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So whats your choice of music ?? Are you the type of christian who loves to dance to the songs of the world or are you the type of Christian who seeks to follow the "right choice of music??

"Rain man --- sounds unfamiliar to you ?  

Let me  elaborate about "HIM' --Well ,Rain man  is a demon who is described by some celebrities, for example Jay Z, as a being who whispers beautiful numbers to him when he writes lyrics. This is not a direct reference to the movie Rain Man (1988), artists who refer to Rain Man, admit he’s a devil. This reference is much older than Rain Man, and the movie itself is about this being. Artists sell their souls to this devil in trade for money, status, and more. Numerous songs mention Rain Man, for example Eminem’s song “Rain Man” --- -- this link clearly leads you to the judgement that there is really "RAIN MAN" who deceives  every little innocent soul.Sometimes we try to sing songs even without knowing the meaning behind the words.. Come to think of it , how could we possibly fall into the pit of temptation Rain man has prepared for us .... So before we start listening and putting songs into our iPod's and Mp3's , let us make sure that we know the meaning of the songs , because maybe we are dancing with the RAIN MAN'S SONGS...

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Very interesting.

yah .. did you click the link ??/

 its much informative ... thanks for posting ...


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