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Can we drink coffee?

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For a thorough examination of this issue, please read this article:
I notice that this has been posted on other boards, word for word.

This exact post you have posted here I think.

Is there a particular point you are trying to share with the Adventist community about Ellen White?

These are pretty much the same arguments found on the anti-ellen white websites, to try to prove that she is a hypocrite.

Are you presenting the view Ellen White was a hypocrite and did not practice what she preached?

What is YOUR point exactly. Just because the information I post here might have been somewhere else does not diminish the truth that is presented.

My point?

Ellen White was a sinner just as you and I. Praise God SHE realized this. If only WE did.

Does this diminish her prophetess status? No. But we must be clear that we are to accept those messages that are from God. Being a prophet is not a full time job. Not every word ever spoken from our prophet is meant to be from God.

Our job according to our prophet is to compare her words with scripture.

She never claimed to be Saint Ellen. Some have made her that. Praise God we can see that she struggled with things like meat eating ... just as many of us do. If you want to call her a hypocrite ... you may. Just as you and I also fall short of what we know and preach ... Ellen White was no different.

Again ... this does not in any way diminish her status as prophet. All prophets failed in their life. If this is a problem with you then perhaps your perception of prophets needs tweeking.
Can I ask you some questions please?

Are you a Pastors wife?

I was under the impression you were a male, but I may be wrong?

This is not about me. Male ... Female ..... that is personal. Not sure where you get your ideas. I am not a Pastor's wife ... no. Maybe you have me confused with someone else?

But, don't see what this has to do with anything and why you are making things so personal. I don't give out a lot of personal info as I think that doing so on the internet can be dangerous. I consider people like you who try to get personal information .... as predatory. If you really needed to know for some reason ... you could send me a personal message. We could have chatted about it.

Now ... can we return to the topic of this thread?
The only reason I ask is because there is a trail of these posts over the internet that exactly match what has been posted here.

I was trying to ascertain if you were the same poster, which seemed likely.

But I respect your right to privacy of course.

I was just curious, it never dawned on me that you would be a female possibly.

But I remember you insisting that I should reveal my membership of the church, was not that the same type of curiosity, was that not the same type of question?

Is it not unusual for a person to know a little about a person they are in regular communication with, especially if they are trying to understand their views.

God bless,

I am not saying that I am female or male. That is personal information and I would hope you would respect my privacy on this board. Thanks Mark
I will of course respect your privacy and would ask the same of yourself in the future. :-)

God bless,


I was reading in this thread and noticed your post about NHim. I saw the word for word post on another website. Here is the link.


There is an agenda here.

I choose to drink plain water... I think that Jesus will not drink coffee if He is in our place nowadays...
coffee is a drug, don't drink it
It is a great way to help control my low-blood pressure.


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