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I was born and raised in the tropics. This issue has always puzzled me.

If I collect a lot of fruits from the field. Then, I allow them to rot in the field. I also allow all kinds of critters to feed off of these fruits. The end result will be a mixture of dead unclean animals, including urine and feces, added to these fruits. Will this end-product be clean or unclean? That is how many cocoa farms process their beans. Even the FDA approves a certain amount of dead animal contents in chocolate.

After all this is process is finished, chocolate tastes great...but so does pork.

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well, you can eat choclits if you like,but never on  pork  meats--lol yeah!

Thank you for your response. There is a lot evidence that shows a relationship between GMO's and autoinmune diseases. Pork seems to be as unclean as many of the foods we eat.

Aw not chocolate! I wish I had no idea about that lol

The health risks may be one issue around chocolate. The other issue is that the chocolate producers willingly and knowingly use cocoa beans from farms that exploit children. Child slavery is rife on many of these cocoa producing farms in Africa.


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