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Yesterday I discovered a Christian chat site that was the most welcoming site I have ever been to. The founder or one of the key people, who does programming all of the site etc. as well as admin work, came in voice directly to me with new technology he was testing.

At first when I heard this voice talking to me, I was surprised, He introduced himself as Mr. Troy. He helped me through everything, taking me into a beginner's chat room, spent time with me personally. The attitude was completely love of God and friendliness. Within minutes they had accepted me, it didn't take weeks like on this site. They had me fill out a form, verify email, informed me of the rules which are strict as regarding blocking people or other means of correcting violation of the rules and dealing with those that are abusive, unkind and just plain mean, unlike this site.

The principle officer Mr. Troy was incredible in service, acting Christ-like and I praised him and thanked him for how he conducted himself. This was a great witness. When Mr. Troy took me to the chat rooms to show me how things work, everyone there was kind, friendly, non-combative, non-denominational, and accepting, the way God excepts people in their imperfections and sin into the body of Christ.

After I figured it out, I was in the Biblical Study chat room. People disagreed sometimes, but they remained civil, not attacking the individual, but stating their position without judging the individuals they disagreed with, unlike what happens on this site if someone has a view other than standard dogma.

Many people in the Biblical Study chat room did not know much Biblically, some knew from their mostly institutional church, and some were wise on some particular issue. There was no attacking there regardless, there was freedom to speak, with no one telling you to stop or shut up, unlike here.

I answered questions and made statements backed up with scriptures and people were accepting of me as a person and didn't question my spirituality or sincerity, in fact they respected me, as any man or woman of God should be respected, as a brother in Christ. There were disagreements, but mutual respect, unlike here.

I see on Facebook for this site that there are people that for months have not been accepted and no word has come from the admin here, unlike the site. A friend of mine Bob wanted to join  Adventistonline. He made several applications, none were acceptable and he waited months, with no word. He gave up. This is apparently a closed and exclusive society for the most part on this site.

I don't want to disparage individuals who are kind on this site, there are many, I have made friends here though we disagree on a few topics, but agree on many, and I don't want to impugn the admins here, for it is a hard job I am sure. I am thankful that I am able to meet people that I can pray for and maybe help them in some way. But I think that this site could learn something from this wonderful chat site, the way they operate, and the way people conduct themselves.

I am very critical of those that falsely accuse and attack the individual here and are mockers, but I have none of that trouble at this other site. The contrast was incredible. The atmosphere was completely different in a good sense. There wasn't that heavy you better believe our doctrines or else attitude.

It was open, free and yet decently and in order, and I saw no abuse. By the way, the other site has experienced bad situations where people took advantage, they have learned by experience how to correct those problems while maintaining a friendly, supportive and inclusive and excepting environment.

This unfortunately is a sad commentary of contrast. Look, there are wonderful people here, but some here are over the top in their accusatory attitudes and lack of tolerance of any thing they disagree with.

One should retain an open mind for the truth, as well as respecting divergent views, thats why the founding fathers of this country installed the First Amendment. Some of you would like to stop certain views that you don't like. The Freedom of Speech etc. allows for ideas to flourish, and hopefully the best ideas, learning and wisdom and knowledge will win out in the end. 

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Exactly my sentiments also, thanks to the women here on this site as well as in Christianity in general, who seem to have more wisdom than many of the brutish men, and who often are the unsung heroes and pillars of the church, despite the prejudices of men.

If something is not of God, it will come to naught (nothing). But if something is of God, and you reject and blaspheme it, then the Kingdom and spirit of God has come unto you and you rejected it. God be judge, and let them that blaspheme learn the truth, so that they will not suffer loss of rewards at the return of The Messiah or worse. Let love of God rule here, let freedom of thought live here, and the liberty that is in Christ Jesus. But when you don't, I will chastise you and reproof you whether you like it or not.

I command the demons that pervade this place to leave and stay away in the name of Jesus Christ, and that they all be cast into the abyss and stay there, Let the peace of God and Love of God rule in your hearts, and may you strive to learn of the holy spirit and learn its (or HIs if you prefer) ways and guidance and power, and that the spirit of God not be called evil, nor quenched or reviled, in the name of Christ Jesus, the risen Lord and Savior. If judgment must begin, let it begin at the house of God.


Hello James,

i know you will most likely take offense with what i am writing now but still it would be the greater sin not to say it.

As i have followed the various threads, conspiracy theories, rants, claims and so on one thing has become very clear.

You need help.

I suggest with all the love that you make yourself an appointment at a mental health facility and maybe they can assess and start helping you.

I wish you all the best.



If you still do not realize it and feel the need to further entertain him and ridicule yourself and Adventism along with it by all means go ahead however i would suggest that everyone just ignores him for now because as everyone can clearly see that this is not an issue which can be reconciled or solved with "theological" discussion or worse attacking him and getting personal. All you will accomplish you further enhance the issue at hand and thats hardly what anyone would call "helping" someone in distress which is clearly the case here. If anything you will worsen the situation for him by doing so.

Have a nice day.


Hello my dear sister Manuela

Hope you are well.

I actually logged on to respond to James but after reading your post above I decided that I am not going to.

If I continue arguing with this person then I am going to continue feeding the monster inside.

Hopefully he takes the advice you so loving gave and seeks some help.

Narcissism is a sickness after all, but can be controlled by getting professional help. I have been praying for him but he seems really set in his ways of discrediting Adventism and the members on here.

He never once apologised for his attacks against the brethren and has continued steadfastly toward making a mockery of God and His word. He also suffers with selective hearing and comprehension and preys on the sympathy of others.

I really hope he does seek help.

God be with you James and I pray you get better. I will henceforth not respond to any of your threads or remarks so if you wish to discredit my church or its people then go right ahead, it is after all the apple of God's eye so it is Him you will have to answer to.

And for the life of me why do you not show God the due respect and capitalise His name when you speak of Him?

Good night, God bless and remember God loves you

Many said that Jesus Christ was mad, and is not this the carpenter's son? You saying that I did not see miracles, signs and wonders, there were others present, as witnesses, as well as the woman whose baby was later born was named Lynn, her baby was a breach baby, she had been to the doctor and didn't want a C section. She was also a witness. This did happen, as well as all the are calling me mentally ill and a liar, you need to repent of what you have said.

According to your opinion then all the prophets, Jesus, Paul and everyone healed by God is mentally Ill. The government is already calling Christians dangerous, potential terrorists, and Christians, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, those that believe in good principles, have replaced the terrorists as the internal enemies of the state. They will be coming after you sooner or later, you better get ready and you need to be able to listen to God in order to survive. That is reality, not insanity.

Some of you will stoop to nothing including false accusation of mental illness. That is totally DEMONIC!

You will do anything whatsoever, what you do to me or others is as if you did it to Christ himself. Jesus did state that. They accused Paul of being mad also. I must be hitting some truth to get as much flak as this, as bomber pilots in WWII knew they were over the target when the got a lot of flak. Flak is anti-aircraft-artilley.

This accusation is the lowest and is absolutely inspired by the Devil. Nothing I have said is insane from anyone that knows the scriptures and knows how the spirit of God works. You know neither, but you certainly allow lying spirits, and this final demonic spirit of accusation of mental illness into your brain in denying the truths about not only how your site is out of order and mean spirited, but this last accusation proves my point again, you are acting as support for my side and you are a witness against yourself for using such DEMONIC AND UNDER HANDED TACTICS.

I told you my testimony, you don't have to believe it, but to call me mentally ill is sicker than anything I can imagine. You have stooped to the lowest that Jesus himself was accused of. God be judge. Many Christians around the world have woken up to the spiritual reality of the spirit of God. Healing, miracles and wonders and great move of the word of God is happening not only in Africa, but around the world. It certainly isn't happening in the SDA or other non-spirit-led churches here in America. Your going to have to explain to Jesus Christ himself why you not only reject the spirit of God in operation as promised by Jesus, Paul and other prophets, but why you accuse me under handedly of being mentally ill for telling you the truth.

It is the most outragious insult, and lie and using such without foundation, evidence or proof, other then that you will stoop to anything, is evidence itself by using this tactic that you and those that support it are operating the Demonic manifestation of a lying tongue and a wicked device, all of which according to scriptures is an abomination unto the Lord. Anyone in the Old Testament who used such against anyone falsely was also bearing false witness. All of the above were punishable by death in the Old Testament according to scripture. Now, I am not advocating your death or punishment, but these are serious sins that if not repented of, will most likely cause eventually a serious problem for you as you have given terrible place to the Devil in these actions. 

When you sin like this, you open the door for the adversary to act in your life by spiritually granting authority for him to do so. The wages of sin is death. I will pray for you that you repent and so that Satan will not have an advantage over you. You should be ashamed of yourself. This all started with the truth about the comparison of this site with How can you say this site is not out of control by your own words and actions? God is my witness, who is yours?

Let us all be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

James is not mentally ill.

Proverbs 6: "

 16 ¶ These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:c  17A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,d  18An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,  19A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

The truth is not "discord" as I can anticipate you will say I am doing that also. these are abominations unto the Lord. these are the manifestations (not absolutely all of them) of the wicked, who use these manifestations to impede the purposes of God and His will as well as to cause spiritually trouble in society that manifests into the senses realm to steal, kill and destroy, and cause chaos and havoc and demonic activity.


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