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Published on: 11 March, 2015

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has issued an official statement on vaccines, saying it “encourages responsible immunisation” and has no faith-based reason to discourage believers from participating in immunisation programs.

The full statement, titled, “Immunisation,” says: 

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church places strong emphasis on health and well-being. The Adventist health emphasis is based on biblical revelation, the inspired writing of E G White (co-founder of the church), and on peer-reviewed scientific literature. As such, we encourage responsible immunisation/vaccination, and have no religious or faith-based reason not to encourage our adherents to responsibly participate in protective and preventive immunisation programs. We value the health and safety of the population, which includes the maintenance of ‘herd immunity’.

“We are not the conscience of the individual church member, and recognise individual choices. These are exercised by the individual. The choice not to be immunised is not and should not be seen as the dogma nor the doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Many do not realize the power of disease, viruses, etc, to overwhelm strong immune systems. As good as it is,I'm not sure it was ever designed to to cope with disease, especially many forms of cancer. Immunization, if available,is a sensible and necessary protection.

Well put. As a church through its clinics hospitals and ADRA we are corporately involved in providing health-promoting immunizations world wide to hundreds of thousands of children and adults. I wrote in my final Record editorial ten years ago in its final line "and immunize your children". This was good sense then and still is very sensible. I have seen unimmunized children die from tetanus. The yearly epidemics of measles mumps and rubella have faded almost away due to immunization. Let them not come back. And by the way,dietary 'perfection' is no match for prevention of the diseases that immunizations do actually prevent.

Both of these comments are well know Pastors of the Australian church. I have add my comment but I suspect my chance of being added is zero, because I oppose the safe use of vaccines, even though I knew personally Dr Percy Harrold for over 10 years as a missionary.

The fact is the Church should not have got inv0lved in health issues such as these. It's not a salvation  issue but they have made a political statement to pave the way for Masonic laws to rule over us. What benefit is there for a church to publish political health statements such as this?

Why do our hospital's treat cancer with chemo, surgery and radiation, rather than nutrition and NEWSTART methods ? Why? Because we no longer follow EGW health or Bible principles.

Just another issue that the grass-root member is left to his or her own defence....the church will not help you on your own....

Whether you like or like vaccine use is your business, the point is why has it become a church political point ?

De 14:21 Ye shall not eat of any thing that dieth of itself:

This principle has profound implication's for the church

We are stand up and declare things that are unhealthy, that if eaten make us die a little more...

For example water treated with chlorine kills bacteria, so it does not kill humans now does it? not even a little, perfectly healthy to drink the water isn't it ? If a little chlorine kills bacteria, it must also kill a human just a little too...not enough to wipe out all six quin trillion cells, but just a few every glass you take....slowly you daily die a little...

What about fluoride, does that kill living things? Or mercury which is added to vaccine to kill the microbes in the vaccines and preserve it? Or what about GMO food?

What does this Bible principle say ? only applicable to eating red meat ? Or is eating anything harmful to you ?

The Church would not publish an article I gave them on GMO....I wonder why?   Maybe we will see a Church political statement declaring GMO foods are safe too .....


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The lack of Adventist identity has even led some to doubt the literal seven-day Creation week, denying a worldwide flood, and reducing the Sabbath to merely a rest from stress, rather than a last-day sign of connection with the Creator and Redeemer Himself  Quote from Ted Wilson address to the SDA world

Not only is science attacking our church with Creation, but with vaccine health and GMO foods too.

As a church we believe Science is always right....Science is destroying our faith in God

From a science teacher of 25 years teaching science


In fact the Roman Catholic Church says that evolution and Bible creation are compatible ....nothing could be further from the truth....

Se  my studies on this...


I like to call it pagan 'science', as opposed to REAL science. God created the laws of science.

One example of this is Newton's Law on Motion. The supporters of big bang theory have set aside Newton's Law in favor of Einstein's theory.

"Newton's law has been set aside in favor of Einstein's theory of general relativity..." wikipedia

I had the  pleasure of having Pastor David Edgar as my Pastor for 5 years I found Him a very spiritual man and his view on things was well balanced. I do remember he said one time that we need to do all we can to be healed including what can be done by the Dr in Health Care and Hospitals. I get the feeling you do not see things the same way Rob? 

Pardon my Ignorance, No really forgive me for being ignorant on this particular subject, but is there a particular SDA connection to being anti-vaccines? I am 27 years old, grew up in the church, and not once have I ever heard a sermon on Vaccines within the SDA church. Neither have I read any SDA published book on vaccinations. Granted I understand that just because I haven't heard of an argument inside the SDA church doesn't mean the argument doesn't exist.

Most of the time when I do hear such argument they tend to stem not from our chruch but from certain political groups who identify as christian and are made up of multiple denominations.  So again I ask, is there or was there ever a connection between the SDA church and Anti-Vaccination?

Again, I apologize for my ignorance on this subject matter.

Some extremist  ultra-conservative traditional Adventists are of the view that we should not use any vaccines. They normally Home School their kids etc.. any case most of the new vaccines are useless and just profit making.. .


Yes some humble Pastors may be ignorant, after all didn't Jesus say regarding the end of time many will be deceived....Aren't we living with destroyers seeking to destroy the earth, just before Jesus comes ?

Do we continue to trust science and governments right up to the Second Coming, or even up to the Sunday law decree? When do we develop a certain distrust for authorities because they are doing us harm rather than doing us good ? Do you really believe our drinking water is safe to drink? Or our foods labelled with honest truthful companies ? Or that GMO foods are safe to eat? That even drug we swallow is medically helpful as the doctor says it is? That every TV program we watch makes our minds uplifted? That when we shop in the streets that everything materialistic thing we see is designed for our best good?

So if wolves come in sheep clothing, WHEN do they come? Have you read the research on vaccines or GMO or fluoride or chemical trails poisoning in the air....? Or do we assume everything is fine and these conspiracy theories are false?


Yes I have never heard a Pastor preach anything on such topics either....we rarely stand for truth in the church these days, and we do not follow the health principle's we once did. Actually I have never heard a Pastor preach on how to be saved either as the Bible steps say we are saved....

I do not follow any political group, within the SDA church, what does that mean anyway?

My query why is the SDA making a political stand when they didn't have too?

What agenda is behind this ? Why do we have to align with the world on issues anyway? if you want a full scholarly approach to vaccines, try here


Your good with EGW research

What does EGW say about taking drugs that do us harm ?

I have never met an extremist SDA person? What does that mean anyway ?

Have you researched the matter of vaccines? Or GMO's?

Gentlemen have a listen to Leonard, and if he does not convince you, well nobody can....He was just a layman like us before he got involved....

But my question is to the SDA church as a whole, why are we making a political statement affecting what I can and can't believe in ? It seems as if the church has developed two kinds of SDA, the one that must stand alone or his belief an the one that follows the world as the SDA church now does....

What a choice...our church is fragmenting from the inside....and on a topic about health...we don't even follow EGW counsels on health...look at our hospitals are treating cancer...its pathetic...


When I was a freshman in the Academy Polio was ramped. So much so that public pools were closed, people were strongly advised to avoid large crowds, and to even stay away from the beaches.

The Salk vaccine for the prevention of Polio came out that summer. My cousin who was 14 years old didn't take the vaccine and came down with the disease. As a result she has spent the last seventy five years with leg braces, crutches and is now confined to a chair.

Since the introduction of the Salk Vaccine, Polio has been almost entirely eradicated in this part of the world.

Smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Typhus, Tetanus are almost never seen in this part of the world anymore as a result of routine vaccination.

I am a firm believer in national remedies. And although Sister White was by far not the first to advocate health reform she was definitely up with methods being practiced in her day, many of which were very advanced for the time. Not withstanding, disease ran ramped, life span was shorter than today, yet the principles were good then and are still good today.

I have Amish friends that won't use electricity, drive a car, no running water or indoor toilets, and travel by horse and buggy. They don't take any medications( including natural remedies, which seems more consistent to me). They are happy and healthy and I love them to death. The Amish as a group do however vaccinate their children.

Using natural remedies is not what it is cracked up to be ether. Remember all medicine started a natural substance. Many people feel if it is natural it isn't a drug. Not necessarily so. Opium, looks pretty in the field, but is extremely dangerous.

Taking vaccines now days may not be as important as it once was because many of the life threatening diseases have been done away with because of previous vaccination.

I tend to agree with you Keith, maybe in the past medicine truly did look after your health, but what about today as we approach the destroyers destroying the earth as the Bible predicts in Revelation 13 during the coming Sunday Law decree. Do the same principles of looking out for us uphold?

Are you sure Amish vaccinate? Depends upon who you read?  The Amish anomaly refers to the low rates of autism spectrum disorders among the Amish, which originate primarily from columns by Dan Olmsted for United Press International. In these columns, Olmsted asserted that he could only find three Amish autistics after searching in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and that two of them were vaccinated.[1] This anomaly is of interest because the Amish constitute a sizable unvaccinated control group, though less than ideal due to significant dietary, genetic, and lifestyle differences. Some have argued that this anomaly alone constitutes a correlation between vaccines and autism.[2]

This post is not so much about vaccines but why did the Church make a political stance against our health individual rights?

Will they also say the Church no longer advocate vegetarian diet as a healthy choice. Individuals can chose this if they want but it's no longer a part of our SDA culture.

Is this the next policy?

Will they say the same for GMO foods too? What was behind the political remark ? We never had a policy for 100 years so why now?



Ellen White was not a fantastic on the vegetarian diet. Even when she removed Meat from her diet, she still continued to use fish on occasion more than forty years after her health reform vision.

She operated on " principle " not a cut and dried rule of abstinence. There is a lot of good advice given in the EG White estate under EGW and vegetarianism.

That vegetarianism was not a principle with Ellen White is clear from her statement that:

I have never felt that it was my duty to say that no one should taste meat under any circumstance. To say this . . . would be carrying matters to extremes. I have never felt that it was my duty to make sweeping assertions.69

This was doubtless one of the main reasons Mrs. White refused to go along with the idea of making vegetarianism a test of church "fellowship" promoted by some of her brethren.70 On the contrary, while recognizing that

Page 25

"swine's flesh was prohibited by Jesus Christ enshrouded in the billowy cloud" during the Exodus, Ellen White stated emphatically in 1889 that even the eating of pork "is not a test question."71

Writing to Adventist colporteurs in the same manuscript, she said: "I advise every Sabbathkeeping canvasser to avoid meat eating, not because it is regarded as a sin to eat meat, but because it is not healthful."

It is obvious that vegetarianism was not a principle with Christ or with the patriarchs or prophets of Scripture, for they all ate flesh-meats. The Passover required the eating of lamb--and this by divine direction. Christ and His disciples ate fish from Galilee more than once--and in so doing none of them violated principle, and none of them thereby committed sin.

Vegetarianism for Ellen White was a policy, based upon at least two principles: (1) "Preserve the best health,"72 and (2) "eat that food which is most nourishing,"73 doing the very best possible, under every immediate circumstance, to promote life, health, and strength.




Did She Practice What She Preached?

By Roger W. Coon
Edited by Donald E. Mansell

Copyright 1986 by Pacific Press Publishing Association
Used by permission.

This was doubtless one of the main reasons Mrs. White refused to go along with the idea of making vegetarianism a test of church "fellowship" promoted by some of her brethren.70 On the contrary, while recognizing that

Page 25

"swine's flesh was prohibited by Jesus Christ enshrouded in the billowy cloud" during the Exodus, Ellen White stated emphatically in 1889 that even the eating of pork "is not a test question."71

70. 9T:159.

71. Manuscript 15, 1889. For a further declaration against making either the raising of swine or the eating of pork "in any sense a test of Christian fellowship," cf. 2SM:338.



About the Sunday Laws. I find these statements of Ellen White interesting.

Adventists here and there were put in jail for violating Sunday laws. When she was asked what should be done, in a particular instance where Adventists were threatened with imprisonment in Australia, “here are her instructions in ‘Testimonies for the Church,’ Vol. IX, No. 37, published in 1909. It is a square backdown from all she had published before. It avoids all possibility of persecution for Sunday work. She says: ‘The light given me by the Lord at a time when we were expecting just such a crisis as you seem to be approaching was that when the people were moved by a power from beneath to enforce Sunday observance, Seventh-day Adventists were to show their wisdom by refraining from their ordinary work on that day, devoting it to missionary effort’ (p. 232). ‘Give them no occasion to call you lawbreakers.’ ‘It will be very easy to avoid that difficulty. Give Sunday to the Lord as the day for doing missionary work.’”

As for the Amish, the ones I know about are in Indiana and are friends of ours. They vaccinate.



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