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Recently I found myself at a church that has just recieved a new pastor. During the Sabbath morning service way before the announcements and topics and giving and songs, they introduced him and his wife. I was astounded to see the sheer Un-reverencey (if thats a word), that took place. Everyone was clapping and carrying on, and cheering. Now I understand this was a special occasion, so I brushed it off. Later a woman came before the church to tell of her grandson's story of healing from a disease, again loud cheering and clapping flooded the supposed to be quiet and holy sanctuary. This continued through out the rest of the church service and even spilled into part of the pastor's sermon. With jokes and clapping and lots of chatter I was particullarly weary of continuing this church. I came from a small town church, not that they were perfect, but we certainly do not cheer during service.

Is it okay? to be cheering like this on sabbath day inside the sanctuary?

Am I wrong for feeling this way?

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Jose you have a good way with examples. I'm not as cleaver as you in making other minds think in a different point of view as you. Keep up the good point of views :-)
Well put Gabe. I agree
Well, I forgot to say this in the last reply, but what stuck out about Kevin that I appreciate is that he fought for a freedom of choice, and that victory is one I can appreciate. Town ordinances prohibiting a choice, whether good or bad is not something I agree with. So good for him for standing up for that.

There can be corruption in dancing lol. Look at all the clubs, and the number of girls who end up pregnant, not by their husbands after the club. The type of behavior seen at times during social dancing is so far from what the Bible teaches. That may be an extreme example, maybe? But, I don't think I'm ready to accept social dancing as something looked favorably in God's Word. You've read this too actually, remember that study guide at amazingfacts? About "A Love That Transforms" I think it was? Something maybe we can both go back to.

However, maybe you jus mean dancing in the church, a little bit. I'm not gonna say yes or no, all I'll say is that when the term "reverence" comes up in the Bible, not even once, have I seen any dancing associated with it.

Cheering and celebrating in the sanctuary. I read it again now, and first thing that came to mind was someone getting baptized. There can be other things that come to mind, but I just think being reverent... ok I can put it like this:

In class, before a professor. Some may joke around and pass notes, talk, u kno... etc.. That is considered disrespectful to not only the professor, but the other students who ARE tryna pay attention. Therefore, there are those who respect not only the professor, but the other students as well. You may get 100% on a test, and want to celebrate, and maybe show some excitement of course. Most of that excitement may be shown after class tho, when being loud about it and such would be more appropriate. No?
Thank you Doc for your insight. It was really well spoken and informative. i agree about the use of the word fear in conjunction with the Lord's name. Thus proving my initiall gut instinct about celebrating in the holy and sacred place of worship.
I have no idea what most of the posts here are saying .. but let me just say that my God wants us to be excited Christians praisin' His name.
Well Ellen White and I agree with that. The Holy Spirit will excite you but the Holy Spirit doesnt use noise such as drums and dancing. Ellen White doesnt state it anymore clearer. Read Selected Messages volume 2 page 36. The Chapter is called Worship with a Bedlam of Noise. I copy and pasted most of the chapter. But if you think Ellen White is not a true prophet or you think she is just stating her opinion even though she says "GOD SHOWED ME", then i will respectfully bow out of this topic.
Well I dont see us shaking out hips in heaven. if it were the case the isrealites would have been doing it infront of the tabernacle when they were in the wilderness. The tabernacle is suppose to be an example of what it will be like in heaven. And the only dancing i remember is when they got the golden calf. But they didnt do it in the tabernacle. If they did they would have been struck dead. You dont dance around an idol in God's house and get away with it. I know whats right. Why because this is how its always been. Close of probation is almost at hand and we are in the days of noah. The world is falling apart and so is the Adventist church. The adventist church was never into dancing and drums and wine. Creeping compromise just keeps pushing and pushing just like the gays pushing to have the right to get married. People push long enough and they get what they want. So i wont be surprised if every SDA church has a jam session in the sanctuary. Ellen White warned us but most adventists dont even read her books anymore because shes to old fashion shes to conservative.
Oh God is meant to be entertainment. He sent his son to die for us. Where is the fun in that? Jesus didn;t look like he was having a good time being spit on and flogged? When persecution starts Gabe your not going to be having a good time. So you might as well stay home at go to church on sunday? I dont think you would do that. Sometimes doing the right thing is not fun. It depends on how close of a relationship you have with God. I wasn't close to him when i was a teenager and i thought church was boring and would rather be having fun watching tv. But now i have grown so close to him i actually find spending time at vespers, prayer meeting and anything else the church has to offer fun. I wish our sermons would last longer than 12 oclock. I wish we didnt have a time limit. I love when we have weekend long or week long seminars. I look forward to them even though i know all the material. Its being with God and with your church family that is enjoyable like thanksgiving dinners. The family gets to gether and visits. They dont get to gether and get drunk and jam loud music and dance to get attention. Well some familys might do that. Actually i know some familys that do that. But they aren't sabbath keepers.
Hey Josh. I appreciate your dedication. I just think that we are both coming at this from different angles. I think you idea of reverence is fine. In fact I like it best myself. I just think there are other ways of showing reverence. I would not want to change your way and I would not want to change Gabe's way for instance.

But I would be interested in a study of PRAISE. Let us know.
I to am interested in a study in praise. I just dont like the idea of that kind of praise on sabbath mornings in the church. I have no beef with it on friday or saturday evening or wed. But just not in the sactuary. Thats where i morally have to draw the line. I like christiian rock music. I listen to it 6 days a week. I just dont want it in the sactuary. And i know that christian rock music wont be in heaven. But its something i need to pray about. Its the only thing that keeps me from listening to the other music about sex and drugs and violence.
Its good to be young and vibrant, but is it not wrong to try to steer others into the path you have chosen? You post every day arguing with us conservatives as if trying to pursuade our beliefs. Everyone is different, yes, not all SDA's are vegans, not all women SDA's wear skirts or no make up and jewelry, not all SDA's keep the Sabbath! Yes I know several who dine out after church and so forth. Im not criticising anyone. I too have my faults, we all do. But please for those of us who are strong enough to know what is right and wrong and who follow the commandments of God and who willfully obey the Father, let us not be fooled by wolves in sheeps clothing.

As for you Gabriel, as long as you are comfortable with yourself and know you have a great relationship with God, then I will not worry about you. Does the Bible not say that those you would least expect will be among those in Heaven? and those you would believe beyond a shadow of doubt will not be? something like that anyway. It is not up to us to decide who is right and who is wrong here. The topic of reverence is still the same.

Good luck my friend.
Well I am glad you didnt go down my path. Im glad you have great friends. I know exactly what you mean when you say people in your own faith persecute you. Its projected by EGW that it would happen in the end of times. I hope you don't think I am one of those people, But being a real SDA eans upholding the teachings from the way they were in the beginning. Im not going to change and my views probably wont either.

I have alreadt felt compelled to share my story with others, much like pastor Doug, though mine is not as interesting as I did not spend a good part of a year naked in a cave. :)


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