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With all the controversy surrounding "what is and what is not Christian/ Sacred music" I would like to ask the question, Is Classical Music with Composers such as Mozart, Bach, Beethooven and Handels sacred or secular music? And should SDA be listening to such artiste/ genre of Music?

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I'm not sure that there is just one composer, artist or genre that has a sole monopoly on what is sacred. What is sacred to one is not sacred to another. God has not endorsed one particular genre or artist that I am aware of. I hear a lot of hot air to that effect. But nothing scriptural has been shown to me to back it up.

I think it comes down to each his own. And in that regard ... I think a little patience and tolerance is due. Having just come home from chruch ... I can say that I am always blessed at the variety and individuality that each member brings that contributes to the music and even to the other aspects of worship. Diversity is truly a blessing.

So, let's have a little classical along with the rock.
LOL 4Him you never fail to add a little fire to the discussions. I am not too sure how your Rock with a little Classical will go down with Conservative SDA's LOL.

But I hear what you are saying bro.
A little Holy Spirit Fire is always a good thing Charlie. And btw ... you provide your own contribution of that 'hot' stuff too.

But I have to tell you ... you twisted my words. I said a little classical with my Rock ... not 'Rock with a little Classical'. Just to keep you on your toes. Okay ... there may be no difference ... but anyways.

Happy Sabbath to you and Josh.
I hear you bro but Rock and classical or classical and rock the two just don't go among conservative SDAs. lol
That is THEIR loss.
Hmmm classical music is nice because you dont have someone elses thoughts being pushed into your head. Its nice to sit back and listen to that classical and think your own thoughts. Put your own words to the music. I think a safe bet for sabbath worship is still the hymnal. Such a huge message in a song. No 711 songs with short messages that repeat over and over. But with hymnal songs its a sermon/message compacted into a 4-6 line song. You cant get that from this little light of mine, or Do lord. Even though those are great songs i grew up with. Campfire songs. But they dont have the meaning and the power that the hymnal songs put out. When i'm being tortured and persecuted i will be singing hymnals to keep my mind focused on Jesus. I might even be singing some 711 songs to. But man can't live on bread alone. He needs vitamins. He needs substance. So i'll mostly be singing hymnal songs, and who knows my singing will be a sermon with all those verses and messages in one hymnal it would be a sermon to the people who wer persecuting me. If i have to put up with their torture then they will have to endure my singing. LOL I feel sorry for them because i can't sing. ;-)

I hope you all had a Blessed Sabbath today.
Sacred music is dedicated to or set apart for the worship and in this context it is in divine service in SDA worship. Hence specify hymn of noted tempo is important. I agree that only songs from SDA hymn book are sacred and holy dedicated to or set apart for the worship .

Mozart, Bach, Beethooven and Handels ...And should SDA be listening to such artiste/ genre of Music? I don't see that a every day life but they are not sacred?

Hi Bro&Sis! 

I have used "happy day " for my spare time and never for church!

I remember that on 70's, when the Heritage start , the GC try to stop them cos their very modern style! lololol

Let me share the thoughts of one our Brother in other similar issue as follow:

"God can use anything to bring people in, and He will too...but I think it would be incorrect to assume that just because He uses something to bring someone in, that it is something he condones or encourages.  I don't have a direct answer for your myriad of questions, but I do think in many issues of spiritual and church life, we get caught up on, "does it provide me a blessing" without thinking about how it might negatively impact someone else. 


Charles Gounod (he's French) wrote a beautiful arrangement from Bach's original 'Ave Maria'.  Now many of you probably know Gounod and Bach are considered 'classical' composers, and that Ave Maria is a popular song in Catholicism for the Virgin Mary.  As a young instrumentalist, I played this once in my church for a prelude (without words), focusing on how beautiful the music was.  However, I failed to take into account what the song was about (even though I wasn't singing the words), and how it might affect others.  I found out later, that several newer Adventist Christians were conflicted that day as they heard a song about Mary, that reminded them of a faith and system of beliefs they had given up to follow Jesus and His truth.  The came to this new faith on a strong conviction and they believed that there should be no compromise, yet they were hearing the music to a song which amplifies the theology of Catholicism, which is contradictory to Biblical teachings.  Never again have I made this same specific mistake. 


A gentleman I study with, who was released from prison not so long ago after some decades of serving time, found Jesus in prison, and more so was baptized a few months ago.  He once said to me, it was hard for him to go to certain churches when the music reminded him of his past life, just with different words. 


I try to regularly remind myself as a praise team leader and musician that no matter what words I (or another) have replaced or are omitting altogether, music affects people, and my haste or personal preferences can affect others negatively, no different than my poor choice of words might be in a casual conversation. 


I suggest we remember that the words alone don't make it 'God' worthy...and while in most cases I would not go so far as to say that certain music is 'bad' or 'evil' or 'sinful', I would say that it's negative affects on others should be reason for us to consider finding something else that is worshipful and enjoyable to share in."


I think music should make us aware that we are sinful beings in need of a Holy God. The genre or style of music is less important. What is important is that God's name be lifted up and that can be achieved with traditional hymns as well as contemporary gospel music.
You ask Some beautiful questions. Let me answer the last question. Music is not of Satan, but of God. These composers did à marvelous job in the classical area, and this genre of music has Some beautiful benefits to the mind, body, and soul.

Hello brother and Sisters in Christ 

Help  me to complete one Santana for four lines on the topic of communion service. I must have 8 world in one line.

Your right ---ious--ness is whiter than snow 

your blood is pure that i know 

your addition will be appreciated or new composition will be appreciated. 

I don't see how 'Stairway to Heaven' or the songs of 'Black Sabbath' are not considered 'Christian' by the definition that is used for rock music appropriate for church. We had a young lady sing from 'Jesus Christ, Superstar' at church and we had "Sympathy for the Devil" at the youth Seventh-day Adventist Florida Camp Meeting at Kulaqua.

Are the words what make it 'sacred' or is the music and how it speaks to your senses important. We knew what we were doing when we sung those songs and if we had to change a word or two to get it by the church, it was no problem. We now understand whose words and work we were doing, but it seems the same problem is happening today, and these songs are now being called 'Christian rock' with just a few changes to the lyrics and adding the word God or Jesus, claiming that makes them appropriate. But are they...


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