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I wish to thank the Seventh Day Adventist Church for opening this session to lay viewers online. This is the first time to watch our highest church authority in action in my 63 years of life. In between session meal breaks I devoured You Tube videos of "Roberts Rules Of Order" to try to follow the proceedings and to understand the process of amending the Church manual.

One of the rights of delegates, as a member, is to make motions from the floor. This right is exercised in "New Business" which in Roberts Rules Of Order is supposed to precede adjournment. I understand the reason why the chair needed to adjourn early to avoid the overtime cost of renting a sports stadium, ( I can't imagine the expense), but in so doing, the chair denied the delegates to exercise their rights to make floor motions. ( Who also expended time and money to attend the session) If the Church, going forward, is going to be seen as fair and impartial to delegates then "New Business" needs to be enforced just as rigorously as "Move to Call the Previous Question". I was actually looking forward to hearing what innovative Holy Spirit filled ideas the delegates might have been inspired to present. I hope that in three years the GC can rectify this violation of the RONR

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I am curious, as I am not a delegate, was "New Business" even put in the printed agenda of this past session? If it wasn't, may I suggest that a motion to amend the agenda be made on the floor to include it, as it is a specific right of a member to make motions, and to exclude it is a violation of rights of members.

Sadly these events are stage-managed by the leaders, and no surprises are allowed to come up. I have attended Conference meetings and have the same impression of the proceedings. Where Motions must be submitted in writing a long time before the meeting. 

This is true, as there has to be good form and order, but it does push aside some issues or ideas that people might have.

You don't want to pass something without proper study and thought; this could have huge implications. Rash decisions are not always good. 

Dear brothers Jason and Richard in the Grace of Jesus.
Imagine that you are sitting there on the floor of General Conference and you felt impressed that perhaps there should be change in the governance of the church. Imagine that this idea would allow for the Divisions to be more autonomous, more flexible to meet the unique needs of each field. That instead of one General Conference Session once every five years with the great expense of bringing deligates from all over the globe to one place, to discuss a church manual that seems to be expanding every session until at this rate it might become a seven volume set in the future.
Imagine the 13 Divisions of the world field each independent, holding their own General Conference, more frequently, and meeting local needs.

The thirteen world Divisions would be the the place of the holy apostles of old as the highest authority in the church. And thus fulfilling the the command of Jesus, "But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. Matthew 23:8 KJV
From my impressions of watching my first GC session there is a lot of contention in trying to squeeze the entire world community of believers into one mold of practice.

Such a restructuring would be more organic, and less like the worldly, "top down, pyramid model, to more like a "thirteen brothers sitting as equals at the gospel table" model. I am not sure if the General Conference located in Silver Spring Maryland would approve losing so much authority and only becoming one of equals, but in my estimation this is exactly what is needed.
I am curious as to your thoughts on any of this. In the Grace of Christ, Steven

Ellen White had to fight the leaders at the General Conferences many a time, its a struggle. Not much you can do as long as we are on this earth...

The world is squeezing the SDA  church into a worldly mold Why do they fly the Vatican flag on the main stage? As they said it was representing countries as yet unreached. Really? The only people living in the Vatican state are the Pope and a few Cardinals. These will never be reached by the SDA  church ever.

As we have discussed before the additions to the church manual are quite unnecessary, as what EGW has written before is all we need as guidance, not a volume that reflects worldly bureaucratic standards.

The square flag of a tiny country - The Compass

I humbly share my world view with you Elijah.

Thanks, brother Steven we do seem to have similar views 

I was really surprised when I heard the closing sermon by Ted Wilson where he said there will be a Sunday law. He has been known to have said there is no Sunday law in the pipeline.  

Well, we have reached the point where we can see how they will do it as the whole world is being united into a new world order using climate change, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, almost any event they can use and pass whatever they want as the US is being led by evil as it forms the image of the beast.


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