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Given that the year is winding down to another Christmas celebration, to my brothers and sisters, I write to a commence a discussion on the Catholic celebration, Christmas, and their other activities and its implication to us as Seventh - Day Adventist. 


Given the fact that God condemns and speaks against this form of worship, Christmas, should Seventh - Day Adventist partake in it ? 

Additionally, should One partake in their events of lent, Easter etc?

In other words, We as Seventh-Day Adventist know the Scripture very well, and we know what Revelation 12, 13, 17 & 18 declare to us in respect to Satan ascribe worship through the Papal power; and, how the pope will seek to change laws and times, and blaspheme God. So I am arguing why are we still supporting catholic teaching by indulging in their practices and making excuses for doing so. If God said no - Do not be partakers of her sins...

“Come away from her, my people.

Do not take part in her sins,

or you will be punished with her.

5For her sins are piled as high as heaven,

and God remembers her evil deeds.

Why are so many of us are saying yes we know its not Jesus birthday, but we find it fitting to do x or y.... 

How can you know that these people's teachings are not of God or exalt Him, yet you indulge in their practices?

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seriously, do you feel we should be observing the feast.? I have many friends that do.


Uhmmm! Feasts! No way! Anyway romans14. And gene do you think we ought to first clean ourselves now and then in the future God shall use us? Do you think we ought to to stop outreach but involve ourselves in inreach to prepare ourselves for the future witnessing?

Most members here have their own religion. Some attend our churches but they are not SDAs.


I am truly concerned for you. You seem to be living under a great delusion that you are the only TRUE SDA . To have an air of superiority is not what I would see as Christ Like.

One of my son's had your mind set, lived for strict adherence to the SOP, and rebuked everyone in the church as being of the devil. Being unable to achieve perfection he turned to drugs to ease the pain. I don't want that to happen to you.

His goal was perfection through the letter of the law.

If we are to take the gospel to the world, condemning everyone is probably not the best approach.

. Don't take my word for it , but maybe a talk with your pastor would help. Whatever get help before it is to late.

God loves you, and so do we,



your son may as well have a devil. Satan doesn't  care on which side one falls; liberals fall on left while legalists fall on the right; they both fall hopeless. One should be a balanced christian, avoiding the extremes, right or left.  

True.  Some pretend to be, but are actually Catholic.


My son is dead. He lost the battle trying for perfection, and rebuking others, he died with his bible in his hand. Preaching, there is only one true translation of the bible, which is true, however, much like you he believed his was the only true translation.

I truly don't want to see this happen to you, but it could.

I know you think I am of the devil and I have no problem with that everyone has an opinion, and as long as it isn't God's it's ok.

I know you are afraid to stray from tradition, many of my catholic have that same fear. That's why they won't listen to SDA teachings.

I hope there are others here that would want you to get help. We are not ganging up on you, we would like to help you.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Wake up and drink of the Living Water.


So you believe the SDA church is teaching many errors, so then why would you want to bring in converts? "work out your salvation with fear and trembling...

Why do you call the biblical doctrines traditions? 

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.Matthew 23:15


Your words reflect your lack of love. Rather than inclusion you speak of exclusion. From what I have read you rarely employ critical thinking, and I wonder if you have any personal insight that you have not hijacked from the SOP. This is a sign of spiritual weakness not strength. If Ellen White was wrong about an issue, you wont be excused because you failed to seek your own relationship with Christ.



Just because I question some of our teaching's doesn't mean I'm saying we are teaching error. You see Jason, most people can question something without saying the whole thing is bad.

I've never said I didn't think EGW was a prophet. You have heard me say she didn't claim it.

Ellen White's grandson was one of my first SS teachers. Her great-grandson is the pastor of my daughters church. So I am familiar with who Ellen White was.

I was brought up at the home of the Pacific Press, and watched editors, write and compile,  and edit Ellen Whites books all my life. The Ellen White I know is a different Ellen White that you know.

I know you would wish I were not a member of the SDA church, but I am. I'm an ordained elder, established an drug and alcohol recovery group nearly thirty years ago within the SDA church, using the book Steps to Christ. the first in the SDA church. When I presented the suggestion of starting a  Christian AA in the church, the only question was" why?" we had sixty five members within the first year.

 I have played for evangelistic meetings all over the country for years.

I know you suggested I bow out of the SDA church, but now I can't there's just to much work for the Lord to be done.

I've probably been wrong in my posts. I'm used to people that enjoy delving into touchy teachings and going for it with Christian love. Not arguing, and throwing out hateful comments.

As for the traditions, you have to admit most non Adventist know us for our traditions instead of our doctrines.

A usual response is, your Mormon, or your the ones that don't eat meat, don't dance, don't go to shows, don't drink coffee, your women don't ware jewelry or make up.

We ourselves say we don't play cards, pool, go bowling, we don't marry non Adventist, we attend SDA schools. Socializing with non Adventist is frowned upon. These are some of the traditions we are known for by outsiders.

Most people think we have our own bible and that EGW is our leader in charge, that's why most people see us as a cult.

EGW is a tradition, if in SS class there is a debate and someone say's Ellen White says, the debate is over.

So Jason, you see I enjoy my church. The difference between you and my group is my  group is secure. Not afraid to discuss controversial  issues not threatened by new and different ideas not looking over our shoulder for fear someone is going to get us.

So please, Jason, refrain from telling me I don't love my church, that I think EGW is a false prophet, that her writings should be done away with. That I want to give up the fundamental teachings.  I have questioned most of these areas, and yes I feel we do error in some of our teachings, and certain changes should be made, but remember, those are my thoughts, and just because I believe it doesn't mean it's right. it's just my thoughts. When I wanted to have AA in the church, I was branded a heretic. Now there are groups in many of our churches and many have found cleansing from alcohol thru Christ.

And in deference to you I'm not concerned if everybody doesn't see it my way. I feel that is the work of the holy spirit. And I believe God has many saint who are not Adventist.

God bless you,



We must come out of the world in our investment, but we must still live in it. As long as we have breath we need to serve God in the world by displaying his love and sharing his salvation with his sheep. Failing to do this is to fail to grow as a Christian and failing to abide in Christ.


The most important thing is serving God in this world and sharing His love with all that we meet. Very true. Nothing better than that.


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