condemnation and judgement to all who dont see your ill pictures?


we are scared of you and for u


your mind goes there



our mind and heart goes to a GOD OF GRACE WHO SAVES!

cause we have experienced it!


its soooo sad to see what u bring here on this topic

and not true to the picture of a HOLY GOD WHO will not put out a burning flax



I could say the same to you my brother!!

you can be scared if you wish but.. God have not given me a spirit of fear.. and i am not afraid of their faces.. i will be bold as a lion.. where the word of God is concerned.. and i am not out to be popular.. because i know i will not be popular.. when i speak the straight truth.



Everyone who will be saved will be saved regardless of their life salvation is a gift from God. None of us can save ourself. We have no hand in our salvation.

I really do not know what you are getting at.


Let me see if I can put some clarity here for your benefit since you have asked and I take it that you truly wants to know. 

Yes we are predestined one way or the other by no special merits or favor of our own. Adam and Eve sold us out when they sinned they were the only ones who had freedom of choice and they chose satan.

We are now born in sin and cannot do nothing of ourself. If God does not draw us we will never come to him and that is his chosing.

When he choose us he writes the laws in our hearts so we will follow him yes we can fall but we will get back up again. All the desire and longing for a better life it is God who puts it into us.

Now God says that he will have mercy on whom he will have mercy and I am not to question that. Can the lump of clay say to the potter why has thou made me so?? 

It is God who have satan in this world doing what he doing satan do not have himself here and is God who continues to keep the breadth of life in him and is feeding him.

God is in total control in the affairs of men not man in their own control the devil is the one who puts that idea in man's head that they can choose just like when he told eve to eat the fruit.

But the bible says that we just a lump of clay and cannot do nothing without God.

Now I can never understand God I just have to take him at his word. If God wanted everyone to be saved he would have gotten rid of satan a long time ago but he made vessels of honour and vessels of dishonour for his plan of redemption.

Everythng is in his control and nothing escapes him he is holding up the universe with his hands.

Look at revelation 

Re 9:4
And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

This is part of islam and bible prophecy who do you think is leading out in this? It is God he has islam doing what they are doing because if it was satan he was not going to spare the men which have the seal of God in their foreheads. and who are these men which have the seal of God in their foreheads it is those that keep God's commandments because according to the bible the seal is the commandments.

So, I hope you can understand and I could go on and on and on but i do not have time for that. I too used to believe as you do but it is God who have opened my eyes to see this prophesy and bible goes hand in hand.every detail was planned before the foundation of this world. God is not now planning anything waiting and watching to see what choice we will make and then trying to fit it into his plan. NO he is a God of order. Everything was carefully laid out and it might seem like he is a harsh God but when you really understand this you will see otherwise.

SDA preach predestination and they don't even recognize it but they have so much self in them that they still want to have a say so that is why they want to have choice. the did not even had a choice to be born neither the parents they was born to neither the name they was given. 

I really do not want to go around in circles having to explain my belief because it gets tiredsome so I hope that you can leave it at that.

I have no problem with your belief because one thing I know is that whatever you believe it is what you was supposed to believe until God tells you otherwise.

What I say about the suicide I stand by that because for me according to the Word that is how it is.



In regards to your later post to Leslie Ann, well said.  Those who advocate predestination must cut John 3:16, as well some as other texts, out of their Bible.

Recenly in a Bible study with a group of professionals from mid 20's to mid 30's, we got into the discussion of Predestination.  After looking at all of the texts in the Bible on ths subject, they finally admitted that the idea of predestination just was not biblical.  In fact, they started finding texts I had not thought of that refuted the idea.

Marantha :)

My understanding of predestination: We have all sinned, but the blood shed on the cross is enough to clean all of us from our sin. So, all human beings are predestined for heaven, as in, the ticket to heaven for all has been paid. But, we have to make a choice, do we accept our predestination or do we choose an alternative, which is eternal death, by refusing God's mercy and choose His wrath instead? Lets break it down: Assuming I have been invited to go to a party in a far far away land. I do not have the means to get to this party i.e. I do not have money to buy clothing that has been described as the dress code, neither do I have any train ticket/ cannot afford to buy it. Then the Host of the party says to me, 'don't worry bessy, I have reserved a gown for you, and here is the ticket. I have already paid the price. Don't bother about a gift for me either, your gracing the occassion is good enough for me, coz it shows that you appreciate my offer and my love for you. Come just as you are and lets party.' Then in my pride, I say, not, I have to do something for this guest, i cannot just present myself to this party. I will therefore not go to the train station, neither will I take the gown. I will just pass my appologies and hope she understands. Question: Will the host/hostess of this party understand that I cannot come to the party because I have no means to while he/she has already provided the means? Will the host be sad and have mercy upon me and somehow make me have the party while I refused to be taken to the party? same way, God is not pleased when a sinner perishes, because it actually means that the sinner has refused to take what was rightfully His, by the merits of Christ. Similarly, if I reject God's mercy, He will still be merciful to me, but he cannot force me to take what I do not want. SO, though I be predestined to eternity, I will perish if I decline the path laid out for me to achieve the eternal life.

scares me too!!!


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