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Can we drink coffee?

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I would venture to say that YES ... most SDAs do drink coffee. Why do you ask? I know that my pastor loves to take members out for coffee when meeting with them. It is a very social thing to do.
Hm... A pastor loves to take members out for coffee... Do you drink coffee?
No I don't drink coffee. But I think that many SDAs do. Not sure why you would ask. Don't see what I do has any impact on this discussion.
"When these tea and coffee users meet together for social entertainment, the effects of their pernicious habit are manifest. All partake freely of the favorite beverages, and as the stimulating influence is felt, their tongues are loosened, and they begin the wicked work of talking against others. Their words are not few or well chosen. .. All these unkind criticicisms, these exagerated reports, these envious feelings, expressed under the excitement of the cup of tea, Jesus registers as against Himself." E.G. White, Counsels on Diet and Foods,421.

"Tea and coffee drinking is a sin, an injurious indulgence, which, like other evils, injure the soul. These darlilng idols create an excitement, a morbid action of the nervous system; and after the immediate influence of the stimulants is gone, it lets down below par just to that degree that its stimulating properties elevated above par." Idem, 421.

"Never take tea,coffee, beer, whine, or any spirituous liquors. Water is the best liquid possible to cleanse the tissues." Counsels on Diet and Foods, p.421.

"Tea, coffee, and tobacco are all stimulating, and contain poisons. They are not only unnecessary, but harmful, and should be discarded if we would add to knowledge temperance." Idem, 421.

There is more on this topic in that section of the book. All who are seeking to live up to the light given by the Lord on health-reform should make sure they have this book and read it from cover to cover.

Yes you're right it contains caffeine which is injurious to our health. I want to share an article about caffeine. I hope everybody who ask about "caffeine", coffee, soda drinks and other caffeinated food will take some time to read this article:
I enjoy drinking soda pop. But I don't drink the kinds that have caffeine. You can do the same with coffee. Just drink the decaf
Oh.I see. PLEASE have some time to read this article my friend...
When we talk about coffee, either it's regular or decaffeinated, the bad effect of it aside from caffeine is-- it INCREASES BLOOD CHOLESTEROL LEVEL. And, as we knew, high cholesterol may cause atherosclerosis that may lead to coronary arterial disease, other heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke and, or circulatory problem.
very good sis
I would venture to say No, most SDA's do not drink Coffee as they know that it is unhealthy for them, or they would if they spent any time in the SOP to ascertain that fact.

If you drink caffeinated coffee or encourage others to do the same, there can only be two reasons:

You are in ignorance of the SOP counsel.

You are in opposition to the SOP counsel.

Ellen White drank coffee. Personally ... I haven't had any coffee in 30 years. But I let each person decide on their own. I don't push such matters. It is an individual choice.
Can you supply a source for that 4him.

Are you saying she drank coffee AFTER she received light on it.

That could be inferred from your post.

Please be specific with your claims and in this instance, please quote your source.



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