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Yesterday I discovered a Christian chat site that was the most welcoming site I have ever been to. The founder or one of the key people, who does programming all of the site etc. as well as admin work, came in voice directly to me with new technology he was testing.

At first when I heard this voice talking to me, I was surprised, He introduced himself as Mr. Troy. He helped me through everything, taking me into a beginner's chat room, spent time with me personally. The attitude was completely love of God and friendliness. Within minutes they had accepted me, it didn't take weeks like on this site. They had me fill out a form, verify email, informed me of the rules which are strict as regarding blocking people or other means of correcting violation of the rules and dealing with those that are abusive, unkind and just plain mean, unlike this site.

The principle officer Mr. Troy was incredible in service, acting Christ-like and I praised him and thanked him for how he conducted himself. This was a great witness. When Mr. Troy took me to the chat rooms to show me how things work, everyone there was kind, friendly, non-combative, non-denominational, and accepting, the way God excepts people in their imperfections and sin into the body of Christ.

After I figured it out, I was in the Biblical Study chat room. People disagreed sometimes, but they remained civil, not attacking the individual, but stating their position without judging the individuals they disagreed with, unlike what happens on this site if someone has a view other than standard dogma.

Many people in the Biblical Study chat room did not know much Biblically, some knew from their mostly institutional church, and some were wise on some particular issue. There was no attacking there regardless, there was freedom to speak, with no one telling you to stop or shut up, unlike here.

I answered questions and made statements backed up with scriptures and people were accepting of me as a person and didn't question my spirituality or sincerity, in fact they respected me, as any man or woman of God should be respected, as a brother in Christ. There were disagreements, but mutual respect, unlike here.

I see on Facebook for this site that there are people that for months have not been accepted and no word has come from the admin here, unlike the site. A friend of mine Bob wanted to join  Adventistonline. He made several applications, none were acceptable and he waited months, with no word. He gave up. This is apparently a closed and exclusive society for the most part on this site.

I don't want to disparage individuals who are kind on this site, there are many, I have made friends here though we disagree on a few topics, but agree on many, and I don't want to impugn the admins here, for it is a hard job I am sure. I am thankful that I am able to meet people that I can pray for and maybe help them in some way. But I think that this site could learn something from this wonderful chat site, the way they operate, and the way people conduct themselves.

I am very critical of those that falsely accuse and attack the individual here and are mockers, but I have none of that trouble at this other site. The contrast was incredible. The atmosphere was completely different in a good sense. There wasn't that heavy you better believe our doctrines or else attitude.

It was open, free and yet decently and in order, and I saw no abuse. By the way, the other site has experienced bad situations where people took advantage, they have learned by experience how to correct those problems while maintaining a friendly, supportive and inclusive and excepting environment.

This unfortunately is a sad commentary of contrast. Look, there are wonderful people here, but some here are over the top in their accusatory attitudes and lack of tolerance of any thing they disagree with.

One should retain an open mind for the truth, as well as respecting divergent views, thats why the founding fathers of this country installed the First Amendment. Some of you would like to stop certain views that you don't like. The Freedom of Speech etc. allows for ideas to flourish, and hopefully the best ideas, learning and wisdom and knowledge will win out in the end. 

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The German I am not good at but I am sure you got the drift. By the same token I do not see a lot of Christian Behaviour from you either. Your comments are always dripping with sarcasm. So if you can justify your sarcasm so can I. 

"The German I am not good at but I am sure you got the drift. By the same token I do not see a lot of Christian Behaviour from you either. Your comments are always dripping with sarcasm. So if you can justify your sarcasm so can I. "

Havent used any sarcasm so please enlighten me what makes you justify this denunciation again exactly or quote what you think to be sarcastic on the replies i made in this thread please?

Furthermore 2 wrongs do not make one right you should know that as it is a central part of christianity so i ask you again to stop your personal attacks and pejoratively phrases.

It does not make you right nor does it make you seem to be right. All it does is inflaming all threads you engage in and thats part of the statement James did in this thread: Hostility and unchristian behaviour and (personal) attacks dominate this forum and you are personally one of the major players in this field and keep proving this over and over again.


You are the one claiming the Higher moral ground I did not. I do not understand why and how you can do that. I would guess you are so used to doing it you do not see what you are doing. I am a bit puzzled that you are taking this tack because your normal way is to rub ones nose in Humanism. 

Thank you CINDY for your statements; if people were less hostile, I would even thank them if they completely disagreed with me, but for valid reasons based on doctrines, logic, principles, and sound practice according to the Bible.

yes a very valid point to prove that darkness cannot mingle with the light or error with truth.

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5:11

For someone who advocates that the Bible is not the final authority for anyone in this day and age and that we should wait and look for new revelation is not someone I think is walking fully in the light.

The Bible cautions us to have nothing to do with workers of iniquity and rather expose them. 99% truth mingled with 1% error is no truth at all.

Any which way people want to dissect this issue it will still lead to one very valid outcome, that God is truth and His word testifies of that and if we are to toss aside His word to wait for new revelation that we are not sure is from God then we have a serious problem.

The fundamental problem with all charismatic believers who always have a new revelation from "god" is that they all tend to think that what they say is truth yet the Bible proves otherwise.

Seems like the devil has pulled the veil down over many eyes on here.

Did I ever advocate tossing aside the written word? NO. You don't believe in God communicating with His people by revelation according to your own words, you don't believe in or practice prophesy in the church, speaking in tongues, tongues with interpretation, or any of the other manifestations OF HOLY SPIRIT, NOT THE DEVIL.

You are devoid of knowledge of these spiritual matters, like one groping in the dark, blind and unable to see the true facts or truth. I perceive that you have a spirit of bondage, unable and or unwilling to walk by the spirit. This is partly due to the teaching, culture and lack of understanding on these matters in the SDA and in most of Christianity unfortunatley. Those who want to attempt (impossible as it is) to walk by the Law in their own righteousness instead of being righteous by grace, will always attack those who walk by the spirit, just like the Pharisees did to Jesus and Paul. You attack what you do not understand, and to which you are completely afraid of; the spirit of God.

Because of counterfeits, you throw out and reject the spirit of God and its power and manifestations thereby.

You want to parade yourself as one who knows about this subject when you know almost nothing. Have you ministered healing and cast out spirits by the powerful name of Jesus Christ, have you spoken words from The Lord that came to pass, have you prophesied by the spirit of God, have you spoken in multiple languages (not babbling, but real recognizable languages, at least those of men and not angels, which no human knows)that are not learned. Have you been attacked by demons, humans and other dangerous situations and came out alive? Have you seen by revelation where the demons are and what kind they are, or that someone is a child of God. Have you been run over by a possessed woman who would not stop and God told you to jump on the hood, and the woman would not stop so you had to roll off the hood, but were unhurt?

Have you by command turned a breach baby in the womb by visual and other revelation and the baby was born head first? Have you assisted in cooperating with God to have a woman who came to the fellowship in a wheel chair walk for the first time in seven years?

Have you spent 40 years learning these spiritual things...have you heard the voice of the Lord? God is my witness that I have seen and done these things by the true spirit of God and more, He is my witness, who is yours? I say these things not to brag, but to proclaim that the spirit of God is true, and not to be blasphemed by those that are ignorant of His spirit, that have no experience. PERIOD

James, it seems to be a general attitude among the supposed righteous that anyone or any idea that does not have the stamp of approval of the congregation of the righteous needs to be rooted up and terminated with extreme prejudice. It would be a prudent thing for every man to remember that each of us is right about somethings and monumentally wrong about a host of other things.  The proliferation of contradictory ideas which all claim to have the solid backing of the word of God clearly shows that marshaling a number of proof texts or quotes from respected spiritual writers does not mean that the destination of truth has be definitively reached. As a young man growing up in the Caribbean I remember hearing the word of song which reminded hearers to listen to other since even the dull and the ignorant they to have their story. Refusing to engage those of a contrary opinion simply creates myopic tunnel vision. In parting it is useful to remember that even a clock that has stopped is right twice a day.  

The most dangerous falsehoods are those that are mingled with truth. It is thus that errors are received that captivate and ruin the soul. By this means Satan carries the world with him. But a day is coming when his triumph will be forever ended. PP 338.3

Sorry brother but we did not refuse to engage, we did engage hence the reason for the hundreds of post on this very issue.

The fact that a separate thread was created to deal with the very issue is proof enough that we have in fact engaged in conversation and while James plays the victim and cries foul you should also read some of his crass remarks on previous threads.

Many on here will engage with a Christ like spirit but make no mistake about the truth that we have been given, a truth to proclaim Jesus to the world. While you and your compatriots may not otherwise agree we will still move ahead under the blood stained banner of Christ Almighty.

Thank you Leonard, I just discovered this post tonight as well as your other post I just responded to. You have discretion, wisdom and you are an independent thinker, obviously continually seeking the truth and God's will. May The Lord open up the greater truths and the spirit of the Lord work greatly in you to fulfill the great destiny God has planned for you. I commend you and the truth is coming out more and more, not only here, but all over the world the spirit of the Lord is moving in believers to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Even if someone disagrees, has reasonable behavior and reasoning and is kind, acts like a lady or gentleman, that is fine. I have been called occultic, of the Devil, told I shouldn't be here, but God directed me here as He wants me here.

Isaiah 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

My comments on this topic.    I know that the Holy Spirit wants us to all be Christ like and to have a discussion on these topics because it is important to Him that His people have that relationship with him.   With the relationship with Him, He will instruct us on everything.    He will instruct those that are to be a Prophet, He will instruct those who must discern spirits He will instruct those that need to Heal.   If there are any who must speak in Tongues He will direct them too.   After that it is up to us to be obedient.   I am a strong believer and have received instruction regarding, Ellen G White, Women's Ordination and Personal Relationship with God.  I also heard and received a word that we must stop throwing stones and beating other people.  If a person is wrong, we should pick them up.  Coincidentially that was the Pastor's message this Sabbath, even though I had heard and posted it the Thursday before the Pastor spoke.  

Once we learn to hear from God we will know His plans for us.   We will walk in light.  No man can serve two masters, so if it is not from God, don't listen to it.  If you do, you will be responsible for your own spiritual fall.   Seek God's direction only, not others direction.  I am not saying you are doomed after, I am just letting you know that the word says, 2 Timothy 2:15 [Full Chapter]

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

It is up to you.

Mercy, what he is doing in my life is so beautiful, but he will do the same for you.  You just have to want it, and believe he will.    Have to want the truth though. 

Here is the message I posted last Thursday.    The Personal Relationship post is also attached.

In hopes this message will encourage someone.

Hurting People Hurt People

God is love and the greatest commandments are that we love God and we love our neighbours as ourselves.

Matthew 22 - 36 to 40 - Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

It is not uncommon that people will do things that we do not like. We are all created different. But to gossip and bring people down because they did you wrong is not what Jesus would do. Even if they are wrong as a Christian, find out what is broken and try to pick them up so they can be more Christ like.

Here is a word from Apostle Dwight Grant - "Only an empty cup can be a fool. When you hear something from someone and don't check with other party you have control over nothing. You can be made a fool off."

Lets beat the enemy at his own game. After all God tells us to love our enemies.

I want to make it in the kingdom, may not be perfect, but when you are walking by faith and not sight nothing makes sense but to put God at forefront. I love Him and soon doubters will be proven wrong and God will be victorious. All praise, glory and honour for who He has made me goes to Him.

The end times are here, are you ready.  Do you really want to meet your maker.  Get connected with Him.   It will be nothing but beautiful.


Thanks for the encouraging words.  We all need to let the Lord lead us in word and deed.


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