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Children of God, let us remain focused and not become distracted.
In these end times, many will try to deceive us and keep us busy to cause us to forget the important work we were called to do.
Keep your eyes on the God we serve, lest we be led astray.
God will lead and direct our path.

I understand the concern of some of my brethren and sisters, however, whatever the reason for the changes in our new Hymnal; they are not of SALVATIC importance. Our relationship with Jesus is. If we don't like certain hymns, then simply don't use them.

 I've just spent the last 10 minutes reading what has been said and I must admit I'm saddened. The comments made show a lack of understanding, that is all. Latin words are used in our English language. The word Christ is Latin. Does that make it wrong to use? Of course not. The word Trinity is also Latin, is it too wrong to use? No it's not. We find what the word means in the Bible, God is a trinity (three in one). God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Just because a word has a Latin route to it, does not make it Roman Catholic.  I'm sorry, but some of my sincere brethren and sisters simply give too much credence to the Roman Catholic denomination. The Latin language existed long before Jesus came to earth and set up the Christian church.

There are far more important things to concentrate our minds on, like for instance, who saves us! Is it what we do, what we sing or is it Jesus? thank God for the gift of music, for the gift of freedom to choose for ourselves what we want to sing. I love music, help organise regular Gospel Concerts and have created a number of records, tapes and CD's. In my estimation, good music is created when the tune uplifts the meaning of the words. So obviously the meaning of the words in a hymn are important. But in my personal relationship with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I am in a constant state of change as I learn more about Him and His love for me. There was a time I viewed things differently, but I was still a saved Christian then as I am now. My point is this, although our denomination may not always do things to our agreement, that does not change our personal relationship with Jesus. The denomination we belong to does not save us. So don't over worry about mistakes people in the denomination may in our opinion make. It is our personal relationship with Jesus that matters. Jesus says that we are not to judge others or we too will be judged. I personally am aquitted and do not want to give up my aquitted status to become judged, for to be judged I become guilty and lose my covering of Christs righteousness. So I am very reluctant to make the suggestions I see here, that people in the denomination are purposely bringing Roman catholocism into our denomination. for that is placing a judgement on them.

Finally, may I wish you well as you enjoy the songs you feel comfortable with. God bless you. See the web sites and


our hymnal is NOT Catholic! I have looked at the website that made such claims. If we look carefully at the words of the hymns, we will see truth and not error. There is no hymn in our hymnal that is invoking dead people. I admonish all to read the hymns carefully and see its beauty and its truth

Brothers and Sisters, where anywhere in the Bible, or the Spirit of Prophecy, are the terms, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit use? Where anywhere in the Bible or SOP are we told to worship the Holy Spirit? So why do we now sing songs to the Holy Spirit? For those who mock the idea that Catholic doctrine is making its way into the SDA church, are ignorant and wilfully so of the counter-reformation and Vatican Council 2. Check the 1872 Fundamentals  by Uriah Smith, available online. The pioneers, whom Dr George Knight said would be unable to join the SDA Church today, specifically because of Fundamental No.2, were very clear on whom they worshipped.


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