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I was just thinking today...what if we were to place a higher importance on celebrating our spiritual birthdays (day of baptism), with as much anticipation and enthuseism as we do our chronological birthdays! How do you think this will impact our lives, and our walk with God? I mean, after all, we didn't have much in the say of our being born into this world, but we certainly do/did have a choice in becoming a baptised member of the remnant of God's people, so shouldn't that merit more diligent consideration to our sense of values?  I want to bring emphasis to this, as I think that we are more caught up in worldly traditions, than we allow ourselves to be aware of.... and these 'little' differences, and, and often do, effect our walk with the Lord (or lack thereof), and therefore can make a big difference in the outcome, should we choose to take a closer examination!

  What are your thoughts on this subject? Please add your comments, ALL are welcome, so don't be shy!  Thanks!  

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My heart goes out to one should feel lonely on their birthday or during the holidays.  You have us here and we won't let you forget that it is your birthday and how special God created you to be! =)

When is your birthday?

Through the pain you feel, are you still able to sense God's Holy Presence with you? Has your pain, blinded your thoughts to the fact that He hasn't moved- He's still right there?

I used to feel like you, but then God helped me to realize that most of the thoughts in my head were not even mine! Satan cannot read our minds/thoughts, but he can read our facial expressions and body language pretty well, after all, he's had somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 years practice to perfect his craft,...and he can put thoughts into our minds. However, his trick is to start the thoughts with the words "I", "my", or any variation of one's own possessiveness. Therefore, he can say to you..."I hate having to be the one to always have to ..." and you believe that you originated the thought.

  I prayed to God in Heaven, for the power of discernment, which He continues to bless me with to this day. He has shown me many secrets of satan's, and helped me up, out of the mirey clay....letting me know that He's been right next to me the whole time, never changing, always trustworthy, dependable, loving and caring, looking out for me, providing for me, feeding me,....

   ...I am never alone! With His all-seeing, and ever watchful eyes, it's kinda like being on camera ALL THE TIME, but in a more subdued way.

    That said, I've learned to be alone, and practically prefer it. I know that before I was ever born, God had already known His choice for me as my helpmeet. So I figured, I can either mess everything up, and choose one of my own liking (and would probably be all wrong for me, and not meet each others' needs), OR, I can just wait upon the Lord in His own timing, for the one He has chosen for me. When He has both of us to the right place, at the right time, it'll all come together. God is too organized, loving and thoughtful, to not put such efforts and strenuous decisions behind His choice! I know I can trust Him to select the one that will be perfect for me, and that we compliment each other beautifully! Drawing, and giving strength from/to one another.

My Aunt once told me when I was a little boy: " day, something is gonna change, and it's right around the corner, so you must wait and be patient, it'll soon be here. You can't give up, because it's right around the corner!"  This one idea, has kept me going, giving me something to hold onto for years, for a better way. God in His Wisdom, held back satan's destructive hand from me, and brought me through many dark storms.

  I'm so glad to know that He loves me that much, and that He gives me hope, and someone to talk with, hang out with, and to not keep a selfish mind. (I used to think "why me?")

 I also am reminded that all we feel, Christ has lived through it, and felt it all too, only, He made better choices than I have. He was rejected by his own! So, if I'm feeling that someone is against me, I have to remember to assess the situation, and determine if it's really their dislike to the Jesus in me, or is actually ME?  Okay, I'm rambling a bit, but I hope you can see what I'm getting at, and don't be snared by the defeated one!

  I hope you find something helpful in all this, and excuse any part that may have seemed out of line. Thanks.

Its nice to remember the day when you become a member of God's true church. And this makes you different from  most of us here. I salute to you for that. But I hope that when you do celebrate it, it should n t be something that we do  on celebrating our birthdays.-)


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