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Its called theistic evolution and its just another way to get around Gods truth of Creation, and substituted it with mans ideas and theories. Here is a good explanation:

"Believing that God used evolution to create annuls numerous Bible teachings...

As some Christian scholars and leaders are increasingly advocating theistic evolution to explain creation, two scholars.. say Adventists cannot accept theistic evolution unless they annul many of their Bible-based fundamental beliefs. Theistic evolution, the belief that God used processes of evolution to create, implies at least believing “an account of origins at odds with the biblical record of history,” said Geoscience Research Institute scientist Timothy Standish. It also implies, he added, introducing the presence of death before sin, or at least defining death in different ways before sin and after sin.

Thus, “Seventh-day Adventists cannot embrace theistic evolution without exhibiting extraordinary duplicity and naiveté,” Standish said.

Southern Adventist University professor Greg A. King seconded the notion. “Because of the unresolvable contradictions between theistic evolution and Scripture … and because of the profound way in which theistic evolution would alter or modify key doctrines of the Bible, it seems clear that there is no middle ground between theistic evolution and biblical creation.”

The questions may be asked, why do many confessed Christians not see a conflict between the work of a Creator God and evolution? Why are they embracing evolution without a second thought? And why can Adventists not accept it?

..First, believing in theistic evolution affects our view of Scripture, King said. It undermines the authority of Scripture itself, which tells us a different story of origins than is portrayed by evolution. It also affects the doctrine of God; according to the Bible, He created by the power of His word. “The God of theistic evolution is a diminished divinity,” King said.

King also explained how theistic evolution affects the doctrine of salvation. “Why do humans need to be saved, if they are simply following God’s plan for how to get to higher forms of life?” he asked. And “from what do we need to be saved” in the first place?

In theistic evolution, said King, human beings are also diminished. They fall short of being God’s crown of creation and become mere beings emerging at the end of a long, slow process of development. “The biblical doctrine of man is severely altered in such a scenario,” he said.

Sabbath is also affected, he pointed out, because in theistic evolution there is no creation week. Sabbath stops being a memorial of creation and becomes a human invention. And theistic evolution affects marriage. As the marriage covenant loses God’s imprimatur, King believes “theistic evolution helps pave the road for some … unbiblical permutations of marriage.”

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Satan is very crafty if he can get you to believe in evolution, he will get a foothold on your faith. So he will erode your faith in God little by little. Because in the story of Adam and Eve we see the reason for the Human condition. Besides the Bible claims for itself that it is true if Satan can remove that pillar of faith from your paradigm, this battle with God over your soul is won by Satan. If Satan can get you to disbelieve one part of the Word of God, soon another belief will be eroded by Satan again.  

So we need to settle in our mind is God the one He says He is. If so we need to make sure we follow God and His Word as Truth and nothing but. Evolution and faith in Gods Word are like oil and water it does not mix.

Well its clear we need to determine whether the scripture leaves room for millions of years or if the six days in Creation Week were ordinary days. As when the word is indefinite period of time, such as in the expression, For the day of the Lord is at hand (Joel 1:15) or one we know even better, “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” (1 Thessalonians 5:2).

We know that the six days in Genesis 1 were ordinary days (not six long ages of millions of years) because the Hebrew word for day (yom) is qualified with “evening,” “morning,” and a number for each of the six days in the Creation Week. When the Hebrew word yom for day is used with any of these qualifiers throughout Scripture, it always means an ordinary day. So here in the Genesis Creation Week, the word, yom, always means a twenty-four-hour literal day as it is used with a numeral—day one, day two, first day, second day, etc. There are no exceptions to this rule. So in the Genesis Creation account these are literal days of twenty-four hours.


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