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I am a Seventh-day Adventist, and have been for many years. I love my church and feel saddened by the opinion many non-Adventist in our community have towards us. We have a beautiful message of the coming of our Lord, and the message of salvation to share with the world.

Why are we falling short of the mark and how can we each help in the process of presenting our message.

Among those non-Adventist  coming to our bible studies I have gained considerable insight to the feeling of others.

Some feelings are completely unwarranted. Others might be improved by our individual behavior and understanding of others.

On top of the list is the fact most people do not realize Christ is the central teaching of the church.

Much of the misunderstanding about Adventist has to do more with out traditions than with doctrine.

Our health message which is paramount to our wellbeing but is often interpreted as a sin issue necessary to salvation.

seldom do people see the love in Christ in us as individuals as soon as they hear the do's and don'ts of our religion.

Yesterday I spoke with a lady who attended a  business college operated by SDA's. The lady told the instructor see was going across the street for coffee. He said, " better make that orange juice, and had a pamphlet waiting for her about the evils of coffee drinking when she returned. I understand his thinking, but the lady was completely turned off towards Adventist.

We often portray our selves as the remnant in such a way as to make others feel we have all the truth, and they are all wrong.

They see us as a cult, having our own bible( SOP ) and taking our directions from our Prophet Ellen White.

We often appear as a clique only associating with other Adventist. Often unwilling to take part in community activities. Not always willing to help our neighbors with simple tasks.

We are seen as Sabbath Worshipers, rather than those who worship on the Sabbath.

We are seen as a group who practices salvation by works. The only church which holds the key to salvation.

In our Evangelist Meeting we camouflage the fact we are Seventh-day Adventist to the point of covering the name of the church on the sign if meeting are held in our church.

Without sacrificing principle, or doctrine, or any of our Fundamental beliefs, I feel there has to be  a way of improving our image to the world and presenting the Gospel of Christ.

I personally love telling people I'm a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. And hope they can see Christ in me.

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Thank you Keith. I don't think anyone will be combative over these things. The incident you describe about the lady being given a pamphlet about coffee drinking is very unfortunate. If our name has become synonymous with a hasty, "critical eye", then yes, we must all suffer, and dishonour God. Yes, as individuals we can, by the grace of God,  improve the image of the church.

"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches..." (Prov 22:1)

(The Babylonians had heard of Jeremiah's good name before they arrived to destroy Jerusalem, and he was shown special honor by the Babylonian forces. But of course that prophet's name was accursed by the professed people of God.)


The one thing I didn't mention is love. Our neighbors, our friends, clerks at the grocery store, and just people we pass on the street need to see love in us.

Folks should be able to look at us and say, " you must be a Christian."

Stewart, thank you, but so much for combativeness.


Clearly as a evangelist you are using same approach as you do here on AO discussions, I can understand you will not gain any souls for Christ. 

The only thing you have going for you is that you do not bash them with EGW, as sadly some do. EGW is not meant as a evangelistic tool, except for Steps to Christ. 

except for Steps to Christ:  Which many  scholar's believes may not have been written by Ellen White.


Well is that true, I know you like to bash on EGW but this is over the top. May I ask who did write steps to Christ then? 


This from eg  White estate. The final authority on Ellen White.

Did Fannie Bolton Write “Steps to Christ”?

This, in brief, is the sad story of Fannie Bolton, not as hearsay and gossip have it, but as the documents reveal it. Only the merciful God, who knows the limitations of body and mind of all His creatures, should rightly be judge in her case. We have written with no desire to judge or to censure, but only because the name of Fannie Bolton has been so widely and plausibly used by critics.

There is naturally one question that arises in anyone's mind at this point: if Fannie Bolton, wholly unaided, wrote a book like Steps to Christ, in 1892, when a relatively young woman, why did she not write other books to stir the hearts of men and quicken their desire for heaven? It is true that she did write a few poems, some of them of good quality, but we search in vain for anything from her pen that might be a companion volume to Steps to Christ. How strange this flash of brilliance in 1892 that never again threw light across the path of spiritually needy mankind! One of the reasons she was restive working at what she called monotonous tasks for Mrs. White was that she felt that she herself could write. Mrs. White released her. Ever afterward she had opportunity to write, but the writings never came.

We have already noted that Miss Bolton began to work for Mrs. White early in 1888. Steps to Christ was published in 1892. We present, now, in parallel columns (1) certain passages from Mrs. White's writings published previous to 1888 and (2) certain passages from Steps to Christ:

There is no doubt that Steps To Christ contains many Ellen G. White (EGW) quotes that were made before Fannie Bolton went to work for EGW. I believe Fannie Bolton's claim that she made up the book Steps to Christ from the evidence that I have researched. Fannie used quotes from EGW's files which would include her plagiarized material from uninspired authors. Fannie organized the book into chapter titles, and being college educated put the book into proper grammar and punctuation. Fannie tells Ballenger that Mrs. White took the manuscript and published it under her name in the letter below.

I am sure that Fannie Bolton wondered why, after putting in hours of research, and making up the chapter names and putting the book together for publication, that she didn't get credit.

I wrote a letter to the White Estate, January 8, 1997, to Mr. Tim Poirier, Associate Director/Archivist, asking: "Why did Fanny Bolton claim to have written, Steps to Christ? Would you send me a copy of a page from Steps to Christ hand written by Ellen G. White?"

Mr. Poirier responded in a letter dated January 20, 1997, saying, "Fannie Bolton's claim regarding Steps to Christ—Fannie Bolton never made that claim, so far as I have ever seen. It was made by others after her death. Nor did Ellen White write the book by hand—so I cannot send you a handwritten page. It was compiled by her editorial assistants from her earlier writings. I've sent an example for your comparison, showing the source for the paragraphs on page 83. (Fannie first met Ellen White in 1887.)"

These editorial assistants would have to include Fannie Bolton.

It has now been conceded that Ellen had much more help than the church members had been led to believe and that her helpers did indeed have great latitude in selecting and arranging material and in final editing. Furthermore, in addition to the editorial assistants who are fairly well known—Marian Davis, Clarence C. Crisler, Dores E. Robinson, Mary Steward, Fannie Bolton, Mary H. Crisler, Sarah Peck, Maggie Hare, and H. Camden Lacey—a later release by Willie White calls attention to others less well known about: "From 1860 and onward, some of her manuscripts for publication, and some of her testimonies, were copied by members of her family."* Then he named such copyists as Lucinda Abbey Hall, Adelia Patten Van Horn, Anna Driscoll Loughborough, Addie Howe Cogshall, Annie Hale Royce, Emma Sturgis Prescott, Mary Clough Watson, and Mrs. J. L. Ings. There may well have been others. The White Lie! By Walter T. Rea, A Matter of Ethics, Chapter 11, p. 199.

*W.C. White, quoted by Robert Olson and Ronald Graybill. Tapes of seminar at Southern Missionary College in the fall of 1980.

OK Keith

So how much of Steps to Christ was written by Miss Bolton? And how much did she borrow from EGW? In other words who is the real author of that book? And Miss Bolton did not claim to have written it herself anyway did she? So your claim that she did is not entirely correct is it?  

Jesus came to tell us about God, and AntiChrist.

If you could find in prophecy the AntiChrist you could warn others about that. But you can not, Kieth.


Why can't I? Why can I not warn others about the Antichrist, that's ridiculous.


I just have never had anyone tell me I can't warn others about the Antichrist. What would prompt you to say such a thing. I have never posted anything about Antichrist. Are you in a round about way suggesting Ellen White is the Antichrist ?


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