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As a SDA Christian what do you want for Christmas and why?

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I can't do tofu turkey, because I am allergic to soy, so I just basically make a vegan banquet.. Ratatouille, Stuffed acorn squash, Brussel sprouts sauteed cranberries, slivered almonds, and shallots, home made spiced apple cider, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, carob pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie....etc.. Whatever else seems to fit the season and tastes great.


As you can guess even I love to cook... Just not all the time... :0)

ty... My 11 year old still hates it though.. I just came under the conviction to go full on vegan about 6 months ago, and he thinks he will die if he eats a vegetable.. lol

@Gabriel LOL


@Jason the fact that we are going down the same path with our health care as many country's who have failed at this before us.. Like England (where many women have been turned away from hospitals and forced to go to berthing pools) Canada..etc... For starters... Any way Gabriel was just cracking a joke about the heavy amounts of trash food, and lack of care for our personal health that has become so ramped here in the US....

what's wrong with the President ?

Shaz, I will join you. I have never seen christmas in those parts of the world.



Sis. Redva

Ok Kristina, I see. Please teach those kids to focus on Jesus as they enjoy christmas.


Sis. Redva

Always :0)

Shaz, welcome an thanks. I can identify with this too. I did not grow up in an Adventist home and Christmas to us as children were the best time of the year. Etched to my memory. But when we come to the knowledge of the truth God does not wink at our presumption. Jesus was born, His birth was celebrated. We must celebrate Christ in our lives daily. We must allow people to know that we are His disciples by our love. By our fruit they shall know us. I personally like to shop during the season but that's about it for me, all things remain normal just as for the rest of the year.


God Bless

Sis. Redva




The Righteous And The Wicked In The Day Of Trouble Isaiah 57


The entire 57th chapter deals with idolatry in God's church. God's people were called to come out of Babylon. The reason why we are called out is that we are to depart from the customs of Babylon. This chapter reveals the truth. Though we came out, we brought the customs and idolatry into the house of God. The evil spoken of in this chapter is Christmas-keeping and Christmas gifts one to another. The 9th verse says, we have honored the king (the devil) by doing this, and "debase" ourselves "even unto hell." This surely is true. We as a people spend the Lord's money in telling the public that Christmas is not the birthday of Christ, and then turn about and do the same thing the world is doing. By such methods we are implicated in the highest form of hypocrisy.

Isa. 57:4, 5, and 6, tell of the evil practices of Israel of old, and are written in this chapter to make a comparison with the people now, in as much as to say we are doing the same as they back there, and are no better. Quoting Volume 1, page 129: "I saw that many who profess to believe the truth for these last days, think it strange that the children of Israel murmured as they journeyed; that after the wonderful dealings of God with them, they should be so ungrateful as to forget what He had done for them. Said the angel, 'Ye have done worse than they'." To explain the entire chapter, it must be taken verse by verse, but being too lengthy, it can not be done at this present time.


Another comes with the following question: "You preach that Christmas is not the true birthday of Christ; that it is the birthday of an imposter, a day of pagan institution, and idolatrous worship. You have told us that Christians must not take part in it, and for this reason are supposed to come out from fallen Babylon. Why then do you do the same as those who are in Babylon? You give gifts and receive gifts, you send an What answer shall we give to this second inquisitor that would establish his faith in what we believe?

Whether we answer the question or not, our works have declared, "Yes, that is what we preach, but that is not what we practice." Is not this hypocrisy of the highest form? Has our answer now compelled this poor soul to accept or to reject the truth? Most likely he would reject the truth and join the ranks of infidelity now if never before. What is true of Christmas, the same is true of Easter, etc., but the current does not stop here.


GOd Bless...




I think you are oversimplifying, and using to broad of a brush.. The call out of Babylon is a call out of the churches that have willfully fallen in line with the precepts of Rome, and acknowledge Romes supremacy in various forms.

Seen that you have stated a fact, about: "The call out of Babylon is a call out of the churches that have willfully fallen in line with the precepts of Rome, and acknowledge Romes supremacy" Then I would ask you this.

Has the SDA church reached that stage. Consider the following:

Pastor B.T.Rice (Northside Seventh Church & President of St. Louis Clergy Coalition) thanking the pope for all that he has done for inter faith (also giving him a banner).

Pastor Dwight Nelson saying that Allah is the God of Christians and that the Quran has the same trues of the Bible. Also seventh day Adventist student bowing down in a mosque bowing Allah. 

Also on a Adventist Today Magazine has the pope face on it and saying letting Catholics off the hook. Inside this magazine we see reasons why we should consider that Rome is not the beast. Also giving reason why our prophetess could be wrong.

Also there is a vaticano Adventista (Adventist Vatican) in Maryland USA.

These is just a few not to mention the whole Christmas topic. So what do you think?

We are not taking about the conferences position, we are talking about our individual choices as Christians, as well as historic Adventist references like the statements of sister White who in no way gave her self over to Roman principals. Not stuff that is being done by a conference that sadly on many levels has become corrupted.. Please don't twist the conversation in to another topic all together for the sake of evading my point.


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